5 Tips to Take Feedback without Irritating Your Customer

How to Take Feedback without Irritating Your Customers

A survey says that Americans receive more than 7 billion survey request in a year. But unfortunately, there are only 37% of people who complete the survey forms at best. Surveys help companies to improve their services as well as products. Also, it uses for helping their customers. But what will happen if the customers are not ready to fill out or they are feeling annoyed? Your effort, time and money will get wasted. So, make sure that create such a survey form which looks interesting to your customers, they feel to take part. Here are the 5 tips to take feedback without irritating your customer.

5 Tips to Take Feedback without Irritating Your Customer

1.Adjust the Time

Let me start with an instance; you entered a shopping mall and a sale representative immediately appeared in front of you with hundreds of queries. What do you fell at that point of time? You may get irritated, right?

The same way a visitor just entered your website and instantly you start showing all pop-ups, how he may react. He may leave your site. So, give him a breath space to look at how good is your website, products or services you offer…etc. Without looking at, how a person can give feedback. So, set a good time for pop-ups. Give him a time to evaluate your website before showing the pop-ups. This is one of the best and simple ways to take feedback without irritating your customers or visitors. Remember, more time will form more opinions about the site.

2.Position of the Survey Form

The position of the pop-ups is so important. Don’t try to disrupt the customer with a full-screen feedback form. Don’t hide or lock the content with full-screen Survey Forms. You might have put a lot of efforts to optimize the site, but locking-content forms can make it worthless your effort within a short span of time.

A feedback form at the bottom right corner will make more meaningful. Customer will notice and engage if he feels it interesting. So, the position of form is very important.

3.Offer Rewards

As per the research, people who respond to Survey Forms are in between 10-30 percent. But a form with rewards or incentives will give you up to 50% response rate. So, pop up a survey form with rewards and end of the survey you may offer some Discount Coupon or Free Shipping…etc. It will help you to get good response rate, more engagement or sales conversions. And it is one of the proven ways to take feedback without irritating your customer.

4.Tone is Critical

Let me give an example; A customer is leaving your site without a successful transaction. You may invite him to survey at this point of time, to understand what is going on in his mind and where you should improve. There are 2 ways you can invite him for a feedback. Model #A, “Why you are leaving without check out”? and Model #B, “May I know, what would change your mind about completing your purchase with us today?”

Personally, which tone you like more if you are a customer in the same case? Of course, Model #B. Model B can lead to a successful engagement than Model A. So, make sure that, use the best polite tone for inviting to the Feedback survey.

5.Assist Your Customer

Live chat is one of the best options to assist your customer throughout their check out process. But don’t congest your every page with live chat by saying, Hello, How Can I help you?” Instead of that, once your customer landed on a product page and not taking any action for more than 30 seconds, you may offer a live chat, “Is there something you need help?”. If he responds “Yes” you can lead him to live chat and complete the process. But never force your visitors to purchase the products through Live Chat.

Final Thought

All the above precautions will help you to take feedback without irritating your customer. Make sure that, customers should get a positive impact. You should care your customer, don’t annoy them.

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