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Before our intro, let’s answer this question first! JMC is one of the finest Online Marketing & SEO blogs in India. We are ranking on the top of Google’s search results for many subjects (SEO, SEM, SMM, Startup Strategies, Online-Marketing Tool reviews, eCommerce, Marketing Automation..etc are a few for your reference).

We have more than 1000+ web pages and 60% are on the top of Google’s SERP. 62% of our traffic comes through organic searches. For your reference;


JustMyChoice started in 2015. The whole idea behind starting this blog was to mastering people with the latest and advanced tips & techniques of the Online Marketing domain. Since our inception, we have received a lot of positive feedbacks, awards, and recognition from many media outlets around the globe.

This website focuses on the following domains:

  • Online Marketing Tips & Tricks
  • SEO strategies
  • Content Marketing strategies
  • Social Media Marketing strategies
  • Conversion Rate Optimization & A/B Testing
  • Customer Acquisition strategies
  • Customer Retention strategies
  • E-Commerce Strategies
  • Lead Generation Strategies
  • Measuring Ads & Campaign Performance (ROI & Attribution)
  • Customer Engagement & Conversion Tips
  • Advanced Blogging Tips & Tools

JMC has been recognized as one of the most active Online Marketing blogs in the niche.

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Advertisement & Partnership Opportunities

Recognizing that every partnership is different, we provide our clients with an extensive array of advertisement solutions. We are selective with partners, choosing only those companies/services that meet our guidelines. We seek out long-term partnerships with businesses that are committed to delivering quality services or products that are user-centric.

Here are some available advertising opportunities that we offer at JustMyChoice. Depending upon your individual marketing strategy, you can pick one or create a custom bundle suited to your needs.

1.Product/Service Reviews 

Product reviews are one of the specialties of JustMyChoice.

We not only write comprehensive reviews, but we also share tutorials and guides to using your product. If your product is in sync with our readers and the topics of our blog, drop me an email with details and we can discuss rates.

I’m a strong believer in the concept that “one price doesn’t fit all” and that’s why, depending upon the specific product, we will hash out a custom quote for the review. Our base package starts at USD 250/post with 6 months of Ad Space. Social media sharing included with this package.

2.Display Ads:

Here are the available spots:

  • 468×60 Header: $500/year
  • 729×90 after post: $500/year
  • 300×250 Sidebar: $500/year
  • 300×600 Sidebar : $1000/year


If you have a creative idea for ad placement or running a media campaign, feel free to contact me. Creative ideas are always welcome.

Payment Mode

We accept payments via PayPal or ACH Bank Deposit.

For further communication, kindly fill the below form or drop us an email at anish@justmychoice.com. We will get back to you as early as possible.