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18 Start-ups to Launch Exclusive Products during 36-Hour Amazon Prime Day Sale

In the long-awaited Amazon Prime Day Sale, commencing July 16 noon for just 36 hours, a total of 18 new start-ups are set to launch their exclusive products. Those products will range from comfortable bike seats, anti-theft bags for the laptops, and fancy smart toys for the kids intended to educate them along with entertaining. One can avail various attractive Amazon offers and grab these products at exciting prices.

Those start-ups are launching 25 innovative products exclusively during the Prime Day sale of 36 hours. Those products will belong to various categories such as electronics and media, health, beauty, home decor, and lots more.

Mr. Aman Deep Lohan, the Head of Amazon India Launchpad stated – “We are extremely happy to announce the launch of 25 exclusive products for this Prime Day by these startups.” He further added – “This truly fulfills our program’s aim to help startups showcase their cutting-edge products to millions of Amazon customers and provide them with a curated selection”. The high-level details of top categories of these 25 products to be launched by the 18 startups are mentioned below:


The gadget lovers will be provided with lots of prospects to get into the Amazon Prime Day 2018 sale. The top startups such as LCARE, Leaf Wearable’s, 1MORE, and TAGG, are going to launch various products such as earphones and headphones. These products will be available in both the wired and wireless variants. Many of those will also have added features like deep bass, Bluetooth connectivity with the external devices (such as mobile phone and laptop), and extended battery backup, remote for music control, microphone, and more.

Car Safety Devices

Specifically, for the lovers of car accessories, the Auto Wiz start-up company is introducing AutoWiz HotSpot, which would allow them to turn the car’s system to Wi-Fi hotspot device speeded with 4G. Its additional features such as On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) and GPS solution would help the users to track the current location of the car.

Apart from the anti-theft features, AutoWiz HotSpot also offers remote monitoring, car health checkup, fuel mileage, fuel saving, and driver’s safety. Else than AutoWiz, RoadGods will be another startup, which would offer robust, stylish, anti-theft and water-resistant backpacks.

Healthcare Accessories

The healthcare section of Amazon.in will also be added up with multiple innovative accessories offered by multiple startups. The top products of those accessories are mentioned below.

  1. Easy neck’s Pillow: This aims at reducing neck and shoulder pain. It is ergonomically designed to relieve the patients suffering from the cervical disorders.
  1. Anti-Chafing Stick: These are the moisturizing ointments offered by the Solidus Life sciences company for the runners and other athletes. The product is said to be natural ingredient-based, light weighted, fragrance-free and easy to use.
  2. Float: To help the backache problems of the mountain riders, the Fego company offers this add-on air suspension seat. It provides extra grip and strap, which helps excessive movement of the back of the users.
  3. Snack Bars: The diet conscious individuals will be able to buy multiple new products offered by the Happy Ratio and Mojo Bar startups.

Men’s Care

The Amazon Prime Day 2018 sale sets to offer the men’s grooming products introduced by the startups. Top of those include intimate wash offered by Solidus Lifesciences for ensuring hygiene, and beard styling accessory offered by Spruce Shave Club.

Home Décor and Accessories

The Mansaa startup is offering Smart Shine, which is a smart LED bulb equipped with the Wi-fi controls. The device’s specialty is that it could be operated from any place across the globe. Additionally, it may present over 16 million colours.

Other than this, the PicaVue start-up is offering digital photo frame, supported with the full HD IPS display with HDMI support for the natural look. It has additional features like motion sensors performing various operations based on someone’s entry to or exit from the room. Additionally, it has an intuitive remote control, stereo speakers, and alarm clock. This is the first launch of such a product in India.

Miscellaneous Products

Following are the various other products launched by the startups in the Amazon Prime Day 2018 sale:

  • The TGL Company is introducing the Imperial Treasure Coffee Gift Box, which is produced using the 100% pure Arabica coffee beans collected from multiple nations such as Brazil, Ethiopia, and India. The coffee within the giftbox is processed by roasting the coffee beans in small quantities for retaining its best flavour and provide the users with the freshest experience of coffee.
  • The Smartivity Labs startup is bringing the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and Do It Yourself (DIY) games and toys for the kids. These provide the learning base for the kids, who can gain the fundamental concepts and hands-on experience using those through the fun style.
  • Other than Amazon.in, the Leaf Wearables, Looks21 Lifestyle Services, Solidus, and 1MORE startups are also offering their products on Amazon.com for their customers in the US for the Amazon Prime Day 2018 sale.