6 Ways to get more Sales on your E-commerce Site

It is true that every online store desires to increase traffic, increase conversions and make sales. However, one very challenging thing is that even after putting up an efficient Email marketing strategy it can be daunting to take a bold step to implement these marketing tactics. This is the very reason why E-commerce sites have to ensure that they make good use of e-commerce tools coupled with workable strategies for implementation of each approach. But then you ask ‘what is e-commerce marketing?’. Well, this is simply a practice that involves the use of promotional tactics to drive traffic to your E-commerce site or online store, convert the visitors into customers as well as working hard to retain clients after purchases.

6 Ways to get more Sales on your E-commerce Site

1. Upsell your products

This refers to an approach through which the marketer sells a slightly more premium product than the one the client was initially considering. In most cases, you will realize that your clients do not know of a premium product available in the market. In other instances, they have no idea how the premium product is a better fit for their daily needs. In order to get more sales, ensure that you let your customers know of the better features your product has over those they already know exists. This not only sets your product but also stirs the enthusiasm of the customer to try it, hence a sale. The premium product has to be worth the additional cost.

2. Make the checkout process simple

Did you know that for your email marketing to work well, you have to ensure that everything is made easy for the client to reach? When your target audience has identified a product they would like to purchase, it is important that the checkout process is within their reach. This is one of the most popular purchase drivers online. If you make your checkout process complicated, it is highly likely that the customer will abandon their carts. The main goal for an easy check out is to reduce the chances of the client changing their minds hence boosting your E-commerce sales.

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Another option would be to offer your guest clients a checkout option. According to statistics, over 22% of buyers abandon shopping because they have to begin creating accounts or subscribing. Instead of asking your clients to register first, allow them to make their purchases to boost your E-commerce sales.

3. Shift from mobile ready to mCommerce optimization

One of the things that most marketers have not come to appreciate the fact that mobile commerce is here to stay. Therefore, the best way to make sales on your e-commerce site would be to improve your website’s mobile user experience. an M-Commerce optimization is an approach that will not only make it simple for clients to make payments through their mobile phones but also check out their purchases on an ongoing basis even with the rise in mobile adoption.

4. Make use of Facebook exchange retargeting

Did you know that Facebook advertising plays a crucial role in helping you acquire new clients and retarget your old customers? Well, now you know! This is one of the strategies you can use in order to minimize cart abandonment. You can simply drop a cookie on a user’s computer whenever they visit your pages. This means that, if the client added a product to their cart but has not made a purchase, you can add a cookie to signal Facebook to display an advert on their timeline. This encourages the client to complete their purchase hence boosting sales. You can do the same thing for Instagram and other social media platforms.

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5. Improve your email marketing campaign

It is useless to have a bunch of email addresses if you cannot use them to make sales on your e-commerce site. In order to boost your sales, you have to ensure that you are sending out emails regularly. For instance, you can send an email to welcome the customer soon after they have made their first purchase, provide exclusive promo codes, free gifts, and discounts. Additionally, you could solicit your e-commerce site guests for their feedback. If they do not make a purchase, ask them to leave you the feedback of their experience and ways in which you could improve.  For your best customers, it is important to use email marketing to send them a personal note expressing your appreciation for them being part of your business success journey.

6. Engage visitors with live chats.

Apart from direct email marketing, one of the other ways to engage with your online client is through live chats. Once your client has been on your site for a certain period of time, you can allow live chats to have a direct conversation with them. This is the best way to get to know them, what they are interested in and answer their questions and address their concerns. You could also use that opportunity to inform them of the status of their orders without necessarily have to go through a support team by email.


Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways to reach your customer base and get to connect and understand what their interests, concerns, and questions are. In order to increase sales on your e-commerce site, it is important that you get to know who your target audience is and build a relationship with them. Always be available for your site guests in case they need clarifications or more information about your product. Finally, to succeed with your email marketing campaign, ensure that you nurture your email list by simply offering your clients unique incentives.

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