How to Gain More Followers on Social Media

Why to Gain More Followers on Social Media

As a brand or blogger, you know why to gain more followers on Social Media. Even though I will try to highlights certain points for better understandings.

In the modern world, communication and digital marketing are dominated by the online world and social media in particular. A good social media campaign can make the difference between a product that sells and a product that flops. People use social media for different reasons and they also use different social media platforms for different reasons. Some people choose to use it in a personal fashion as a way of contacting each other. Professional and amateur bloggers use it not only to advertise their blog platforms but also to gain more followers on Social Media.

Businesses use it for a wide range of reasons but principally to advertise products and to get customers involved in their business. If a customer feels closer to the business then they are more likely to engage with the business, understand it and ultimately buy its products.

Gain More Followers on Social Media

In an ideal world, as a businessman or a brand, what you want is for your customers to do your marketing for you and spread good words about your business. That means you must capable of involving your customers to such an extent that they work as an active stakeholder and spread the word about your products or services to their own followers or friends.

How to Gain More Followers on Social Media

let’s discuss the core problem, How to gain more followers on social media. How can you get people to find your page and follow it and then, perhaps most importantly, how do you get them to engage with your page afterward, encouraging others to get involved and ultimately buy your product or service?

I will come back with the solutions of the above questions. Before that, just for perfection, you must understand two major things;

A. Business Mannerism of Each Social Media

Each social media has its own business mannerism. The business mannerism of a social media is nothing but the percentage of promotion a social media can do for your business exposure. Understanding the business mannerism of each social media is very important because a wrong marketing campaign will end up with zero output. So we must choose the right social media marketing campaign to reach the maximum.

Sales ratio Gain More Followers on Social Media

When it comes to different platforms, twitter is probably the most popular form of social media for businesses as they like the instant nature and potential to gather thousands of followers relatively quickly. Instagram is also really useful as its image focus enables products to be pushed out quickly and easily and encourage engagement. Facebook also has its uses, particularly when it comes to competitions, but tends to be less popular with its business mannerism.

B. The challenges from Social Media

There are a number of challenges that you face straight away when you are starting out in publicizing your business through social media:

1) How do you reach people who are not currently interested in your products?

2) How do you reach faster while all of your competition who are all trying to do the same thing?

3) How do you differentiate yourself from all of the other businesses out there who are tweeting seemingly all of the time?

4) What is the best way of getting people to find out about your brand and products or services?

Understand the above challenges, create a unique Online Strategy and go ahead. It will multiply your profits. Below I have given 3 points which worked better for my clients since two years.

Here I am giving 3 important ideas which worked better for my clients from past two years to increase their social media followers. Let’s discuss in detail. Meantime, if it is necessary, you must add more strategies to gain more.

Three Simple Ideas to Gain More Followers on Social Medias

I follow a cornerstone principle that is, “Combine Social Media Marketing campaign with Content Marketing.” The below pillars (3 ideas) are on the base of the above keystone principle. But it will make you almost successful in your campaign.

1 : Content is the King

You need content for anything to work. This might seem obvious but it is actually surprisingly difficult to get enough content types that keeps your followers interested. On social media, people have incredibly short attention spans and always want to move on to the next thing. Most businesses might have lots of content about their products but often this is not social media friendly and will sometimes even put customers off. The last thing they want is to feel like they are being sold something that they don’t want. They will soon unfollow you if you become overly present or annoying.

content is king - gain social media followers

What you need to do is to put content on your business page that people will want to ‘like’, read, share or comment on. Interaction is key here. The more interaction you generate, the more interest is likely to be attracted and therefore the more people will be engaged. Take a look at some of the biggest bloggers and see what sorts of things they are tweeting or posting about. Compare this to companies who are just posting about their products or services. This might be useful in the long run for potential customers but right now they are not interested; they just want to begin to build a connection with the brand. It is the long hard sell over time, rather than trying to make a fast buck.

You should look to post content that is based on one of three categories:

1) Industry news

2) How-to articles

3) Tips and Advice

People love any of this stuff as it is typical of the big procrastination websites. It also has the potential to help them out or inform them of stuff that they might not previously have known about.

If you are lucky you might strike lucky and one of the big industry bloggers might pick up your piece of news or your post and start blogging about it. The blogosphere can be incredibly influential and should not be taken lightly. Try following some prominent bloggers and you never know, they might follow you back or write a piece about you. If you don’t try, you don’t gain.

2 : Promote It

Without promotion, it is too tough to gain more followers on Social Media. The other very important thing to do, as well as having good content that people want to share or engage with in some way, is to promote your accounts and your articles. You cannot just post great content and expect that people will come rushing to your page straight away. You need to take the content out to them so that they know about it and why they should bother looking at you. On Facebook, for example, the best way to reach more people is to use targeted adverts, which promotes your business to ‘the right people’, based on their interests and previous content. It is incredible the amount of information that facebook has at its fingertips. It can be really useful for businesses and help them grow their accounts. You can set a budget and get an estimated amount of followers that you get after a certain amount of time of running the ad campaign. Obviously, the longer the campaign lasts, the more followers you are likely to receive. Also, you can refer how to turn leads into sales for better understanding.

promote - Gain More Followers on Social Media

On Twitter, the best way of getting more followers is to search for leaders in your industry, follow them and follow people who they are following. It is likely that many will follow you back. After all, everyone wants more followers and everyone knows that so they usually oblige. Search for hashtags (#) for better results.

3 : Monitor Instantly

Monitoring the account is very important to gain more followers on Social Media. You should then monitor your accounts to see how many people are following you, how much they are engaging and what is making them engage. Over time, you can shift your content to make it the best possible content in terms of chance for engagements. You should also occasionally ‘clean’ your account to remove anyone who is not active on your page or related to your business. Be careful not to annoy anyone, though!

Monitor How to gain Social Media followers


So, there we have it. In order to gain more followers on social media you need to be determined and active and use a range of media. You need to have good content and advertise this in a way so that the maximum possible number of people know who you are. If you do this well, you will have far more followers in no time!

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