7 Tips to Increase Online Sales Using Social Media

Increase Online Sales Using Social Media

Are you looking for ways and strategies of increasing online sales for your business? There are several online marketing platforms that you can use to achieve your sales target. One of them is using social media channels to connect with existing and potential customers. In fact, it’s possible to enhance the online experience of other individuals when the right strategies are put in place.

7 Ways to Increase Online Sales Using Social Media

  1. Embrace native chat as a sales support mechanism

You can use social channels’ messaging services to personalize, customize and automate the way you’ll be communicating with your customers. These apps have become very common particularly, among customers who prefer to connect and interact directly with companies. Chat apps are used by those in the business industry to sell and automate confirmations (marketing automation).

For instance, Bontact, can allow business owners to manage the way native chat is carried out on any social media or device. Remarkably, you’ll be able to respond to the issues raised by your customers natively, leading to excellent customer services. Moreover, your customer retention rate will be increased, and the image of your brand will be received positively by customers.

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  1. Analyze conversations about your company

Social media networks are platforms where you can listen to and engage in conversations with customers. However, in some instances, you may not be able to identify important conversations. You should be able to observe, compile and analyze all crucial conversations made by your customers in regard to your brand, competitors and the industry at large.

If you’re able to resolve issues raised by your online audience, then you’ll be able to generate unique marketing strategies and find new prospects, implying that you’ll be able to improve online sales using social media. Through these social networks, you have the opportunity to maximize on the mistakes of your competitors by swooping in, and poach dissatisfied customers.

Here you may take the help of TalkWalker, a platform for social media analytics and reports, will examine the text as well as visual contents.

  1. Requesting the audience to share their customer experience

The success of your business on the social media platform would largely depend on what your customers are saying about you, and not what you’re saying. Encouraging your customers to share their experience before, during and after buying would play an important role in helping you know how your brand is received out there. In fact, one in every three Facebook users purchases products after sharing conversations with other users.

AddShoppers is an online platform that uses word-of-mouth approach like refer-a-friend campaign, where satisfied customers can inform their friends to buy your products.

Tips to Increase Online Sales Using Social Media

  1. Simplify the process of purchasing on your social channels

It’s absolutely true that social media-driven sales have out-performed all other online platforms. The buy button found in some social networks has enabled users to make secure and safe purchases within the networks. Facebook buy button was unveiled in mid-2014, and it’s possible to showcase your top products, hold a conversation with your customers and also hosting sales events. Pinterest buyable pins is another platform that was unveiled in June 2015 and now is available across the board. All these techniques are supposed to increase customers’ purchases, ensure the product is accessed by more users, and maximizing the profit.

  1. Create unique user-generated content (UGC)

This content is initiated and share among your followers and consumers on the social media channels. According to research done by Business Insiders, about 97 percent of consumers who are able to access UGC (User Generated Content) tend to make purchases than those who didn’t. User-generated images created by your consumers are extremely powerful tools for increasing your sales.

This was the reason why Yotpo developed a socially curated platform for Instagram. The aim of such a platform is to lead high-intent audiences to the product pages, ensure sharing of information on-site is increased, as well as improving the performance of the advertisement.

  1. Develop event-related and seasonal content

Most companies that operate on eCommerce platform depend on seasonal calendars to sell their products. They perform exceptionally well after announcing their seasonal eCommerce operations.

Here you may take the help of a Social Content Creation Platform like PromoRepublic. It is a platform for creating seasonal content for brands. This platform enables you to craft genuine and unique content related to the events your users care about. Furthermore, this content calendar allows you to load and plan all relevant date-sensitive posts.

  1. Generate social-friendly photos

Since you’re aiming at improving online sales using social media, you must be ready to create and post social-friendly images. In fact, it’s very hard to find social content that does not have images. A study done by Chute Digiday revealed that over 70 percent of users believe that contents with images are highly effective compared to those with texts alone. There are two tools that you can rely on to create images if you’re not a designer, or you don’t have cash to hire one.

Buffer’s Pablo is one tool you can use, and it will allow you to choose from a wide array of royalty-free images. There is no registration required to join this platform, and you can select from specific photo templates designed for the network you’re using.

Venngage is another tool that offers very many templates to enable you to create detailed images even when you’re not an expert in design. These templates are grouped into three categories namely Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. You can choose the category that fits you based on your experience and expertise on the product.

Effects of Increasing Online Sales Using Social Media

Social media channels have played a crucial role in modern day businesses. Indeed, they should take full advantage of the advancement in technology to increase their sales and of course their profits. It’s even possible that a large number of your customers have access to various social media networks. This is an excellent platform that you can use to transform your business and the perception the users have towards your business.

Therefore, make sure that you’ve implemented at least one of these seven eCommerce ideas to improve on your online sales experience. This strategy is particularly important for small businesses, as well as startups. In this regard, you should make an effort of creating an effective social media platform for your online business and growth will be inevitable.

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