9 Disregard SEO Tasks that Enhance your Rankings

As you know, top five results on Google get 65% of the clicks. And the research says that 80% of searchers avoid the paid ads. And of course, getting into the top five spot is not so easier. More and more businesses are realized and started using content marketing to get their spot on Google’s top five. In this tough competition, how to stand out? In this article, we gonna discuss some of the disregard SEO tasks that enhance your rankings and boost your traffic and sales as well.

9 Ignored SEO Tasks that Boost your Rankings

1. Use Rich Snippets and Rich Cards

What are rich snippets and rich cards and How to use these? Let’s go on;

Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are nothing but “structured data markup (on-page markup)” which can add to the existing HTML code by a webmaster or developer. These rich snippets will help Google to understand your web pages in a better way what your content is all about.

Confused? Let me explain;

Imagine, what will happen if the meta description entered by you is not relevant to the search query?

In the above case, rich snippets will work better. Once you add rich snippets, Google may take your web page to the top spot because Google can pull a bit of text from any part of your content if it matches to the search query. In this case, Google doesn’t depend only on your meta description i.e, if the search query matches with rich snippets, your page also will rank on the top position for that particular search query. Of course, here the click-through-rate and traffic will increase.

Only the difference is that, instead of your original meta description, Google will show the matched bits of text as your meta description below the title & URL (for that particular search query).

In the above image 1st,2nd & 3rd are rich snippets and 4th & 5th are normal ones

Remember, rich snippets are not just for reviews or recipes. You can use rich snippets for events, products, people, video, music, apps, articles, blog posts, etc.

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Rich Cards

As you know, visual contents get more CTR than text content. That is why Product Listing Ads (PLA) get more CTR than the boring text ads.

Google also introduced “Cards” in the search query. It gives a rich visual information to the user. It helps to draw more attention from the user. Like rich snippets, rich cards also can be done through structured markup (schema.org). But compared to rich snippets, rich cards are surpassed desktop and can use only for events, recipes, products, and reviews.

And please don’t disclose, only 20% of the marketers are using this. So, create a good content, optimize it and use it as rich cards.

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2. Disavow Negative Backlinks

As you know, backlinks are one of the strong ranking factors. But it doesn’t mean that all the backlinks give a positive impact on your ranking. Google considers the authority of the sites which are linking to your site. Imagine if the backlink is from a spammy website? Instead of improving the ranking, Google will offshoot your ranking. So you must identify and remove the backlinks which are harmful to your site and it’s ranking.

3 Ways You may get Negative Backlinks

  • Organic linking: Once your web authority starts growing, backlinks may come from less credible websites.
  • Blackhat SEO: Please do not go for unethical SEO practices such as buying backlinks to shoot your ranking. All these backlinks are may not be from authority sites.
  • Sabotage: If you are ranking good than your competitor, they may go for this unethical practice to de-rank your website. Read more on Sabotage

Also, please do not try for any blackhat SEO practices. Initially, you may get benefitted but it will long last forever. Once Google comes to know that you are engaged in spamming activities, they will ban your site.

So how to identify and remove negative backlinks? It’s simple!

  1. Go to search console homepage
  2. Choose your site
  3. Click on Search Traffic
  4. Then click on Links to Your site
  5. Find the option Click More under Who Links the most

Here you can find all the links to your site. If any site is low-quality one, just Disavow them. Read more on How to Disavow a backlink

Find time for you to check the backlinks periodically. Before they start harming your site, you must remove them.

3. Produce High-Grade Content

You all know this idea. Quality content will drive more traffic and increase the retention (revisit) rate. You might have read Mr. Brian Dean’s article Boost traffic by 110% in 14 days. Mr. Brain Dean talks all about the quality of the content to get noticed and drive more traffic.

You must find high performing content in your niche and generate something better and also promote those contents.

How to find high performing content?

Simple! Use Google Search to find your Competitors

To find high performing content, first, you need to identify your competitors. You can easily identify your competitors on Google search. In Google search, type keywords which are related to your niche.

For an example, If you type “SEO Techniques”, You may find neilpatel(dot)com on the first spot of the organic results. By using this method, find 3-4 competitors in your niche. Once you find your competitors, next we need to identify which content made them get the top spot in search results.

To identify your competitor’s most performing contents, you can use SEMrush and Buzzsumo. SEMrush will show the top content and the keywords (which are ranking top) of your competitors.

Once you find the top performing contents, how to create for your website?

How to produce high-grade content:

  • In-depth details: Don’t give your reader a chance to think an alternate option (another website) for the topic you write. It must include all the relevant details, data, and images. Get into micro details.
  • Influencer’s Opinion: Try to collect details from industry experts. It will be an added value for your article.
  • Research: Either you do self-research on your topic or link to the relevant website (source) which has the relevant research data.
  • More Attractive: You may include infographics or videos to precise your information.

We are not finished! A lot more to do further.

Once you are ready with the content, next concentrate on promoting the same one. I am not suggesting you go for a paid campaign. You may organically share your content on social media groups, Google community, social bookmarking sites…etc

Also, you may email or message webmasters (who are in the same niche) to link back to your content if they have something similar to your content. It’s a traditional method. You need to do more follow-ups. But it will work gradually.

Concentrate more on the promotion of your article (high-grade) than the creation (frequent & less quality).

