15 Hacking Tips to Get More Views on YouTube Videos

Are you a new video creator on YouTube? Did you get confused about how to get more views on your YouTube videos? It’s simple. Don’t worry.

In this guide, we will explain how to get more views by using the YouTube platform. Before making your new video, just read this guide to get more YouTube views.

These are the techniques I used to grow my channel;

  1. Create mesmerizing Content
  2. Keyword Research for Optimization
  3. Eye-catching Thumbnail
  4. Improve your Titles
  5. Write an Effective Description
  6. Add Timestamps to grab the key Moments
  7. Use YouTube tags
  8. Make a Playlist for your Audience
  9. Add a Watermark
  10. Promote your Videos End-Screen & Cards
  11. Video Publishing Time
  12. Insert your Videos in Your relevant blogs
  13. Add your Videos in forms
  14. Use YouTube Ads
  15. Promote on other Social Channels

Let’s discuss in details;

15 Tips to Get More Views on YouTube Videos

1. Create Mesmerizing Content:

It doesn’t matter how many techniques or ads you use to promote your video/channel if your video is not suitable or the content is not interesting.

Hence, you must concentrate on the content of the videos. Your video content should grab the audience’s attention, and then you will get more subscribers and views.

How to create interesting content in your niche?

Simple! You need to know your audience and their requirements in your niche, competitor analysis – what kind of content is created by your competitor those are getting more views and subscribers, understand the trend by using Google Trends.

You also get the idea from comments on the existing videos and other social groups.

2. Keyword Research for Optimization

To get more views on YouTube videos, the ultimate strategy is adding keywords to your content (Title, Description, and Tag) that helps to boost your video ranking.

The ranking will be poor if you haven’t added any keywords in the title, description, and tag.

How do you get keywords?

You are familiar with ‘Google’s Keyword Planner’ for keyword research. But when it comes to YouTube keyword research and competition analysis, use TubeBuddy chrome extension. This free tool would help you to understand the competition and the keywords that can rank your video easily.

Watch the below video to understand how the TubeBuddy extension helps you to get a better ranking.

TubeBuddy has many features like keyword research and it’s volume, easy-to-rank keywords, competitor analysis, thumbnail creator, tag suggestions…etc

Take the use of this tool to get the maximum results.

3. Eye-catching Thumbnail:

Thumbnail is considered as the heart of the video. To get more views on your YouTube videos, your Thumbnail plays a vital role. An eye-catching thumbnail would improve your Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

You can also create a cost-free Eye-Catching customized thumbnail by using tools like Canva.

Few tips for designing your thumbnail;

  • Design your thumbnail be unique and must grab your audience retention
  • Your thumbnail looks to resolve your viewer’s query.
  • Use contrast colors like green, yellow, orange…etc.
  • The image size should be under 2 MB
  • Image format must like .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG etc

15 Hacking Tips to Get More Views on YouTube Videos

4. Improve Your YouTube Video Title:

You have to make a significant title for viewers to improve click rate.

For that, don’t create clickbait titles. If you make a clickbait (false) title, you can’t keep the promise and your video will face de-ranking over a period of time due to an increase in bounce rate.

Here are simple tips for creating mesmerizing and optimized Titles:

  • Add the main keyword at the beginning of the title. Briggs’s study says that there are few benefits while adding the keyword in the video title.
  • Make sure that a specific keyword will be high in Search Volume, low in competition, and relevant to search terms. Use TubeBuddy for the same.
  • Your title should be precise and descriptive.
  • The characters of the Title should be less than 70.

5. Write an Effective Description:

Description with keyword hashtags is really important to get more views on your YouTube videos… See the example below;

15 Hacking Tips to Get More Views on YouTube Videos

Points to remember for an effective Description;

  • It should be kind of a mini blog, I mean it has to explain what is there in the video with bullet points
  • It should be alteast more than 200-300 words.
  • You may include your web link and other social media links.
  • Content my be Keyword optimized and atleast 2-3 relevant keywords has to be included.

6. Add Timestamps to Grab the Key Moments:

Key moments provide the users to skip to noticed points of interest in your video. Then, Google shows the “key moments” for the videos whether you can add the labels and timestamps to your YouTube description.

It is where you can mark out a particular section of your video in the hr:min:sec: format. And labels are brief and clear descriptions of the marked sections. These respective timestamps help to take the audience to specific parts of the video.

7. Use YouTube Tags:

Many YouTubers aren’t interested in adding the relevant youtube tags in their video. We recommend that you must add the tags in your videos to get the a higher rank on SERP pages.

  • Place a tag as the main keyword

YouTube’s official guidance report says, use the phrase and words that create the most value for your YouTube videos. It’s common to start with your primary keyword.

