5 Simple Email Marketing Hacks to Increase the Open Rate

Email Marketing Hacks

Email Marketing Hacks To Increase Open Rate: Many of us are so used to seeing unsolicited offers pile up in our Junk folder that we start to think of email marketing as an outdated or annoying sales tactic. But the reason businesses keep doing it – a lot of it – is because it works. It’s also one of the most cost-effective forms of online advertising. It works because when it’s done right, it becomes a very powerful tool for generating leads.

email marketing hacks to increase the open rate

Email Marketing is Important

If you take the time and trouble to learn the right skills, email marketing can boost your conversion rates permanently, with very little expense. Email isn’t going anywhere – in fact, with the soaring number of mobile users, it’s more important than ever.

For all these reasons, emails should be part of your digital marketing strategy. If you’re trying to develop your brand, promote a new product, or simply generate leads, email marketing can do it for you. Most businesses don’t appreciate either what email can do, or how to really make it work. The truth is, it takes some creativity and insight to maximize the number of people who are going to actually read your emails. That’s where these email marketing hacks can help.

Email Marketing Hacks to Increase Open Rate

1.Subject Lines That Intrigue

To come up with a great subject line, think about grabbing attention first, and uniqueness second. People are generally looking at dozens of new emails every time they log in to their account and dozens of headlines. Take a look at some of them in your own inbox. Which ones stand out? Which doesn’t spark your interest at all?

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Your headlines should also reflect WHY someone should open your email. A good deal isn’t enough. Does it provide new information, or solve a problem? Did it gear toward a targeted buyer? A good subject line conveys the value of your message. Make them WANT to open it. Include compelling words or brief phrases like “wonderful”, “revolutionary”, or “latest research”.

2.Personalize Emails

Start by using the “From:” address to show your personal and/or company name. All too often, emails are just batch endings that are anonymous and forgettable. “Nicole at Dribbly.com” is better than just “Dribbly” or “marketing@dribbly.com”. Even if they don’t open your emails the first (or second, or third) time, by using proper names recipients will feel like there is a real person behind it. In time that name will become familiar.

Within the email, always use a First_Name field where your mailer inserts the name of the recipient. Addressing your audience by their first names immediately strikes a personal connection. Even if you understand how email software works, seeing your own name makes you instinctively feel recognized and appreciated as an individual

These two things are important because they’re going to establish a human connection upfront, and that’s more likely to encourage customers than some impersonal, anonymous ad copy.

3.A First Line that Hooks

If you’ve got people opening your emails, you’ve won half the battle. But now you have to actually get them reading. You’ve probably heard before that the very first line of any text should be something that compels readers to continue.

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Injecting your own unique flair is a good way to start. A brief joke will do just as well, so long as it’s inoffensive and on-message. Consider what you did in the subject line that got the reader to open the email in the first place and follow up on that.

Your first line should involve the reader at an emotional level without being overly long or complex. In writing the first line, think how you can direct their attention to the next line, and the next – then they’re hooked.

4.Stimulate Curiosity

The best way to generate interest is to appeal to natural curiosity. People read when they want answers. Use your subject line, greeting, or opening lines to prompt the reader with questions like: “Did you hear this important health news?” or “Are you prepared for tomorrow’s cyber criminals?”. If you can get your readers asking the questions, they’ll want the answers.

You could also generate curiosity through product claims, startling facts, or social relevance. “92% of people are losing money”, “Award winning social app”, or “Reduce heart risk by 40%” will have readers curious about these claims, especially if they’re targeted users who already have an interest in the subject.

5.Optimize Your Content for Readability

Email marketing hacks to increase open rates mean nothing if the email content doesn’t deliver on the promise. Make an effort to show readers the value of your product or service, and how your offer is superior to that of your competitors. It’s an old sales adage, but true: create a need and provide the solution.

People are unlikely to spend more than a minute or two reading through the text. If you want to offer more information, put a link to an informational web page on your site. Use simple sentences, short paragraphs, section headers, and above all, try to be engaging (engagement marketing). Readers may not click through the first time. But if they actually enjoy your email, for your humor, infographics, insights, etc., recipients are far more likely to look at the next one. Before long, you’ve developed a solid relationship.

Most of us will delete an email without a second thought if it seems annoying or is of no interest. You have to assume that this is the case and find ways to make your emails not only stand out but connect emotionally. Then deliver content that excites and engages the reader. Start with these email marketing hacks to increase open rate, and learn what clicks best with your target market. Soon you’ll be getting quality prospects with very little effort.


Keep in mind, though, that email marketing is only as effective as the marketer behind it, and these five tips will help you improve your skills and build a name for yourself starting today

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