After Downloading WordPress

After downloading WordPress

After downloading WordPress, Chapter 3, there are minimum required Plugins which must be installed before posting your first article/post. This required-plugins will help you to increase your blog visitors, social media followers as well as to optimize your post in all search engines. Here we are going to explain about those minimum-required Plugins and its use, after downloading WordPress.

after downloading wordpress

After downloading WordPress – Minimum Required Plugins

The plugin is a program of one or more functions which helps you to enhance, modify as well as customize your blog/website. Most of the Plugins have a free version to download in WordPress. So you can download easily and use according to your requirement. But category-wise selecting the best free plugin is too difficult for beginners.

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There are hundreds of free plugins in WordPress in each category. So here we will help you to select the best minimum-required plugins, which are free, in each category for better blogging.

  • Jetpack

You must download Jetpack Plugin which will give you clear report about your daily, weekly or monthly visitors, provides Security Services(protecting your blog from Malicious Login Attempts), Image Performance(Optimizing & speeding-up your images), Traffic Growth(bring more visitors to your blog/website) and Centralized Management. It is a free Plugin. Read more on advantages of Jetpack Plugin.

  • Activate Akismet

Akismet Plugin comes with every WordPress account. It helps to block Spam-Comments. Your job is to just activate its free version. Click on Activate Akismet » Give your WordPress.com username and password » Allow » Select Akismet Basic Version(Scroll back from $36/month to $0) » Follow other instruction to set-up this account.

  • Shareaholic

WordPress always have Social-Media share icons which you can set up easily. Go to Settings » Sharing. Here you can set-up your desired social media icons. But if you really want to make money from sharing your post, download Shareaholic Plugin. You can set-up all social media icons in your desired area as well as get paid if  people share your posts.

  • SEO by Yoast

It is one of the most important plugins which has all features, will help you to perform OnPage Optimization of your blog post for Search Engines. Click here to read about How to set-up SEO by Yoast.

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  • AccessPress Social Counter

AccessPress Social Counter is one of the best social media Plugin which provides you to set-up all social media presence in your blog. Check this blog’s home page and you can see this beautiful Plugin’s uses (Refer ″Followers″ on the right-hand side of the Home Page).

  • Pop-Up CC

This is one of the best plugins to increase your blog’s subscribers. it is easy to customize. They have given all instruction to set-up this Plugin.

After downloading WordPress – Other required elements

  • Create a page on Facebook in your blog’s name.

Log-in to your personal Facebook account. In left-hand side, click on the arrow button. There you have options to ″Create a Page″.

  • Create a Twitter Account in your blog’s name

This account you can create separately in your blog’s name. No need to use your personal account.

  • Create a Google plus account in your blog’s name.

First, you create an email ID in your blog name with google. Here also, there is a need to use your personal google account.

  • Create a Feedburner account with your blog’s Domain Name.

After log-in to your google account(remember – blog name’s google ID which you created), create a Feedburner account. The link is http://feedburner.google.com/.

  • Create Emails in your Domain(blogs) names

Log-in to your Hosters C-Panel and select Email » Email Accounts » give your desired name (example – admin, jack, support…etc » choose your password. It will help you to have a professional email ID in your domain name. To open your email account, visit YourDomainName/webmail (eg:- justmychoice.com/webmail) give your email address as username (eg:- support@justmychoice.com) and enter the password which you created in C-panel. Finally Select Roundcube. Your Email Inbox will appear.


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