  • Get the keywords from Top-ranking Video:

Analyze your competitor’s video, and get the keywords from those videos. Make sure that keywords must be related to your content. Or else you can use the keywords tools like VidIQ and TubeBuddy.

8. Make a Playlist for Your Audience:

According to the YouTube stats, 25% of the best-performing brands use YouTube playlists at the bottom to promote your channel and to get more views on YouTube videos.

Why does the playlist work so well?

The playlist is auto-play. It will take the effort to get the audience’s attention away from videos when you are enjoying them. There’s an experimental bias at work called ‘loss aversion.’

15 Hacking Tips to Get More Views on YouTube Videos

The question is, “Did you need to watch another video sufficient to click play actively?” Now, the question is, “Did you want to stop watching your video to click away actively?”. It’s excellent but powerful.

If your content is good, your audience will keep watching many videos. Also, playlists can help to improve search rankings and get them better results!

9. Add a Watermark:

Adding a watermark is one kind technique to gain more followers to your account. You can also get more views for your videos. Increasing views helps to reach a massive audience across all the videos.

A watermark is an image that you help display on your videos (most popular brands use logos to promote). But many YouTubers used a watermark in the subscribe button to remember to subscribe to their channel.

Once your account can be verified, you can upload the watermark to your channel. Custom your watermark should be square, transparent, and 50×50 pixels.

10. Promote Your Videos End Screens & Cards:

End Screen looks like video thumbnails that you can include the end screen towards at the end of the YouTube video. If anyone clicks the end screen, it starts to play at the beginning.

Cards are like slides in that you can add these slides at any point of view. You will use it to suggest other videos, playlists, polls, and links to a website.

The exact value from more extended session watch times trumps a few link clicks in the video creator’s experience. Yet, you aren’t adding the end screen or cards, do it now. With this, you can get more views, likes, subscribe, comments on your videos.

You can also get exciting comments for your videos. If your comments are interesting, you can get YouTube comment likes for your videos frequently.

11. Video Publishing Time:

Before uploading a video to your channel, you should analyze how your audience spends the time on social media, especially YouTube. Make sure that which is the best time your target audience is watching videos.

15 Hacking Tips to Get More Views on YouTube Videos

We would recommend that you publish about one hour before at the peak time compared to the exact peak time. It helps your audience at the right time to find and watch our videos, which results in more YouTube views.

For instance, a perfect time to post the videos would be about 8–9 pm (EST). In case if you have no time, then schedule your timing previously.

12. Insert Your Videos in Your Relevant Blogs:

For Example, Afref.com – affiliate marketing gets approximately 12000 above monthly search visits! Additionally, embed a video into their blog post, they get 2553 views extra.

It’s pretty cool, right! Then why not we follow the same process?

If you have a blog for your website, you must add your videos to your relevant blog posts.

Another doubt is which page to add to your videos?

Simple!! If you have the same video related to the topic, confidently, you can add your videos.

13. Add Your Videos In Forms:

Many audiences have doubts; The audience is probably asking questions on forums. Then post your videos so it can answer.

For instance, so many people raise questions on Quora that anyone of the YouTube videos helps solve the queries! Hence, we added it when replying to the thread.

However, the technique to make this work efficiently isn’t to answer any questions. It’s to find the same threads that get constant traffic from Google.

If you get more views for your videos, then implement these tricks. Solving the problems to your audience helps to improve your video branding!

14. Use YouTube Ads:

If you wish to spend a few budgets on your videos, the perfect way to get more YouTube views is to pay for it using YouTube ads.

Since the videos are high-quality, you will get more watch time from the audience. Also, these audiences may even decide to watch more of our videos because they enjoyed the first one.

There are several kinds of ads there. Which suits your budget, you can choose it.

You want to see your results, use YouTube analytics.

15. Promote Your Videos on Other Social Channels:

If you have a massive following on other social channels, you can promote the link on other channels whenever you upload a new video. The best is to share your teaser video on all channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. That teaser will be crispy and grab the audience’s attention. Don’t forget to add the CTA options on your social channels.

For more, we also have published an Ultimate guide on How to Create Social Media Marketing Strategy from Scratch for uplifting your brand on any Social Media platform.


YouTube is the second largest search engine platform after Google. YouTube is considered as promoting, entertaining, and educating the viewers. Also, YouTube has 22 billion visitors per month, and approximately a person spends 40 mins per day on YouTube.

So use the above 15 tips to optimize your video and get more views on YouTube Videos…

15 Hacking Tips to Get More Views on YouTube Videos
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15 Hacking Tips to Get More Views on YouTube Videos
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