10 Proven Ways to Drive More Traffic to a New Blog

How to Drive More Traffic to a New Blog

Everyone finds different ways through which they can drive more traffic to a new blog and people are not afraid even if they need to pay a good amount of money for this traffic on their blog or website. This is because they know that even though they have to spend a few bucks on their website now, yet after some time, the amount that they will receive will be double or even more from the amount that they will spend. But we feel that getting traffic to a new blog is not really difficult, and people don’t need to spend money on buying traffic as if they would be doing good work; they will automatically get a good amount of traffic. The only work that they need to do is to share their work on various websites as much as they can. Here are a few methods using which one can get a good amount of traffic to a new blog.

10 Free Ways to Drive More Traffic to a New Blog

1.Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is the best way using which one can drive more traffic to a new blog in huge numbers. Many people don’t actually know what blog commenting actually is as most of the bloggers don’t come from IT background. Blog commenting is a process where we comment on some other blogs, and while commenting we post a link to our website as well, this link can be hidden with an anchor tag, or it can be written straight away. When the comment would be published not only the blog owner will visit the website, but there are chances that various other people reading the blog or about to comment on the blog can also follow the link and reach to your website. But for that, you need to make sure that you write a comment which looks very genuine and can be easily published by the blog owner. For best results, you can praise about his blog writing and about the article on which you have commented. And by doing this, you can drive more traffic to a new blog in a decent number.

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2.Use of Facebook and Twitter

All the social media websites are the best way of making any content or any website viral, and you can do the same as well. As all you need to do is to join various Facebook groups which are full of members and you need to share all your blog posts on those groups. Hence if there would be around 5000 members in the group, there are chances that a hundred of them would click on the link that you will leave with your post and hence it will also drive more traffic to a new blog. We have seen that on twitter there are regularly going on some twitter fights where the followers and other people keep on exchanging various kinds of tweets. Here is your chance as you need to make such tweets which are eye catching and inside those tweets you need to place a link to your website. For example, if the topic of technology is the point of the fight, you need to insert a link to a blog on which you have written about technology. Also, you need to mention with that link what’s inside the link and it is possible that a lot of Twitter users will click on that link and you will get a decent amount of traffic to your new blog.

3.Video Marketing

If it is possible, create a YouTube account and start creating videos about your blog writings. This is because it has been observed that nowadays people are more attracted towards video content than written content. Hence if you can show some of your graphics work and video editing work in your video, you can actually draw a lot of views, and you never know that you start earning at YouTube only. But with the video, try to skip the main part and ask the users if they want to see the main part of the video. They need to follow the link, and in this way, plenty of YouTube users will definitely click on the link, and hence you can get a great traffic to your new blog.

4.Write detailed articles

Researchers have found out that people like to read detailed articles rather than briefly written articles as they assume that briefly written articles always have plenty of points missing in them and if someone wants complete knowledge about a certain process, he will definitely look for a blog which is written in detail. And that is why if you can write detailed articles, you have the possibility to get a great traffic to your new blog very soon. But make sure that you don’t stop writing in-depth articles at any cost.

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SEO is the most important part if you want a huge amount of traffic on your website. It is known as the best way to which one can get a good amount of traffic to his blog. This is because through SEO only one can make his website visible to several people all around the world. Due to SEO only you would be able to see your site in the search results of Google and other search engines. SEO involves sharing of data as well, and when the data of your website would be shared at several other locations, it is quite obvious that many people will see that data. Also, plenty of them would actually follow the link and reach to your website due to which you will have an increase in your website’s traffic, and hence you will drive more traffic to a new blog.

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6.Add your website to Chrome store

A lot of experienced bloggers had declared that they earned a huge amount of traffic when they added their website to chrome store. Though it seems a bit awkward, it actually right that when you add your website to chrome store, visitors immediately start coming to your website. Thus, if someone is looking for an immediate response of visitors to his website, he can add his website to chrome store. And it may be possible that he can get traffic to a new blog in huge numbers.

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7.Make an App

If you really want to make some money and really want a huge amount of traffic, we suggest that you should make an app for your website and keep it free on various app stores. This is because most of the people around the world don’t like to surf to various websites these days. Most of the people are holding smartphones in their hands, and if they can get an application through which they can read your blogs, then the amount of traffic that you will get is unthinkable.

8.Guest Blogging

A lot of people might have a question about how guest blogs can drive more traffic to a new blog. Well, the answer is pretty easy as when you publish your post on a high ranked website, a lot of visitors will see that post, and if they would like your post, it is possible that they can follow your link at reach to your website as well. This is a good way of generating traffic as all you need to do is to write a blog at some highly ranked website. And if you don’t want to that, you can copy some of your already written articles as well. But you need to make sure that you place your link somewhere in the blog post so that if someone likes your article, he can visit your website too.

9.Use of Slideshare.net

If you want to be a little professional regarding generating traffic to your website, then you can choose the way of posting a presentation at slideshare.net. Slideshare.net has an enormous amount of traffic, and when you will post a presentation on that website, it is quite obvious that a lot of people might have a look at that presentation and if people like that presentation, many of them would like to give a visit to your website as well. So, for that, you need to make sure that you place a link somewhere in the presentation so that people can follow that and can reach your website. Thus slideshare.net can get a good amount of traffic to your new blog too.

10.Register with Google and Bing webmaster tools

Though people think that this way is only used for SEO, but if you want a huge amount of traffic on your blog or website, this way can pretty much do your task. When you register with webmaster tools (Google or Bing) of various search engines, it starts indexing your various keywords and web pages, and hence they place your pages at certain ranks in the search results. Just in case your page shows up on the first page for any keyword, you will get a huge amount of traffic, and this amount of traffic wouldn’t be acquired from any other place.

So, these were 10 free methods using which you can drive more traffic to a new blog without doing much of hard work. The points mentioned above do require some amount of hard work, but if you follow these points, the traffic on your website would be increased by a lot. But before following all these points, you need to make sure that you write a great, fresh and creative content for your blog so that the visitors on your website don’t think that you publish copied articles at your website.

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