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9 Free Social Media Marketing Tools for Marketers

Free Social Media Marketing Tools

Social Media managers face two major problems. The first problem that they face, is the problem of choice. Looking for something on the internet sometimes feels like, you are searching for a needle in a haystack. It’s not easy because let’s say you find the ‘needle’. Then what? (here is the second problem) All the websites or tools say the same thing. “ Your one-stop Social Media Management destination.” Or, something very similar, along these lines. So how do you know which social media marketing tools make a difference? Which tools you should master, and which tools you should learn? This article highlights 9 Free Social Media Marketing Tools, that I feel, definitely make a difference;

9 Best Free Social Media Marketing Tools

  1. MarketingProfs: Despite the continuous changes that take place in business, some functions never loose their importance. Marketing is a part of these core business functions that always has, and always will be important. MarketingProfs, have taken advantage of this, very basic yet important business need by offering professional and modern marketing services for anyone and everyone. The primary marketing tools that it offers include strategies, training, interactive forums, seminars (online) and much more.

free social media marketing tool - marketingprofs

  1. Hootsuite Academy: As social media managers, Hootsuite must not be new to you. However, if it is, this is the gist of what you can do with it. One can automate all their posts on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and with utmost ease, manage their pages with great convenience and efficiency. If you want the official Hootsuite certification along with additional knowledge on its social media marketing in general, the Hootsuite Academy should be the place where you should be headed.
  1. Pinterest: Keeping up-to-date with online journals and business related articles can be a cumbersome and boring task. Pinterest, however, has combined knowledge and fun, with their modern approach to a blog-website. On Pinterest, you can search for the latest trends and articles in social media marketing, tag them and refer to them as and when you need. In theory, it might not look important, but once you try out it and get a practical feel of how this helps, you will understand the importance of small things such as this.
  1. Stay Focused: The average attention span of a human being is 20 minutes. Sadly, this statistic is very misleading, as our attention only falls with regard to work in consideration. When we are being distracted, we can stay so for much more than 20 minutes with great ease. The Stay Focused extension on Google Chrome addresses just this problem. Often while surfing on the internet, one gets stuck to an irrelevant website for quite a while. With Stay Focused, you can block such websites. Block them in such a way that, they are blocked during your work hours, and unblocked during your leisure time. All this is possible with Stay Focused.
  1. Hemingway App: Content is a crucial marketing tool on social media. Often, measuring the effectiveness of the content is hard. With the Hemingway App, it’s like one is checking with a personal proof-reader, before posting any content online. It highlights the bits that are distortive and hard to understand, thereby clearly guiding your editing effects. Very effective, and time-saving at the same time.
  1. Klear: Before we get into what Klear does, it’s important to understand who an influencer really is. Basically, influencers are people that have a larger impact on social media, generally in  some areas of their interests. Now that you have a basic picture of them, let’s move on to how Klear is related to them. Just how we search for people on Facebook, on Klear you get to search for influencers, analyze their profile in depth and then also use certain analytic tools to measure their influence as accurately as possible. This latter function, as we know, isn’t available on Facebook, even.

free social media marketing tool - klear

  1. Connect via Hootsuite: Every field has their experts. However, what most fields lack is the opportunity to interact with these experts. Via the means of a conference, Hootsuite, gave its users and millions of people around the world to experience just this. Connect via Hootsuite, allows one to interact with professionals in various ways. From virtual booths to presentations, various mediums of interaction impact how best to communicate with one’s customers, in each and every step of the business.
  1. Figure It Out:Using targeted marketing is not always as easy as it looks. Its theoretical definition makes it look far simpler than it actually is. Businesses have to deal with international issues. The difference in time zones, public holidays, etc. All these factors, actually influence target marketing practices. Figure it Out, assists targeted marketing in many ways. It’s a Google Chrome extension, that’s very to use and very effective in ensuring that the right content, reaches the right people, at the right time.
  1. Buzzsumo: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very important topic in social media marketing. In simple words, articles are SEO optimized in order to gain visibility and drive potential customers to their website. To do this, search engines rank your website based on certain criteria. Keyword and backlinks are just two examples that influence a website’s ranking. Buzzsumo allows you to analyze certain keywords, judge the number of backlinks it generates, and other such metrics which can be of great importance to someone looking at a website’s SEO.

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