6 Ways to Getting Direct Advertisers for the Site

6 Ways to Getting Direct Advertisers for the Site

As a site owner, we always try for different kind of monetization programs such as CPC Ad Placement Services, Affiliate Advertising Program, Affiliate Advertising Network, Getting Direct Advertisers or Selling the Ad Space..etc. I know that every site owners are aware of these options. But if anyone asks me about the best monetization programs among all, I always suggest Affiliate Marketing Program as well as Selling the Ad Space. These are the best options where we can generate a decent income in a month. I am not denying the power of CPC Ad Networks, but it is totally depended on the traffic.

getting direct advertisers for the site

Well we all know that there are certain networks which give you advertisers. But unfortunately, they are also mediators and they too have commissions from that. Again, one more funny thing is that these networks may not approve our site because of various reasons. And also, we do not try for getting direct advertisers since we have set up our mind that we are not eligible to apply. Let’s break all these barriers and try for direct advertisers. Out of hundred, if one agrees also we will be benefitted. I would like to share my personal experience about how I got my first direct advertiser even though my site’s traffic was too low. I would like to tell you how I attracted my first direct advertiser and what and all I did to get it.

Tips to Getting Direct Advertisers for the Site

1.Contact Advertisers Directly

You all know what your website or blog is about.So try to contact advertisers directly though phone instead of emails (email marketing) who are related to your niche. Let me give you an example;

I write about digital marketing. So I can approach ‘N’ number of B2B or B2C companies which are related to my niche such as lead generation networks, digital marketing educational agencies in my local place, SEO companies..etc.

Instead of emails, contact them directly over the phone. It will become more professional as well as personal. Try to convince them. Initially, if you fail to convince also, try to promote their products through an affiliate link. Those links they will provide you without costing anything. Slowly they will come to know the conversion which is happening through your site. And those people strat advertising on your site.

Remember, out of hundred advertisers, one will agree your terms. It is nothing but Law of Average; ‘If we approach a number of advertisers, someone will be there to accept your invitation’.

2.’Advertise’ in Main Menu

It is very crucial. You must give an option in your site’s main menu about ‘Advertise’. There should be something creative as I have given to attract advertisers. It may develop a curiosity to advertisers. You must give all the details about the Ad Spaces such as Space Size, Charge Per Size, Term, and Conditions…etc.

Also, you can share that information in your social groups and pages. Slowly advertiser will contact you. If your traffic is less, try to charge less for the spaces too. You can charge somewhere in between $25 to $50 per month. If you have decent website traffic (more than 3000 visitors in a day), do not put the price for your spaces. Let advertisers fix it.

3.Write a Post to get Advertisers Attention

It is always important to write a post about ‘Free Ad Space For A Month’ and publish it. Slowly it will come in SERP and you will get more queries. But remember one thing, it is completely time consuming. It will take time to get on first page of Google’s SERP. But do not neglect this option.

“What you plant now, you will harvest later.” – Og Mandino

4.Highlight Before Your Post End

We are not sure that who reads our article. He may be an advertiser or a normal reader. But if you give an Ad Space with relevant terms before ending your article, advertisers may approach you. Word of Mouth marketing will apply in this theory.

5.Banner Advertisers

Banner Advertisers are the people who always look for the site owners who is having having a pretty website with decent traffic. You feel free to approach them since they have multiple options with decent space amount for a month.

6.Contact Adsense Advertisers

It may sound strange but it is a fact. Advertisers who are associated with Google Adwords are paying a lot. But if we are able to approach them, they may have better offers for you. I don’t want to explain more about this. I hope you understood the concept. It is similar like contacting the advertisers directly. Also, you can approach facebook advertisers. Again the process is same.