Affiliate Advertising Program – Detailed Study

Affiliate Advertising Program – Introduction

Most of the bloggers(beginners as well as established) always research about how to monetize their blogs and how to generate maximum profit out of it. They always try a lot of money making platforms. When we consider all those money making platforms, Affiliate Advertising Program is one of the best methods in which a beginner also can generate a decent income.

Affiliate Advertising Program

So what is Affiliate Advertising Program? It is one of the Internet Marketing channels in which a blogger get paid when he/she promote an advertiser’s products or services through his or her blog. This is one of the best Affiliate Marketing methods.

There are three type of ads you can find out in this program, Pay per Click, Pay per Lead and Pay per Sale. Here advertisers do not consider, how many Impressions (CPM) he got from your blog. Always an action is required, in the form of Sales, Click on Ads (PPC) or a Sale generated by the Leads from your blog. It is a bit difficult for beginners to make more revenue since they may not have enough traffic. But positive thing is that, at least if you generate one-two sales in a month also, you may get paid up to 100 dollars/sale. To reach this goal from any CPC Ad Placement Services like Google AdSense, you may require more than 1000-2000 visitors in a day. This is the beauty of Affiliate Advertising Programs.

Earn up to $7500 for one sale!

Affiliate Advertising Program – Popular Companies

There are many large and popular companies give you a chance to participate in their AAP. It is easy to get approval from these companies regardless how established your blog is. I will give you some of the best AAP companies.

Amazon Associates:- This is one of the largest AAP in the world. They pay you a good commission on sales. You can choose your favorite ads in the form of Text links or Banner ads. It is so much user-friendly. Amazon Affiliate Sign up now.

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eBay Partner Network:- Comparing to Amazon, eBay requires minimum traffic to approve your blog. Choose products from eBay auctions and advertise on your blog. Payouts are good for sales. eBay Affiliate Sign up now.

Things to remember – Affiliate Advertising Program

  • Always read their terms & conditions and also pay out patterns before you start monetizing.
  • Remember all usernames and password. Write in any of your dairy, all user ID, and password will help you.
  • Always select an ad which is relevant to your articles/blog. It will maximize your revenue.
  • Do not put too many ads. Don’t overload your blogs with ads. Google may mark your website as spam if it is overloaded.
  • Initially do not expect so much revenue from this ads. Gradually your income will increase. Have patience.


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