10 Best Techniques for Lead Nurturing

Why have Techniques for Lead Nurturing

It is an undeniable fact that all large corporations and small startups needs lead to growing and expand their business. Techniques for Lead Nurturing can help you improve your lead conversions over time and can increase the sale opportunities up to 20%. The best benefit of lead nurturing is that it helps you build a trusted relationship with your potential buyers.

Lead nurturing is very important to your business and can add value to your content and business greatly. You can use these Techniques for Lead Nurturing for growing your business. It can have a revolutionary impact and help your business grow immensely. Lead can be used all through the journey of your customer starting from spreading brand awareness to actually having a loyal customer. To describe it simply, lead is a process of nurturing your relationship with your customers at every level of sales and following your customers through the entire process. This is done to make sure that there is 100 percent customer satisfaction by being with them through their entire journey with you.

Techniques for Lead Nurturing : the entire process

Some of the outstanding facts about Lead are as follows:

  • Just by using these techniques for lead nurturing, company sales go up by 50% and the cost is lowered by 33% (Marketo)
  • As much as 50% of the lead system on an average is not ready for buying (Marketo)
  • You will be surprised to know that 80% of the new leads never becomes a sale (MarketingSherpa)
  • Purchases can be increased by 47% through nurturing leads as opposed to non-nurtured leads (The Annuitas Group)

Top 10 Best Techniques for Lead Nurturing

  1. Personalize everything

It is an accepted fact that personalization plays an important role in increasing the sales and revenue. In a report by DMA about the National Client Email, they said that a personalized campaigning through emails (Email Marketing) can generate more than 75% of the revenue. You can take the following steps in order to personalize emails that you plan to send:

  • Greeting can be personalized
  • Individual’s first name and email address can be used instead of company name
  • Add signature or a photo of the team member in the end
  • Try to make the content exclusive depending on user’s preference
  1. Have a Segmented Database

A study by DGR on the Lead Nurturing Benchmark in 2016 stated that as many as 6 out of 10 B2B marketers claimed that segmentation of the database according to the interests and behavior of customers helped in improvising the lead nurturing programs greatly. Two-thirds of them said that merely by having a segmented database, they could garner a better response to their campaigns and offers because they were targeting the right people. Also, this segmentation done on the basis of age groups can serve as an invaluable asset in planning and execute the nurturing programs of your company. This can help in deciding the right kinds of content and style of communication that could be most appealing to them.

  1. Educate Your Leads

Every time you send out an email,  always ensure that it has an added value and teaches something to your leads. The leads must be moved incrementally through various aspects ranging from interest, relevance, need and urgency. You can do it more efficiently by providing education. Calls for action followed by informative content are always the best way to go about it.

Techniques for Lead Nurturing after 6 months

  1. Be focused on your messages

This is another best techniques for lead nurturing. You must always deliver messages in a precise and focused manner so that your lead gets the entire message at one glance. If you have a very short window to prove that it will be valuable to them. Also, loading with too much information might lead to an increase in the rate of people who unsubscribe reducing the effectiveness of your campaign.

  1. The progress should be natural.

Make sure that the progress is natural and that you follow a pattern which means starting with a welcome mail, followed by some informative leads and finally a call for action.

  1. Timing of email is important

This is the core in techniques for lead nurturing. You have to make sure that you send the email at the “right time” so that your email campaign becomes effective. Some of the factors to keep in mind for this are time zone, type of offer being made etc. But sending emails at the perfect time generates better results. Marketing Automation is the best way to perform this task effectively.

best time to send emails

  1. Type of your Campaign

The objective of the campaign must be crystal clear before you send out emails. It can be different types of campaigns like the welcome campaign, top of mind campaign, re-engagement campaign, product focuses campaign, promotional campaign or a renewal campaign. So you need to understand the type of campaign before sending out emails.

  1. Have a Nurturing Calendar ready

The nurturing calendar is the most important thing that can help you organize workflow. This also helps in avoiding any overlaps. Following things can be documented:

  • The segment marked for receiving messages
  • Messages that need to be sent
  • Dates for sending the messages
  • Person responsible for design, content, and execution

lead nurturing calendar

  1. Lead Scoring can be effective

Lead scoring based on the content can help in having a big impact since it shows the proximity between lead and sales. These scores are also given to the leads that are inactive and require engagement.

  1. Measure your performance

It is another important factor on Techniques for Lead Nurturing. Even after sending the lead nurturing campaign, you need to measure the performance in order to improve it in the next round. Therefore, you need to follow these metrics in order to track your email campaigns:

  • Number of times your email was opened
  • Number of times your email was clicked through
  • Number of times it was bounced
  • Number of times it was unsubscribed
  • Number of times it was forwarded

Finally, it is important to understand that lead nurturing would require some efforts, in the beginning, to get it on the right track. The most difficult part is to understand the customers, but once you are able to do it, you can double your profits in no time. With the help of these best 10 techniques for lead nurturing, you can be more organized in your pursuit and do it in an efficient manner.