4 Important SEO Commands every Bloggers must Know

4 Important SEO Commands

There are 4 important SEO commands which every blogger must know. With the knowledge of these important commands, a blogger will perform better than before and it will improve our page ranking also.

4 important seo commands

4 Important SEO Commands – Every Blogger must Know!!!


The first and very important command is Site command. it will give a very clear picture about, how many web pages of your site has been indexed in the Google Search Engine. To find out the indexed web pages of your site, just type in the browser;

site:www.yourdomainname.com (Eg: – www.yahoo.com).

4 Important SEO Commands

Google will show you how many of your web pages has been indexed already.

But most of the time, we may not find our latest post in these results. The reason is that Google Crawler not visited your website recently. So how to find when the Google Crawler had visited your website last. Here is the second command to find that;


Cache is the command will help you to find when was the last visit of the Google Crawler on your website. To find out that just type;

cache:www.yourdomainname.com (Ex: – www.clickbank.com)

It will show you when Crawler came last on your site. It will show the last date and the time too. If you want to get the crawler to be visited frequently, there is only one option that you must publish new articles consistently.


This command will help you to get an idea of how many links are pointing to your website. To check this, just type;


The results will reveal that these many websites are speaking about your website.


This command is not so important. Define command will help you to find the meaning of a particular word.

define:any word which you want to get to know the meaning. (Ex: – define:blogging)

Google will show you the proper meaning that particular word. It will help you if you are doing any research work, creating any strategies for a company…etc


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