7 Types of Keywords in SEO Everyone Must Know

Different Types of Keywords in SEO That can Boost Your SEO Strategy

There is no doubt in the fact that keywords are the main component that can either result in your SEO campaign’s failure or success. They are one of the most important aspects that one should keep in mind and should give importance to increasing the success of SEO campaign. Having knowledge and idea about the types of keywords in SEO that needs to be targeted for increased chances of success comes with experience and research.

By selecting the right keywords and categorizing them for different potential customers based on their demand and their needs will help you in building a bridge between you and your potential clients and in addition to that it will also help you in building a huge community online. It is not a rocket science that both the points mentioned above are the key to driving traffic of targeted audience to the specific website. There are a number of different categories in which one can classify keywords in, but I would like to discuss the types of keywords in SEO that I have used in the past for generating traffic on my website and also for my clients. For sure it will help you in your endeavor of generating traffic and making a brand name in this tough and highly competitive market.

7 Types of Keywords in SEO

Market Defining Keywords

These are one of the most important and widely used keywords. Marketing Defining keywords are the keywords that the potential customers or targeted audience use while talking or discussing the specific industry or business in which you are. You should know that keywords that fall into this category are very commonly used therefore using these keywords to improve the ranking of your website or to build a brand name is a bit tricky. However, using these keywords is imperative for overall exposure of your business.

These keywords are paramount for your on-page optimization. According to SEO best practices, you should add these keywords throughout your site’s content or page. These types of keywords in SEO can help you a lot in creating great contents for your website.

While talking about link acquisition, one cannot leave behind these terms. You can use market defining keywords for uncovering future community or link building opportunities. It is true that manual link building isn’t a trend now, but even SEO experts will agree with me that it is one of the most efficient methods among all the available options. Using these terms might also help you in finding some great sites to partner with.

For Market Defining Keywords, you may use Google’s Keyword Planner or KeywordTool.io to identify the exact search volumes.

Customer Defining Keywords

These are the phrases or terms that the potential customers of yours use to define themselves. Finding out what your customer call themselves will need a lot of research. In addition to that, you will also have to uncover how these people refer to each other? Finding the answers to the above questions can help you uncover the right customer is defining keywords.

Doing research about these types of keywords in SEO will not only help you in improving your website’s ranking. In addition to that, you will be able to identify others who relate to the targeted audience. In addition to that, you will be researching about these terms you can gain insight about your potential customers thinking and how they speak which will help you in framing your site in a well-mannered way to attract them to interact.

For gaining success you will have to understand that SEO isn’t all about search, it is a way to create a connection. By using customer defining keywords, you will be able to connect with the potential customers who need your service or product. By identifying the right customer defining keywords, you will be able to create better content and online design connections to target the right audience.

You may use ScientificSeller tool for identifying keywords which customers are really searching in. This tool is very useful for eCommerce platforms, I mean online sellers.

Product Keywords

Product Keywords are the types of keywords in SEO that define what you are offering to your potential customers. You should try to be specific while researching or listing these terms. If you sell smartphones then using brand names such as Samsung, iPhone, or any other popular smartphone brand will work in your favor.

Product keywords can give a jump-start to your SEO campaign. With the right use of product keywords, you can easily attract a huge audience to your website. The best thing about these keywords is that you won’t have to do a lot of research work for these types of keywords will be related to the product or services that you will be offering to your customers.

But for your easiness, you can use Jungle Scout tool for finding out the keywords which generate the most sales.

Industry Thought Leaders

If you don’t have any idea which industry thought leaders are then you should know that these are groups or individuals within your industry or market segment who are well known and respected and possess the power to give your campaign a new way. For sure the keywords we are talking here about won’t be a part of your home title tag, but you should know that they will be helpful for you in your outreach efforts. Industry thought leader terms could definitely help you in attracting targeted traffic to your website by providing you interview and PR opportunities.

If you are in search of such experts, then the place to locate some of them are Google, Amazon, Twitter, and Facebook. The best way to learn from these so called experts in this industry is via social networking site or meeting them personally. You will be able to position your offering in a better way by knowing the right experts.

Competing Company Names

By knowing the names of the competing companies or to be precise your competitors you will be in a better position to judge the response that you will receive via the targeted audience in the long run. This very approach can help you uncover and prepare a better strategy to improve your position in the highly competitive market. In addition to all this, you will also gain insight into the present competition in the field or industry that your business belongs to.

Related Vertical Keywords

Related vertical keywords, in general, will not be and in a way be related to the main set of keywords. It is a very fine line which you will need to understand if you are a newbie to gain maximum benefit out of these terms. The terms we are talking about in this very section of the article can be related to the supplier’s industries or the customer industries; however, it is important that the terms should have a direct connection to the targeted audience. These terms if correctly used can help you identify the new budding opportunities in your industry and in addition to that it can also help you in building a strong and influential community of individuals with the same set of goals.

Related vertical keywords can help you grow your business by increasing your link outreach in a way similar to the chain reaction and can also show positive results for your community building efforts. By touching the niches that are closely related to your business or industry you can help you reach to the people who might be interested in your business but have no idea about you and your business. With such new information, you will be able to create valuable and amazing space and content which in turn will bring the two communities together.

Geotargeted keywords

As the name suggests, Geotargeted keywords can help you improve your local rankings. The reports presented by Google gives a clear idea that around 50% of the consumers who conducts a local search via the help of their smartphone reached to the local store the same day and around 34% people who used tablet or computer for the same did the same. By using Geotargeted keywords, you can target local groups and even events in which your company can easily engage with or sponsor to advertise your company or services or products. It is a great way to create lines of communication with the local targeted audience. If you have a store or a brick and mortar business, then this very trick will not only increase traffic on your website but in addition to that will increase the number of potential customers visiting your local store.

I also suggest you read The Complete Keyword Research Guide for better understanding on Keyword Research!

Final verdict

Know this fact that research and patience are the keys to finding and using the right types of keywords in SEO. The more you will put your time in search and investigation the better results will be uncovered. Prepare a list of potential keywords that can go along with your SEO campaign, organize them by actions, and finally develop an effective plan. By using the right types of keywords in SEO, you can drive your website in the right direction. The patience part is also of great importance. Know this fact that SEO campaigns will take the time to show positive results. You won’t start seeing huge traffic overnight after initiating your SEO campaign, but it doesn’t mean that your SEO campaign has failed. Using unique keywords is important, but you should keep it close to the services and products that you are offering.

Also, we welcome your ideas, suggestions, and reviews on the above topic!

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