8 Best Free WordPress Social Media Plugins To Maximize The Potential of Your Blog

Free WordPress Social Media Plugins to Improve Your Blog

Social media and blogs, while they are two separate things, go hand in hand. In order to maximize the reach of your WordPress blog posts, you must integrate the blog and its’ posts with your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest account so that your content is visible, shareable and interactive. Even more, instead of spending hours and days, it is essential to find ways to automate your blog posts and social media connectivity. With the emergence of social WordPress plugin features, it is now possible to accomplish both goals. With these 8 best WordPress social media plugins, your blog posts will reach more people, get shared more frequently, and encourage an increase in reader engagement.

8 Best Free WordPress Social Media Plugins

#1: Blog2Social – WordPress Social Media Plugins For Auto Posting

Even if you created the most profound blog post, if nobody reads it, the blog post will not help or enlighten on anyone. That is why social media is vital to the success of a blog. In order to expose the content to the masses in the most effective and efficient manner, the blog posts must be shared on social media. The problem blog owners face is the additional time required to share the posts on all social media accounts consistently throughout the day.

The Blog2Social plugin solves this time availability problem by allowing you to schedule the sharing of the posts to all of your social media profiles so that they are automatically posted when you want. Once the posts are written, you can dictate when and where the blogs are posted. Each post can be customized to fit the various needs of the individual networks, and the posts can be scheduled for days in advance. This allows you to write all of your posts in one day, schedule them for the most optimal times, then spend your time and energy focused on engaging with your audience– not working on just getting the blog post out there.

#2: Better Click To Tweet – WordPress Social Media Plugins For Tweetable Content

Another common task that takes up time is that rephrasing of the blog posts into tweetable form and creating a Twitter share button for your readers connected to Twitter. The Better Click To Tweet plugin automates that task so that sharing the blog post to Twitter is quick, simple and easy for you and your reader who wish to share the post. When the reader clicks the icon box on the page of the post, the Twitter sharing plugin repopulates the tweets with a link to the blog post and the post is in the proper format and ready for sharing. There is nothing more to do make reposting your blogs to Twitter more simple for you or your readers.

#3: Social Streams – Social WordPress Plugin For Streaming Instagram And Twitter Feeds

One cool thing about WordPress is that just as you can use a social WordPress plugin to feed your blog into social media, there are also tools to feed your social media into your blog page. The Social Streams plugin makes it easy for your readers to see your most recent posts, which encourages your distinct followers from all of your separate profiles to engage across the social mediums. Even more, the plugin can be customized to match the theme of your blog. And with the plug and play feature, the activity occurring on your social media accounts will be showcased live on your blog. This will keep your readers on your blog page longer and come back more frequently.

#4: Instagram Feed – Social WordPress Plugin For Customizing Instagram Display

The aesthetics, design, feel and essence of your blog is part of your signature brand. In order to keep all of your digital marketing efforts consistent, coordinate and integrate your histogram profile with your blog by installing the Instagram Feed plugin. By default, the plugin will customize the feed to match your WordPress blog, but it can be further customized however you like. In the end, by establishing a consistency between your social media accounts and your blog, your brand is strengthened as it becomes more visually recognizable.

#5: Pin It Button – WordPress Social Media Plugins For Encouraging Pinning

Pinterest is unique it is all right, as it distinguishes itself from other social media platforms by allowing its users to interact purely through the form of images, established as a catalog of ideas. In order for users to re-pin your pins, it is encouraging to install the Pin It Button social WordPress plugins so that the place to click is obvious, making it easier for users to use your images to create their boards. The shape, size, and color of the button can be customized, and it ensures that all of your images, especially original ones, brings visitors back to your page regardless of where they originally find the image. Not only will this technique bring massive amounts of traffic to your Pinterest profile, but it will also build your subscriber lists for your blog.

#6: Shareaholic – Social WordPress Plugin For Adding Share Buttons

If you have several social media platforms, the task of optimizing all of your blogs so that they are shareable on all of your platforms can be a daunting task. To face this problem, though on one content application plugin, Shareaholic, lets you add a share button for all of the top social media platforms. This makes it easy for you to optimize each block, but it also makes it easy for your readers to share your content across all of their profiles. This powerful plugin will multiply your efforts, as one reader can share your blog through multiple outlets with a single click.

#7: Simple Social Icons – WordPress Social Media Plugins For Linking Social Profiles

Your blog’s success not only depends on the viral reach of your blog posts, but it also requires a social media following made of dedicated readers who are willing to share your posts. Getting blog readers to like and follow your social media profiles is not as simple as writing a call to action. The best way to help you social media following is to commit your profile’s your blog. The Simple Social Icons social WordPress plugin links your profiles to your blog with a row of social media icons that appear on your page. When readers click on the icon they are taken to the profile page where they can click the like follow button. The more engaging blog posts you publish, you will attract. This, in turn, creates more opportunities to flaunt your profile in front of potentially new followers. But the back draw of this plugin is It will work only with StudioPress themes.

#8: WP Facebook Open Graph Protocol – Social WordPress Plugin For Controlling Content Appearance

Facebook uses a standard protocol that controls how the thumbnail, title, description, keywords and author link appears when your blog posts are shared. Normally, you would have to edit the metadata in HTML/CSS language in order to customize the post. But with the WP Facebook Open Graph Protocol social WordPress plugin, you can add the proper tags and make the content more shareable with the same ease as filling out an online form.


Once you have all of the social WordPress Plugin add-ons installed, the only thing left to do is to create memorable and creative content that the readers find authoritative and entertaining. Of course, that is an entirely different subject for dissemination. Nonetheless, when you create the content that the readers are looking for, and you effectively and efficiently utilize social media to spread the information and social WordPress plugin to enhance the effectiveness of your blog posts, your WordPress blog will become optimized and ready for monetization with affiliate sales and advertising revenue.

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