Blogging is quite the new trend these days. You will see a lot of new blogs coming up which have many sub-categories as well. The content each and every blog generates is quite different but there are only a few that go noticed. Now, why is it so? Its because the search engine doesn’t pick up those blogs & it’s content. Only those blogs go noticed which have been properly optimized as per the search engine. For people to notice your content, Google needs to see it first. How will that happen? There are ways in which you can make your blog SEO optimized in a better way.

9 Simple Tips to use a Blog to improve SEO results


For people to see something different in your content and your blog, the name should be different too. There could be a category that your blog belongs to, like food, travel etc. but don’t just name it as a travel blog. Branding is what this is called in the product industry. Give your blog a unique name which attracts the viewers and increases traffic on your site. This way the search engine will definitely put forward if something different is there, otherwise, your blog will get lost in the sea called internet if it has a very general name.


Whatever you write, at the end it’s the same information that prevails on the internet. Bring forward something different than the readers would actually like to read or see. Monotonous blogs are definitely ignored. Something as simple as writing style can change how people see your blog. Add in your opinion or if you find out something different about the same topic. Do a little research work and see what all is already there and add to it. This way you will never go unnoticed by Google or people.


Choosing the right website to put up your blog is very important. Some websites have better services given that they have a better web hosting system. There are web hosting coupons available and many websites make use of it in terms of choosing the best server and domain name for their product to optimize their marketing strategy. Knowing the right place to put up your content is extremely crucial.


Conveying the message is always better and easy when it is pictorial. Its all on you how you communicate what you want to through your blog. It could be a lot of written matter but sometimes pictures do the trick. Writing can get monotonous after some time except if you are writing an excellent story or something. Videos could also be something that you can add. If not for conveying the message, they can also work as an add-on to show the audience what effort you have put in. Also, sometimes the search engine picks up pictures and videos faster than written content.


If your blog belongs to a certain category like food, travel etc. then there is something particular that the audience of those blogs searches for. Those are the keywords you need to add to your blog. More than anything keywords are important in blogging. Adding appropriate keywords can lead you to the right audience. This doesn’t mean that you just cram in keywords in your whole blog, there is a way to subtly add them so that they work their magic and aren’t too obvious as well.


Marketing your blog among other social media platforms can also help in increasing the traffic on it. The more people know about it, the more people will actually go and see it. inform people about what you are trying to do and make good use of other platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. they could be a great tool for you to add on value to your blog as most of our generation spends time on these social media apps only. There couldn’t be a better way to grab their attention.


As important as providing different content is, quality also matters. Different doesn’t mean gibberish is also acceptable. People go onto these blogs to find something that can help them with whatever reason they are looking for that information. If the reader goes through the whole blog and sees nothing that actually is usable then the blog is of no use. Provide content that people would like to see and that is up-to a quality standard. When people know that your blog has that quality content then popularity will automatically come your way.


Coping is the worst thing that you can do in the blogging industry. Here, no one will really punish you but your blog will also not get much traffic. If a user finds the same info on 10 different blogs then why would he/she go through the pain of going through 10, why not just stick to one. This way those 10 blogs are ignored. If you don’t want your blog to be one of those ignorant ones, bring in fresh content and never copy. It’s not just a crime, the whole point of blogging is lost in it.


One thing needs to be kept in mind is that it isn’t the whole world you are targeting because that way you will never reach the goal you have made. Target a specific audience with each and every blog of yours and just make sure it gets to them. Don’t overdo on anything and try to be as specific as possible. This is what a genuine audience likes. No one likes to search for 1 piece of info from 10000+ blogs on the web. This way you will reach your audience faster.

Following these simple steps can lead you to great popularity in the blogging industry. The main thing these bloggers and audience demand is to be specific and clear. Never go off topic and bring in the fresh air. We all read every day to find something new not to read the old story again.

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