4 Benefits of having Google Ads Certification

If you do a Google search for a PPC agency, you can find thousands of companies selling Google Ads services.

Why? Because ‘Google Ads’ (old name – ‘Google AdWords’) is complicated and difficult to navigate for new PPC executives and tiny businesses.

However, since Google is the most famous search network online right now, businesses will need to utilize it.

Google is the best location for brands to purchase advertisements for their target keywords. And these marks are there, looking through thousands of PPC agencies that focus on Google Ads services and may help them out.

Should you own a PPC agency? How are you supposed to compete with numerous other companies? That is where getting Google Ads certification comes into play. The certification has tons of advantages that may give you the edge on your competition. Getting Google Ads certified may also give you an impetus in popularity and credibility. You should make accreditation one of the top targets on your list if you need to get more PPC based customers.

What is mean by Google Ads Certified and how do you get Google Ads Certification?

Google now leads the world in digital and mobile ad revenue. In reality, Google parent firm Alphabet really make more money on digital advertising earnings than any company on the planet. For 2019, they’re on pace to generate almost $103 billion in net as digital ad revenue. Whenever you compare the revenue of Google to Facebook, you can immediately see that Google is still ruling the digital and mobile ad industry. And Google’s PPC advertising platform, Google Ads, is among the very best platforms for driving sales. Tons of companies utilize it to earn revenue via paid search.

Reference: eMarketer – Global Ads Spending Share in 2019

Therefore, how does all this relate to the Google Ads certification? And what precisely is it? According to Google, the certification is a pro accreditation that Google gives to individuals/companies that show competence in Google Ads. With the certification, you can show an icon on your site that shows that Google recognizes you as an advanced Google Ads user and an authority in PPC advertising.

The Google Ads certification is basically a badge that you could show off on your resume, web site, and social profiles to generate more revenue for your business. The certification is supposed to distinguish between companies that have a committed and a proven proficiency with the platform from the ones that don’t.

Now you have a fantastic comprehension of what the Google Ads certification involves. How do you start?

First, you’ve to sign up for a Google Partner account.

Head to the Google Partners page and click ‘Join Now’ to start.

It is easy to set up your account and get started working towards your badge today.

Simply complete your Partner page profile with contact information.

Then, you have to take a few exams. I know, it sounds brutal. Nonetheless, it is worth it. To get a Google Ads certification, you want to pass two exams: There is the ‘Google Ads Fundamentals Exam‘ and one of the following specialization exams.

The Fundamental exam is a common test that concentrates on basic-to intermediate Google Ads concepts. It covers topics like the advantages of online advertising, Google Ads processes and best practices for campaign management.

The specialization exams include Search, Display, Cellular, Video, and Shopping ads. In case your business focuses on a specific place, it would be sensible to spend some time acquiring that certification. In case your agency services all of these Google Ads features, you must get them all.

Once you’re prepared to start taking the ‘Google Ads Exams‘ you can decide on the exams that you wish to attempt.

Remember, you must take the basics exam to take the rest and get certified on Google Ads.

For these tests, a passing grade is 80% or over.

Many of them take 100 to 120 minutes and have about 100 questions. If you wish to study for these tests, you will find the fundamental study guide, with the specialized exam guides, here is your ‘Google Ads Fundamentals Study Guide‘.

Even when you’re a Google Ads professional that conducts accounts on a regular basis, you still ought to study to prepare. If you are on the fence about the Google Ads accreditation, there are numerous reasons why you need to get it ASAP.

4 Benefits of having Google Ads Certification

Benefit #1. It is a Type of Social Proof and Credibility

The Google Ads Certification is like every other accreditation that you could get online.

It is the exact same purpose to demonstrate authenticity, knowledge, and skills in a specialized market. And most of all, it acts like instantaneous social proof and authenticity.

The social proof involves displaying great reviews from and the logos of reputable clients that used and love the product and/or service.

For instance, look at how HubSpot demonstrates social proof on their home page to convert visitors;

In this example, instead of certification, HubSpot advertises their social evidence in numbers.

They transmit credibility by showing that individuals love and trust their business and their solutions. For instance, whenever you see their blogs have over 4.5 million monthly visitors, you likely think,

“Whoa, they’ve tons of visitors. I should follow them too!”

Many individuals/company use ‘Social Proof’ on my own website because social proof drives conversions.

Why? People trust reviews.

According to BrightLocal’s 2016 consumer survey, the majority of individuals read online reviews to determine if a local business is bad or good! Individuals are going to be seeking this info to determine whether they ought to purchase from you or not. If you do not have the right reviews, social proof, or authenticity, you may be missing out on sales.

Most consumers trust reviews like far as personal recommendations: People reviews and customer feedback statements create conversions on their own. Simply getting them on your website is helping push brand authenticity throughout the roof.

I have some interesting tips for your reference which helps you to collect feedback from your customers without irritating them.

And one of the greatest principles we could take away from this research is that positive testimonials of business lead to high degrees of trust.

As we all know, trust is a building block for conversion. Nobody is going to purchase your service or product if they do not trust your brand. The Google Ads accreditation works the identical way. It is a form of social proof which shows prospective customers your company is reliable, trustworthy, and supported by a favorite company such as Google. Being licensed by a well-known business is one instantaneous form of social proof.

