Affiliate Advertising Network – Detailed Study

Affiliate Advertising Network

Affiliate Advertising Network is nothing but a network which stands as a mediator between affiliates(blogger) and advertisers. It is one of the affiliate marketing methods. It is a network of a huge number of advertisers and publishers(bloggers). Advertisers join in this program to sell their products or services. They pay commissions on each action(leads or sales). Affiliate network collects those commissions and pays a decent percentage to you(blogger) if that sale or lead is generated through your blog.

Affiliate Advertising Network

Every affiliate networks involve 3 categories of people,

 Advertiser :-

Advertiser means a person or company who would like to promote his products or services through an affiliate network. They are ready to share their profit on sales with network and publisher(blogger). Here advertiser gets more exposure as well as sales of his products or services through this network. Advertisers provide text links or banner Ads to publishers to promote their stuff.

Publisher :-

A publisher who promotes advertiser’s product or service in exchange for a commission if any action(sales or lead) has taken place from his blog or website.

Consumer :- 

A consumer is a final person who sees the Ads on blogs and buys that product or service. A consumer is the core person who balances this network.

Affiliate Advertising Network – Benefits

  • It is one of the best affiliate marketing programs to make money online
  • Easy approval process, blogger does not require much traffic
  • You can choose relevant Ads for your blog from a wide range of advertisers
  • Get decent payout up to 60% of the product cost
  • The network provides beautiful tools to compare the payouts of different advertisers and average sales happening on that particular product.
  • You can customize those Ads based on your blog layout
  • Some of the networks even pay you up to 5% on repeat purchase also.

Some of the best Affiliate Advertising Network

Commission Junction (CJ)

This is one of the best and largest networks. You get instant approval from Commission Junction. Good payout. Sign up now, www.cj.com


One of the best network like Commission Junction. It has an excellent tool to create Ads including Video Ads. But they take 2-3 days to approve your site. But they are not so strict about your blog’s traffic. www.shareasale.com. I strongly prefer this. Best dashboard and service.


Good payout. You can find more sellers of digital products. The approval process is also so quick. Sign up now, www.clickbank.com

Rakuten Marketing (Before was known as LinkShare)

They have a huge data of sellers. You get instant approval. They have video tutorials for beginners. One of the real money making Network. Sign up now marketing.rakuten.com. This is my second choice.

Rakuten Affiliate Network Welcome Program

Similarly, there are a lot of networks like LinkConnector, FlexOffers, TradeDoubler..etc. But current scenario these networks have fewer advertisers.

Try with one by one and continue to the best which is more suitable for your blog.


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