6 Ways Students can Make Money Online

The present era has witnessed various platforms online which are helpful to the students for making money. It all depends on the students. The online money making can be practicable jobs for the students, it’s just that they need to be sure about which path to choose and which service they wish to offer. Once they are clear about their objectives and are researching properly about the same, they will get clear in their minds and will be able to sort out the directions in front of them. The students can support and aid themselves by opting for these quick, convenient and small jobs which will ease their expenses and sort out the adversities. Here are some of the mediums through which the students can make money online: –

6 Ways Students Can Make Money Online


This is the best platform for the blooming writers. The students earn money through various freelancing websites such as Upwork, Guru, PeoplePerHour, Textbroker, Online Writing Jobs, WritersDomain, iWriter, Break Studios, LoveToKnow, Demand Media Studios and much more.

It is considered one of the best online paying jobs for the students who have a knack for writing. The students just need a computer and an internet connection. The students are paid on the basis of the projects, articles or words. It varies in all the different websites.

2.Data Entry Jobs

It is a basic job for the students who are fast in typing and have the basic computer knowledge. It involves typing of data quickly and accurately for the clients as per the requirements.

3.Website testing

There is a huge requirement of the website testers in the present era. The website owners are searching for the people who could scrutinize and test the sites in order to provide them the feedback regarding the usability experiences to the site owners.

The test might take around 10-20 minutes based on the complexity and the length. On the basis of these two factors, the students are paid. The students can look for such profiles on UserTesting, UserZoom, UserLytics and so on.

4.Online tutors

A large number of reputable tutoring agencies online look for the clients who are willing to teach or tutor the kids in an appropriate manner. For such jobs, the students can apply online in order to become a tutor online and this will also help you in earning and connecting with the students.

With a Skype account and a high-speed internet connection, the students can visit the websites to pay their bills. The students can find such jobs online on various websites like Tutor, TutorVista, TutorZilla, tutors home and homework tutoring. These websites provide you study material, mock tests, counseling and more for exams (KCET Exam 2018-2019).

The students can also create an online course and sell it on Skillshare or Udemy.  These jobs enhance the skills of the students and also help them in paying their bills.

5.Micro Jobs

The students also earn money and extra cash with the help of some small tasks such as by offering small services to the businesses organizations on a micro gig site.

There are a large number of micro job sites which helps the students in advertising their skills and services with for a fixed amount of money for which the service is being provided to the other party.

The students can use micro gig sites for writing for companies and people, editing articles, academic papers, designing websites, designing jobs, video editing, social media marketing, maintaining social media profiles, SEO services, and so on.  The students can also offer small services to the organizations such as singing happy birthday songs, creating funny videos, create management themes for the customers, and do more well-off tasks through mediums like this.

If the firms leave the students with good feedback, the students will be left with the feedbacks which will help them gain a reputation for their work. In this way, the students can get more work on their existing performance. The famous micro gig sites are fiverr, gigbucks, fivesquids, tenubux, zeerk, seoclerks, amazon mechanical turk and so on.


Most of the students who are passionate about writing prefer to go for blogging. The students can start their own blogs and write anything about the things or places or genres they adore. Whether it is your hobby or passion, you can easily earn money with the blogging thing. The students just need to write content which is real and informative.

One can start their own blogs in any vertical which interests them. If interested in education, one can go ahead can write about popular and upcoming exams like JEE 2018, VITEEE, CAT, OUCET Exam 2018-2019, GPAT and more.

Once the blog starts getting some traffic, the students will start earning some money. This is the latest and the trending medium of earning money. The students can research on the blogging websites and how to prepare a blog or start a blog which can earn more traffic. In this way, they can help themselves in paying their own bills.

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