101 tips on Banner Design and Digital Ads

Banner Design and Digital Ads

Right from display ads to social media ads, there’s a whole variety of Banner Design and Digital Ads that are emerged in the recent time, all varieties having their unique role to play. There are retargeted Banner Design and Digital Ads that ‘follow’ you (reason: cookie) on every website you visit. Certain ‘Digital Ad‘ types perform better than others.

banner design and digital ads

Most popular Banner Design and Digital Ads

1.PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

PPC ads are the simplest of the ad types. It’s only text and extremely visible, works out for any page. It appears during searches when a user is searching for information on a particular item or topic, a host of contextual advertisements appear on the top and on the right-hand side of the screen. For some companies, they make up for nearly the entire ad spend. Read more on the latest Search Engine Marketing Strategies to capture more visitors.

2.Banner Ads

Banner ads on websites and blogs are displayed and positioned in a variety of ways such as 300×250 (Square), 728×90 (Leaderboard), 468×60 (Full Banner) or 160×600 (Skyscraper Ad). The most popular positions are that off at the top and on the right-hand side of a website.

3.Static Display Ads

Static Display Ads are the most common, plain vanilla variety of display ads. They are static as the name mentions. They typically comprise of an image, some copy, brand logo, and a fiery call-to-action. It is the most universal and the least expensive to create.

4.Pop-Up Ads

These ads, as the name suggest, open in a new window. Things got worse for this type with the coming of pop-up ad blockers, but that too found a solution.

5.Mobile Ads

Mobile Ads began with iPhones launch in 2007. Mobile ads are found in both in-app and on the web. Trends say that mobile ad spends will soar to a level of $42 billion in 2018.

6.In-Video Overlay Ads

These appear on top of the video a viewer is watching. Similar to standard banner ads, a viewer can click on the call-to-action and go to the landing page of your brand’s website.

7.In-Search and In-Display Ads

In-Search ads on YouTube are shown as “recommended” based on what you are currently watching.

8.Facebook Ads (Social media ads)

Similar to PPC Ads Facebook ads are found on the right-hand side of a user’s screen – the brand owner can place a bid on how much he wants to Pay-per-Click or Pay-per-Thousand people who will see the ad. Facebook ads can help you drive more engagement and conversions and spike interactivity. Nowadays, facebook marketing becomes the most popular digital marketing method to get more web traffic.

9.Pre-Roll Video Ads

Remember being made to watch an advertisement before you could watch a video on YouTube. Even if you don’t like it, you have to watch it for at least 5 seconds. These video ads are called pre-roll advertisements and are created in the form of short promotional videos. Excellent for branding purposes, these ads are able to bring about the active engagement before the desired video sets in.

Tips to remember before launching Banner Design and Digital Ads

1. Have a clear CTA: Your call-to-action should be simple and clear such “Buy Now”, “Register”, “Book now”

2. Have a great hero image: The main image in your ad needs to stand through the website clutter. In this case, the image itself becomes the hero.

3. Focus on branding: Consistency of the ad branding with other collateral needs to be checked.

4. Company logo: Make sure you include the company logo. It works best , in the top left or right corners or the bottom left or right corners.

5. Include a promotion: This is clearly an enticing proposition and ensures higher clickthrough rate (CTR). Consider a “Win tickets to Dubai” via a plain ad.

6. Include a sense of urgency: More click-throughs are promised if the user sees a sense of urgency in the ad.

7. Include a headline: Make sure you don’t miss this one. It gives the user a sense of exactly what to feel.

8. Match your landing page to your ad: You have to ensure this as much as anything else. Your landing page must match your ad.

9. Size correctly: The ones that outperform most of the times are these : a) 300×250, b) 160×600, c) 728×90, d) 600×315.

10. Testing: Last but not the least, you must test every element of the ad.


Each type of Banner Design and Digital Ads come with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some attract well, some are cheap, some convert superbly well but have high per-click or per-impression costs. So think and select wisely. It must meet your requirements as well as the outcome.

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