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4. Landing Page Optimization

As you know, Google will read the quality of your content based on the Bounce rate i.e, how quickly people are leaving your site. If your bounce rate is high, Google will notice it and gradually they will demote your ranking. So, How to decrease the bounce rate?

Understand Your Users

Before creating the content, you must know to whom you are targeting, what they may look for, what should include & exclude, how to be more relevant…etc.

Don’t do marketing for everyone. It will end up with no one. Don’t drag the topic. Your language and style will make a lot of difference. You stand as a user and think about how to present perfectly.

Loading Speed of the page

You published a great content. Everything is perfect, but page loading speed is too slow. What will happen? Of course, bounce rate will shoot and Google will drop the ranking. So, concentrate on page load speed. You read more on How to increase the page load time.

5. Create Infographics

Do you love a long blog post or visual content like infographics? Most of the people are bored to read long contents. They love images and which is easy to remember.

As per Social Media Examiner’s survey, visual contents are the best form of content than the blogging or videos. 32% of the markers are voting for images where blogging and video contents are 27% and 24% respectively.

Create a great infographic. All you need to do is brainstorm about the content you are going to produce and create an infographic which explains your idea or information easily.

It doesn’t mean that you must go for a unique infographic. You can produce a better and updated infographic from an older infographic. Once you find the topic and the outline of the infographic, you may hire a graphic designer to do it or you can do by yourself by using Canva website. There are hundreds of free templets are available on Canva to create an epic infographic.

Once you create an Infographic, you need to promote it. Promotion tips we already discussed above. Refer tip #3.

6. Create Videos

Youtube active users in a month have crossed more than 1.5 billion as of 2018. Of course, it will increase in the coming years.

Another point is that Google combined videos into the search result pages because Youtube is a part of Google. So, we must start creating videos for our content.

All you need to do,

  • Find best contents on your site and create videos on it.
  • Search trending topics in our niche and make videos on it.

There is free software available on the market. Just download and start creating videos.

Remember, once you publish your video on Youtube, please do SEO for your video. If your video does not appear in youtube search results, the effort will become waste. Here are some best tips to perform Youtube SEO

7. Find Your High performing Posts

It is very interesting. Try to find out your posts which are already ranking on the first page of Google. You may visit Google Analytics to find your top ranking posts (where traffic is coming more) or if you are a WordPress web owner, you may find out top traffic-driving posts in your dashboard by installing “Jetpack” plugin.

Try to give internal links from the top-ranking posts to low ranking one. This is not a negative SEO. Since your top ranking posts get traffic, users will click on the links of the low ranking posts and the authority of the posts will increase gradually. Once the CTR increase, low ranking pages also will start ranking slowly. So take advantage of these high-ranking pages. But kindly do not go for over-linking.

You may use SEMrush also to find the top ranking pages.

8. Use Entity Salience

Entity Salience will be considered as one of the futures of SEO! It is an advanced SEO technique too. Confused? Don’t worry. I will explain;

What is Entity Salience

Entity Salience is nothing but a new concept introduced by search engines to improve the accuracy of the search results by leveraging the known relationships between entities.

For an example; you are writing a post on Isaac Newton. Here, the Focused Keyword is “Isaac Newton” (considered as an entity). In general scenario, SEO professionals go for keyword stuffing like “Similar Keywords” and “Focus Keyword” in Title, Content, Meta, H1 & H2 blah blah blah. Instead of that, you may include entities which are directly or indirectly connected with Isaac Newton such as Theory of Gravitation, Laws of Motion..etc.

Here there is a known relationship between the entities. Since it looks more accurate content to Google search engine, your page will rank better than other. Entity Salience is one step ahead of keywords and similar keywords. It focuses on the relationship between the entities.

How to do Entity Salience in Web Pages

Once you are ready with your topic which you are going to write;

  • Find the entities which are strongly connecting to the topic.

You can find this in Google search. Once you type the word, Google will show all the related topics (entity) in the search bar.

  • Once you find the related entity, please include little details of the related entity.

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9. Voice Search Optimization

As per Alpine, 1 billion users are using voice search in a month. Don’t you think optimizing for voice search is worth?

See the below chart. It shows the growth in voice search year by year;

image courtesy: emarketer.com

One more interesting data will be a surprise for you. Voice Search e-commerce sale already reached 2 billion in this year.

As you when it comes to voice search, people verbalize long tail keywords. It gives an opportunity for even less established websites if they are voice search optimized. People are specific about what they want. So voice search query makes more precise than a text search query. It matters a lot if you have a local business.

How to optimize for Voice Search

  • Your content must be easier to ready by using header, subheaders, and product list.
  • Optimize your images (alt text) and it’s description. Google should easily understand what your image is about.
  • Use structured data to easily understand (Google) what the content is about.
  • Use long tail keywords in a conversational tone. Think what people may verbalize.

So don’t wait. Voice searches are anyway going to increase in the coming years.


As you know, getting into the top five spot is always a tough game. Sometime small changes may take two steps in front. So do not neglect any techniques. SEO is always a trial and error game. Try every possible technique. Who knows which may work better for your site. So keep trying. Thank you for Mr. Lenny Johnson, SEMrush to create this wonderful tips.

9 Disregard SEO Tasks that Enhance your Rankings
Article Name
9 Disregard SEO Tasks that Enhance your Rankings
Here are the 9 Disregard SEO Tasks that Enhance your Rankings and boost your traffic and sales as well. Try these SEO tasks for a better result.

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