27 Unique Content Marketing Tips for every Modern day Marketer

Business objectives in the present era are in constant need of creating and promoting content. It’s a sort of awareness campaign through digital media to manage reputation, create brand awareness, lead generation and bring in new customers. Trends keep on changing, tricks and techniques may vary but one goal for any successful business in the marketing is to maintain its position and make it sustainable. This whole process, in short, is that of Content Marketing.

Now the question is “How to deal with a large amount of content?”. Take it easy! We are sharing with you some of the best 27 content marketing tips which will boost your efforts in content marketing. Some tips may be the ordinary while as some will definitely enlighten you with the surprising facts. So, get set to conquer the digital world with the power of your content.

The landscape of Content Marketing

  • There’s a significant increase of 70% amongst marketers in creating content than a year ago
  • 54% of B2B marketers feel it difficult to produce engaging content
  • Content marketing is used by 90% of organizations
  • Content marketing is used by 86% of B2C marketers
  • Infographics are used by 62% of B2B marketers
  • The success rate at tracking ROI amongst B2B marketers is only 21%
  • LinkedIn is used as the main source for distribution of content and 94% B2B marketers use this social media platform.
  • Search Engine Marketing is the top paid content promotion technique used by 58% of marketers
  • Almost 25% of the budget of marketing is reserved for content marketers
  • The benefit of content marketing over traditional marketing is that it generates 3 times more leads with 62% less cost

The top 27 actionable Content Marketing Tip to engage more Traffic

  1. The content should be good enough to guide consumers through a buying cycle
  2. Use social media ads to multiply your reach
  3. Produce quality content than marketing content
  4. To produce value for the audience, SEO, and traffic, creating more than 1000 words content is recommended
  5. Look from the perspective of the buyer and produce content accordingly
  6. Create backlinks to drive traffic towards your site via guest blogs
  7. Short, simple and to the point headlines
  8. Aid emails with better representation via email marketing
  9. Update blogs regularly
  10. 82% of the marketers believe that daily blogging has helped acquire at least one customer
  11. Integration to social sharing buttons for your own content makes spreading the content easily
  12. Review and rephrase old content to give it a fresh look
  13. Streamline your content and target real traffic and new audience
  14. To become an effective content marketer, keep changing your strategy
  15. Checklist for content promotion will help you align the strategy
  16. Don’t just go random, make a plan to target your audience
  17. One piece of information content should be followed by series to engage more traffic
  18. Keep watching  the analytics to balance the content with useful insights
  19. To keep pace constant, follow the trend in content
  20. Conversational content has a more reach and versatility. Keep it simple and communicative
  21. Keep the core of your content synchronized with the surroundings of time, day and hot happenings
  22. Give your content a visual graphics shape in the form of slideshows and videos etc.
  23. Create audience oriented content
  24. Don’t be concerned about the numbers, instead create quality content
  25. Maintain flawless transition in the content while changing the topics
  26. While producing content, think of audience who receives it and returns back
  27. Rather work on the quality of the content than counting likes and shares

Content Marketing Tips

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