Benefit #2. It generates a Strong Value Proposition

‘Communicating Value’ is the key to driving leads/sales. It is plain and simple. If you cannot show someone that they want your service or product, then they won’t purchase it. People do not think they want your merchandise till you convince them that they do. This requires a ‘Value Proposition’.

“Value propositions are designed to explain to the user what value they’ll derive from your service or product.”

A strong value proposition clarifies a couple of significant components. It is a basic formula which could help you deliver value and benefit to your customer.

For example, look at below how companies demonstrate value on their PPC services by showcasing their Partner badges rather than writing they’re great at PPC direction. They back up that claim by demonstrating the Partner badge.

Imagine, What level of the value proposition you can make by displaying the certification from Google Ads?

Value propositions which are optimized may increase conversions. Adding a Google Partner badge is among the best ways you may increase your value. It shows prospective clients that you have the experience and expertise to efficiently run their campaigns and make them money.

Google Ads is about earning money with fast sales online. Having the Partner badge shows you/your organization is able to do this. If you would like to communicate more value to the end consumer, you should get Google Ads certified.

Benefit #3 Certification helps you build a better resume

Building a resume ought to be a constant effort. Even in the event that you run your very own company, you still need to be raising your resume. Why?

People utilize resumes for far more than just job applications. An excellent resume is another way to convey success in the realm of entrepreneurship.

For example,

Let us say you want investment from a venture capital company to begin a brand new business. In case your resume is blank, what do you think the outcome will be? They may not invest. But, if you’ve certifications and information to back up your promises of success, they’re a lot more prone to invest.

Read out this interesting article 8 Tips to Turn your Business Idea into a Startup Company.

Resumes are yet another way you can convey the value of your personal brand.

You should use them to showcase your achievements in your area in the event that you ever want to land investment or draw on a brand new partner.

Let me give you another example of why having certifications on your resume is critically important.

Let’s say someone searches on Google after reading about your brand, and they find your company. They check out your web site, and after that, they look you up on LinkedIn to see if you’re trustworthy. They would like to know just what your work experience is. They would like to see your history.

Have you built businesses? Can you work someplace famous? Do you’ve certifications?

Eventually, they’re attempting to understand whether you’re the right person for the job.

So building your resume is crucial even when you are not even searching for a brand new job.

Individuals are continuously checking your social network profiles to understand you. If you run a company, you can bet that clients will be checking out your profile. And you want that profile to construct credibility on its own if you would like to close more deals.

When someone inspects your profile or resume and finds that you have accreditation, it tells them a few things;

  • You’ve dedicated yourself to that niche
  • You spent the effort and time to get the certification
  • You have a very good work ethic and go beyond the minimum requirements

Certifications are ways to showcase your skills and build your personal brand. If you would like to grow your personal brand and show people who you mean business, get Google Ads certification today.

Benefit #4 It provides you Free Promotion

Becoming a Google Ads Certified Partner has countless benefits for any given business or entrepreneur.

You ought to use the accreditation to construct a social proof, gain credibility, and also drive more revenue with a better value proposition.

But among the best benefits comes in the shape of free promotion.

Let me show you what I mean.

Once you get certified on Google Ads and become a Google Partner, they’ll list you on their verified web site of partners.

If you navigate to the Certified Partner listing, you can see different businesses which are licensed:

If you click the Locate A Google Partner, button, you will discover certified companies to conduct your Google Ads PPC campaigns. You can also locate companies which specialize in web analytics, too.

Next, you just input your web site URL and location to filter the results. If you would like to start locating great, accredited companies, Google gives you a complete list of their accredited partners.

And that is free advertising for you/your company if you are one of these certified partners. Google is personally recommending you to interested customers. They highlight the specific certifications which you own.

Also, it allows users to sort by their pursuits. In case, you have several certificates, it is possible to show up for more of those results. Users could also search by their business focus.

Partnering in Google Platform an excellent tool that individuals use to discover new businesses. Why do they use it? It is reputable, trustworthy, and directly from Google. Getting your business featured on the Partners page gives you a leg up on the competition. It is a free promotion with the advantages of social evidence, trust, and value combined in one. The accreditation is ideal for taking your mark to the next level.

In fact, I have used the Google Partners page to find Google Ads firms for my own business. And it is an excellent way to connect with more companies and entrepreneurs!


If you operate a PPC service, you know the battle of attempting to get new business. Running a basic Google search for a Google Ads agency will generate a huge number of results and countless ads. And that is since the platform is an excellent place to advertise.

However, the system is complicated and not ideal for the everyday worker. Meaning there is a massive demand for agencies to assist companies to run their PPC Ad campaigns without wasting thousands of penny. However, that also presents some severe dangers and threats for the normal PPC focused agency. It is harder to get customers, distinguish yourself, and also to seem legit, in this crowded field.

When there are nearly thousands of businesses hoping to get the earnings for PPC service, searches, how do you stand out? How do you convey more value, expertise, credibility, and social evidence? Among the best ways to do is the Google Ads certification.

It is an instantaneous kind of social proof and credibility. And in accordance with the most recent data, social evidence and trust are important factors in a purchasing decision. It may help you land more customers because people trust online testimonials just as far as personal recommendations. At the top of this, it can help you stick out in a sea of Google Ads companies. It can help you place the cherry on top which gives you the excess drive to drive earnings. Certifications may also help you build your personal brand and restart.

Finally, the Google Ads certification is a good way to get free promotion on Google Partner List. Getting the Google Ads accreditation has the power to take your PPC business to the next level.