An Advanced Guide to Emotional Engagement through Your Content

Emotional Engagement in Content Marketing

When it comes to marketing, content is the main thing that needs to be taken care of. The content in any ad campaign should be crisp, engaging and moreover emotionally attractive (Emotional Engagement through Content). In recent times it has been seen that these ad campaigns impact buyers’ emotion big time. The marketing creators who are working relentlessly to make a few seconds commercial found that emotion can play a big role to attract potential buyers.

When researched it was found that the science of emotion in content marketing gets more footage than anything else. The marketers are keen to touch the heart of the buyers by providing something that relates to their emotion in any way. As mentioned that people first take the campaign emotionally and then consider any other thing. For example, if we talk about Apple Inc. Products, people first consider the look of the product, get attracted to it and then look up to other actual elements such as quality, price or anything else.

The content creators have to be well researched and have to have enough knowledge about the buyers’ point of view before creating anything. Let’s talk about the science of emotion here. There are some points that must be considered while creating an engaging content that can be relatable to the buyers’ emotions.

Emotional Engagement with Engaging Content

A creator will always think like a buyer. Before developing any content she/he must be considered how she/he will react when the campaign hits the screen. In the case of emotional engagement, a word ‘manipulation’ is very important. As for example, brands can be manipulative. Apple can manipulate its buyers anytime as it has more weight as a brand than others. So being a content creator one needs to identify the thin line between emotional engagement and buyer manipulation. These simple rules, engaging buyers with emotional content, can be helpful here.

  1. Relatable stories

The first thing in any content is the reliability. Buyers are not blind neither they are dumb. Showing something unnatural or unbelievable thing in the campaign can impact adversely on the creator. The heart does not think logically but then the brain does. If the story isn’t believable then the content won’t get sold to the audience.

Along with believable stories, the creator must make each campaign unique. There should not be a point where you can’t find any difference between two contents. Unique, witty or sad, relatable and of course believable stories are the essence of emotionally engaged contents.

  1. Motivate / Inspire your buyers

Motivation is important in every aspect of life. It is natural and we all need it. The ad campaigns should be motivation oriented too. If the creators are planning to hit the emotion of the buyers then motivation or inspiration must be the keyword in this.

Creators can use motivational concept or speech or something that will let the buyers get engaged emotionally with the campaign. Even if the audience you are targeting is looking for facts, motivational or inspirational content won’t hurt them as well. Inspire them through the content to make it emotionally engaged.

  1. Create a Movie

Ad commercials are tough to develop. As it contains so less time yet so many contents. To attract more audience for your campaign one must tell a story of those few times. Emotional engagement can be done through the creation of a short movie. The creator needs to tell an engaging story within few minutes in a way that people can relate to it.

When we talk about stories Brands often fail in this. If it is a brand then they probably don’t need stories or anything. All they do is showing off the brand more in the content than any other thing. On the contrary for others, it does not work. Telling an engaging story through a commercial is important. There must be an introduction, body, and finally, conclusion to give it a full movie form.

  1. Add data to your research

This is really important. As mentioned that heart can accept many things as it does not care about logics, but brains do. Even if we are talking about emotional engagement here but the contents must have some strong data for the people who want to see actual contents. On the other, not all types of emotion work on everyone. The creator needs to see what actually works in real life and what does not.

  1. Ask buyers to participate

Now this is much interesting. Rather than telling them what to do you can ask them to decide what is good for them. Inviting buyers to participate in this activity can be much more emotionally engaging than a blunt content. This rule is more of an interactive content that you are using to seek attention from the potential audience.

By researching one can easily find many commercials that are interactive and invite the active participation from the potential buyer. Buyers on the other can then decide what to do next.

emotional engagement through content

These rules are pretty simple and logical. When we talk about emotional engagement of any content we must think in both ways, emotional as well as practical or factual. As said before not all the emotions work on every kind of audience. The creator needs to identify which will work and which will come back as a boomerang. These mentioned rules are general golden rule of content marketing when it comes to emotional engagement.

Tips to Make the Content Attractive

Storytelling, inspirational, factual matters, participation and such are the general rules that the creator must consider while creating the content. But there are some basic elements that are to be taken care of while designing the campaign. The elements are:

  • How you craft it

Crafting or designing a campaign is really important as this is the main thing that people notice while watching the campaign. Follow the trend just to be aware what is going on in the market and create your campaign with unique mix and match concept. Designs are often seen to be caught in market trends but those who dare to go out-of-the-box can surely win the race.

  • What snaps you are putting in

Emotional engagement starts with the visual effects. First, we see something then we feel for it and that is where the images and videos work in any campaign. It has to be visually attractive. The images or the video the creator is using must be in high definition, clean and carry the message that the creator wants to spread among the audience. Take an example of a 360-degree video that is unique and of course visually attractive to the buyers.

  • How you brand it

Some people have a blind attraction towards brands. When it comes to a certain brand they don’t see any other facts. Mostly the content creators take advantage of this fact. They straight away put more attention to the brand than the product itself. This helps many times as brands never fail to attract people, no matter what their products are.

  • What color you use

Last but not the least is the color you use in your campaign. As said that in emotional engagement the visual effect works more than anything. The color takes the big responsibility. Red is vibrant, yellow is happy, blue is subtle and such. If red is the main color theme then it will be vibrant and more engaging than other colors, especially like yellow.


Emotions play a big role in content marketing. The creators keen to put many things that make the content emotionally engaged. Mainly the content must be visually attractive so that the audience can immediately react to it. Then they must relate to the story and finally they consider the facts. So to make an emotionally engaging content the creator must make something simple yet visually unique part.