7 Easy Ways to Earn Backlinks through Content

Earn Backlinks through Content – Is It Possible

It is common for businesses to overthink the basics of SEO. They imagine that because the internet is a complex place, governed by complex rules, all of their actions have to be similarly intricate. Sometimes this does have a ring of truth to it; there are all kinds of clever link building and click advertising strategies that require lots of monitoring and analytics tools. Yet, on the other hand, the single most important way to earn backlinks through content creation couldn’t be simpler. You make the content unmissable. In order to earn interest and get authority websites sharing your stuff, you need to give them a good reason. Content has to fulfill a purpose; whether it is to make people laugh, stir up their emotions, teach them something new, or just help them pass an empty hour.

So, it really is that simple. The better your content is, the more times outsiders will want to link back it and the bigger your audience will get. Let’s take a look at some effective methods that you can use to earn backlinks through content creation.

7 Ways to Earn Backlinks through Content

1.Back Up Your Big Facts

While we’re used to thinking of internet users as not being very critical when it comes to online sources, recent studies suggest that this is changing. An increasing number of people are now judging the quality of content according to the reliability of its data. Essentially, the blogs and articles with more detailed information (references, links to authority websites, etc.) attract more sustained interest.

Users are less likely to click-through and bounce because they feel like they can trust what they’re reading. So, don’t be afraid to get close to your data. Don’t cram it with authority links and references to external experts, but don’t expect users to blindly accept your information either. Offer them interesting excerpts, choice facts, and valuable opportunities to click through and find more interesting content once yours has whetted their appetite.

2.Make Your Headlines Stand Out

Red top newspapers are designed in a very particular way. The biggest story or the day or week is given a catchy summary and then blown up to twice the size of everything else on the front page. This allows busy commuters and passersby to decide if they want to read it after just a quick glance. It is a highly effective technique and it works in much the same way for website content.

earn backlinks through content - title

Most users don’t read or even skim read online content in order to decide if it is valuable to them; all they do is a glance at the headline, make a judgment, and move on. So, the title or headline of every piece of content that you post has to be striking. It has to turn heads and convince audiences that they simply must read it. Some of these users will be fellow content providers and, if you please them, they’ll be keen to share your article on their own website.

Some of the best Title Generators are given below;

3.Always Inject Value into Your Content

This can be a tough thing to do sometimes, but it is the most important piece of advice of all. If you wouldn’t share a piece of content, it’s unlikely that anybody else will. So, ask yourself what is missing. Does the piece have a clear purpose and reason to exist? What does it offer to a reader? Is it funny, informative, full of helpful advice, or great for passing time on a morning commute?

The decision to link back to an external website or webpage, particularly one that you have no personal or business connection to, represents a real investment in the content. This is why it is so valuable to earn backlinks through content creation. Search engines recognize that content providers are the best judges of, well, one another. If a credible website is encouraging its readers to interact with something brand new, it can only be because they themselves believe that it offers value.

4.Get In Touch with Your Experts

One clever way to earn backlinks through content is collaboration. It won’t work all the time, but most external hosts and providers are happy to exchange links. In other words, if you were to write an article about the history of the guitar and include a factor excerpt from a credible authority blog about the best guitar brands, there’s a good chance that the blog would want to ‘borrow’ it. It holds value for their audience too, so reciprocity benefits the both of you.

This is one of the easiest ways to earn backlinks, but you have to be practical. If the value isn’t there, it won’t happen. You can’t just offer your content to anybody and everybody; build up a rapport with providers who share a strong connection to your product, brand, or service. For instance, a company selling lipstick might find it helpful to reference a popular blog on makeup tips, in a bid to encourage the blog owner to reciprocate and post a backlink.

5.Extend and Expand for Quality Time

A lot of businesses get very intimidated by lengthy content. They can’t imagine readers wanting to settle in and consume more than a 1,000 words. Yet, we’re in the midst of a kind of backlash against ‘insta-content.’ There is now so much material online – so many blogs, amateur websites, and 24/7 rolling news feeds – that readers are becoming a little jaded and are looking for deeper insights.

earn backlinks through content - word count

Clearly, the longer an article, the harder it is to sustain that all-important level of value and purpose. It isn’t easy to keep the level of quality high, so it is worth training staff in content creation or outsourcing the job. Don’t be afraid to move beyond bite-sized 500 words ‘splashes’ of content. Trust readers to have enough focus to make it to the end of a 1,000 or 2,000-word article. Crucially, it is the most credible and professional authority websites that tend to re-post lengthier, more in-depth articles.

6.Add Some Colour and Bright Visuals

The flip side of writing longer content is that it needs to look manageable on the page. It can’t just be a solid block of text, without images or color, because this will turn readers off. If you want to earn backlinks through content creation, learn how to combine text with interesting infographics. Visually illustrate the most important points with cartoons, stock photographs, or better yet, images that you have taken.

Studies show that readers are 80% more likely to read a whole article if it also has pictures, so this is an easy way to double your exposure. And if the images are original – photographed or created by you – backlinks are pretty much guaranteed. You are the number one source and the only correct authority to reference when external providers want to borrow the images.

7.Give it Evergreen Potential

The word ‘evergreen’ is used to describe content that has long term appeal. In other words, it isn’t based on information that changes all the time, like celebrity news. It may reference current events to make a point, but it has broader, more universal message as well. Evergreen potential is vital because nobody is going to share content that isn’t relevant anymore.

content will earn backlinks

A good example of this would an article about the current presidential debates. Basing the content purely on facts about what has happened would make it less valuable in three years. However, if these facts are combined with a broader opinion on the progression and development of US politics, it will have more evergreen appeal. For the best chance at backlinks, make sure that your content has lasting value.

A Quick Word on the Wonderful World of Content Creation

If you have no previous experience of crafting interesting, engaging content, it can be really hard to learn. However, with a little practice and plenty of research, it gets easier to identify what users are looking for. Then, you can put these assets into action and make sure that your content provides them with a bigger, brighter, better way than all the rest.

Ultimately, earning backlinks is about trust and purpose. It is not always easy to earn it, but once you do, holding on to it is just a matter of consistency.