5 Facts You Must Know Before Creating Your 2019 Marketing Plan

As a business owner, planning is equally important to your business as almost any other aspect. So it is not surprising that when you start making your marketing plan, then there are many plans involved in it. Your marketing plan is like a roadmap that you will use to guide your sales efforts throughout the year, so it is important that you take a step back and evaluate your current marketing plan, as well as fully position your business Evaluate digging in your 2019 marketing plan.

  1. Documenting Your Marketing Strategy Brings More Success

Statistics show that by documenting your strategies, you get 538 percent more chance to succeed in your efforts. A report from the Content Marketing Institute revealed that most B2B marketers rely on content marketing strategies for their results 89%, to be accurate.

Though, only 37 percent of them provide their strategies. The main reason for documenting your marketing strategy is to provide visibility to everyone. When your team understands how and why your campaign is coming together, it will be easy to communicate and collaborate.

It aligns all personnel and components of a campaign, helps in the purchase of senior members, and collectively makes them stronger. Setting your strategy, keeping it on paper, and reviewing it will keep you at the top of your company’s goals. This document can develop and change over time to accommodate your needs.

  1. Clearly define your goals for the coming year

Planning for a 2019 plan requires a top-down approach. If your executive team has already made an action plan for the coming year, then it is a great place to start. After all, you always want to align the goal of your marketing team with the goals of the organization. If your company is entering the High Development Initiative or wants to cut back on the customer churn, then these things should be influenced by what you are planning as a marketing team.

I suggest that you exceed five or so large, marketing goals. Additional goals or tasks can come under your larger goals. These important goals – which are aligned with your company’s initiative will guide all the things that you want to complete the entire year.

  1. Get a deeper understanding of your target audience

Before the full force jump in the New Year, take a moment to evaluate where your company competes in the competitive landscape. Are you a new kid on the block, or are you the industry leader? It should affect your plans heavily for years. By understanding your market position, you can identify your opportunities. It starts with knowing who your competitors are, what they are saying, and what you do differently.

It is important to know and confirm your discriminates when you are planning your 2019 marketing plan. If you know that you are the best solution for mid-market companies, or you are struggling with competing with your competitors, then you are able to focus more time and energy to become a leader in your industry. Will be If you have a chance, talk to your customers about your experience with your company and your product. Receiving honest feedback can help you optimize your marketing strategy to target the right audience with the right message. Read more on 5 Tips to get feedback from your customers without irritating them.

  1. Evaluate last year’s successes and failures

The best place to start the plan for the future is to see the past. What happened in last year (or not) is a great indicator that you should try to do in the coming year. Have you made your main goal? Have your sales team made their sales goals? Has your company made its revenue target? These questions are not going to give you specific information about the 2019 plan, but it will give you a better understanding when available and should be focused on your efforts for the coming year.

Take some time to talk with other teams, especially sales, how the years went about this. Does your sales team feel that they were light on the lead, or the leads were not properly qualified? Did your company experience a high churn rate? The company should be the number one target of overall health marketing, and the only way to plan for it is to take the time to get a pulse on your company’s current health.

  1. Process documentation improves marketing success

Marketers who document marketing processes have 466 percent more opportunities to report successful campaigns. Similarly, to document your strategy, documenting your workflow or processes is also very important. It improves your performance and makes your processes structurally

Get your whole team together, and talk about all your workflow steps. Create your article development process, and if so possible, make a visual presentation to make it more understandable. It does not matter whether you do this with pieces of paper or some tools, it will give an important reference to your team whenever they need help.


Process documents include scheduling priority projects. It ensures that the content you work on is most important for your current initiative and strategic goals. Choose a person to manage your preferences, such as a managing editor or content marketing manager.

Determine the extent to which you will communicate your priorities with the stakeholders and others in the organization. In addition, be sure to create a calendar for your workflow and determine the methods of when, when, and who will do the priority content for the calendar.


One of the essentials of workflow documents is organizing your content, which means that it should be stored in one place where everyone can use it. It lends to your workflow transparency and ensures that there is no mistake. Create the structure of the folders and give them all the proper name. All involved will know what to do with the material, where it goes, who has made changes, and when and where it is ready to publish.


It is important to document how you will publish content and share it with your target audience. This includes determining all the channels you use, such as social media, email, blog etc. Include all the options that you will use and where the kind of content goes.

Appoint people to distribute content, and make sure they know all the types of content that you have created, their purpose, and all marketing channels used to distribute that content.

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