10 SEO Mistake That Drop Ranking Drastically

SEO mistakes that Drop Ranking of Your Website

People all around the world want their websites to rank at the top at any cost. That is why people are paying a good amount of money to handle their SEO works. But even after spending a huge amount of money many websites still don’t climb the rankings due to several reasons. One of the reasons is people make certain SEO mistakes that literally drop your website ranking. This article is all about “What are general SEO mistakes which we do and How to recover It”. Once you learned this, you need to make sure that you don’t repeat the same mistakes again. Let’s start

Top 10 SEO Mistakes

Mistake#1 – Google Keyword Tool is not my Cup of Tea

It has been noticed that a lot of people don’t use Google keyword tool which is not at all good and it can be seen as one of the top SEO mistakes. Google offers a tool using which one can do keyword research and hence help you to find various kinds of keywords for your website. Here you can select the keywords depending upon the competition, depending on the monthly clicks and various other options are also given. So, the use of Google keyword research tool is kind of necessary for a website to grow up in search rankings and it has been seen that a lot of users are not using this tool. Here you must remember one point that, not only use high search volume keywords but also include low search volume keywords in your content.

Mistake#2 – What is Unique Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

It has also been observed that a lot of people don’t have enough knowledge about titles and Meta descriptions of a website. Hence they try to copy the Meta description and title of other similar websites which is completely wrong and hence it can be taken as one of the biggest SEO mistakes that can drop ranking of your website. The rules that search engines have given for SEO has clearly specified that one should not copy other’s Meta descriptions and title tags. The Meta description should be containing around 150-160 words and should be really unique so that people get attracted to it. Copying Meta description from other’s website wouldn’t make an impact on your website. Also, the title should not be more than 65 characters and also should not be copied from another website. One should definitely include the website name in the title but it can be missed in the title of the home page, and it is quite obvious that if someone is not having enough knowledge about SEO, he may make this mistakes.

For your kind information, Title & Meta Description must contain your “Focused Keyword”. For more details, read The Complete Guide – On-Page SEO & Content Optimization.

Mistake#3 – Social Media Sharing is Time Consuming

If someone wants his website to rank to the top in a given category, then he needs to make sure that he is quite active on social media. One cannot promote his website without being active on various social media websites. And this is known as the biggest SEO mistakes that can drop ranking of your website. This is because a lot of people bring visitors to his site only through social media websites and if one doesn’t share his website’s content on various social media websites, he wouldn’t be able to make his content viral, and thus people wouldn’t visit your website more. Here you must know The Real Relationship Between Social Shares & SEO.

Mistakes#4 – No Time for Blogposts Promotion

It has also been noticed that a lot of people do want their websites to be ranked high, but they don’t promote their blog posts very much. It can also be taken as a big SEO mistake as it is paramount for anyone to promote his blog posts because these blog posts can be very helpful for SEO as well as for fetching more visitors to your website. You can make a Facebook page, and you can promote your blog posts there or you can make a separate blog on your website and can share your opinions on your blog as well. You can use Facebook ads to promote your blog posts. You can do guest blogging and can publish your best of writings to various authoritative websites.

Mistake#5 – Forget to Register with Webmaster Tools

It has also been seen that a lot of people don’t actually have knowledge about Google and Bing webmaster tools that is why they don’t link their website to these tools which effect their website rankings as well as SEO. This is because these tools provide an immense amount of benefits to every website and if one chooses not to link to these tools he is making one of the biggest SEO mistakes ever in his life. These webmaster tools provide facilities with which one can easily determine which keywords of your website are doing best and which require more attention.

Mistake#6 – I don’t have Time to Publish

It has been seen that a lot of people who run websites and blogs just to make money do not write and publish their posts regularly. All the big blogging and other websites in the world have one thing in common they publish their contents regularly to keep giving their users read their best writings. By doing this, their readers get fond of their writings, and hence they become the loyal visitor of that particular site, and when there would be more visitors on the website, it is definite that the website would be climbing in the search results and rankings too. And if someone doesn’t show consistency in publishing his contents, he is making big SEO mistakes that can literally drop your ranking. This may help you, 3 magical tips to Extend the Life Of your Content.

Mistake#7 – Bad Quality Content

We all know that it is 2017 and now nobody wants a website, video or even a movie without a story or creative content. Today most of the comedians around the world are trending; they are trending only because they can provide content that people love. However, if they were not able to write such content, it could have been tough for them to fetch visitors for their comedy shows and videos. In the same way, if you want to attract visitors to your website, you need to make sure that you start writing creative and attractive content. You can also follow a point that you should write an article about trending news, and if you were able to do that, it would be kind of easy for you to generate more traffic and gain high rankings for your website. Also, you need to make sure that your content should be accurate, unbiased, insightful, analytical, and informative. And if being a blogger and writer, you are not providing high-quality content; then you are making a big mistake.

Mistake#8 –  Internal Linking is not Relevant

The most prominent SEO experts around the world have told everyone that for better SEO rankings and better SEO results, one should do internal linking on their website. So, whenever Google crawls to your one page, it can catch the link of another page too, and the same implies for a reader as if he has opened one page, interlinking can lead him to open the another page whose link has been put by you into the page. Hence, if a visitor opens one page, he is forced to open the other page too. But it can only be possible if your content is brilliant. Another rule is that one should never use anchor text in their contents and they should use contents which are naturally flowing with their content.

Remember; Good interlinking will increase the Stand By Time of users on your site. It has a special weighting on SEO.

Mistake#9 – OMG! Website Loading Too Slowly

Nobody likes a slow website, and if the speed of your website is not up to the notch, you wouldn’t be able to attract more visitors to your website, and hence the rankings of your website would never go high. To make sure that your ranking stays high or even climb upper, you need to make sure that you improve the speed of your website and the speed can only be increased if you find the shortcomings in your website. Such as, people use HD photos on their websites without optimizing them, and it consumes more space due to which the speed of the website decreases. Now you need to make sure that you increase the speed of your website so that you can climb higher rankings in the future. Tips to Increase the Page Load Time.

Mistake#10 – Only Homepage Backlinks/Incoming Links

It has been noticed that a lot of websites start building links very quickly and most of these links come from non-authoritative websites which harm the rankings of your website. But most of the website owners don’t know about this process, and they just keep on building backlinks for moving up the rankings faster, they need to know that building bad quality backlinks can actually bring them down the rankings instead of moving up the rank. Make sure that if you share your website’s content to any other website, you don’t always share the link to your homepage, instead of that you should share the link to various pages and keywords.

Final Thought

So these were top 10 SEO mistakes that drop ranking that people usually make while doing SEO. If these mistakes are resolved, then you would be having great chances of taking your website to climb the rankings. Also when someone is avoiding these mistakes, he will also make sure that he is attracting more visitors to his website. Thus, avoiding these mistakes will not affect the rankings of your website, but it will also help you to attract more visitors to your website, by doing almost nothing and just avoiding these mistakes. So, avoid the mistakes mentioned above and rank high on search results.

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