Best 5 Alternatives To BuySellAds

Alternatives to BuySellAds – Intro

Before we go through Alternatives to BuySellAds, let me give a small intro about what does it mean by ‘Sell Ad Space’.

We can make money from the blog through several methods. Among these ‘Sell Ad Space’ is one of the most popular methods to monetize our blog. Also, it has a huge potential to generate a very good income from blogging. There are two ways to sell the ad space;

  • Selling the ad space directly to any advertisers
  • Selling the ad space to the advertiser through any direct online advertising networks.

Among these networks ‘BuySellAds’ is one of the best direct advertising networks in the industry.

Best 5 Alternatives to buysellads

Why we need Alternatives to BuySellAds   

‘BuySellAds’ is the leading direct online advertising network and they have more than 5000 quality publishers and advertisers. To provide quality results to their advertisers, BuySellAds maintains certain strict terms before approving any publisher or blogger. As a newbie, we may not be able to complete all their requirements in terms of blog traffic, demographics, blog niche..etc. In this scenario – if BuySellAds rejects – we must have alternatives to BuySellAds to sell our ad space.

Best 5 Alternatives to BuySellAds in the market

Here you can find out some of the best Alternatives to BuySellAds. It is my personal review and I tried these all alternatives.


PublicityClerks is one of the finest alternatives and also it is very easy to manage like BuySellAds. We have 100% freedom to set the price for our ad space. If an advertiser is approved our space, we have to show the ad for a month and we can receive your payment through PayPal. 100K visitors/month is the standard approval mark of PublicityClerk. But in certain scenarios, they approve fewer traffic blogs too.

2.BidCrux Ad Network

BidCrux is a brand new Self Serve advertising network to monetize websites. Here advertisers and publishers can buy sell ads online for websites as well as for Blogspot blogs. This is new but innovative high paying Buysellads alternate ads network. Check out the excellent features below: –

a) Publishers – Make money with your website

The easiest way to directly sell your ad space to advertisers. We connect publishers like you to advertisers from all over the world via our completely automated and self-service advertising platform.

  •  Free to sign up
  •  Single account for advertisers, publishers, and affiliates
  •  Sell ad space and set your own prices
  •  Monetize unsold space instantly with Network Ads
  •  Make money on autopilot with auto-renewal ads
  •  Backfill unsold space with Google Adsense ad unit, Affiliate banner code or your own custom code
  • Payout Threshold $100

b) Advertisers – Easily advertise directly on approved & trusted websites

The easiest way to directly buy ad banner space from approved websites. We connect advertisers and publishers all over the world with our automated and self-service advertising platform.

  •  Free to sign up, simple pricing
  •  Advertise on approved websites only
  •  Targeted advertising – GEOs, mobile or desktop traffic
  •  Analyze campaigns with impressions and CTR

c) Affiliate – Refer publishers and earn a reoccurring commission each month

Refer new publishers to BidCrux and make reoccurring commission 5% of their earnings each month for lifetime. It is really easier!

  •  BidCrux is a powerful ad network to Buy Sell ad zones
  •  Publishers can sell website ad zones at the desired price
  •  Your Earnings are credited to your BidCrux account
  •  30 day cookie lifetime so that you do not lose earnings
  •  You can earn unlimited income by referring more publishers
  •  Refer more publishers and keep on earning commission on autopilot each month

It is very simple to sign up and just takes a minute. No sign-up fee, no monthly fees, and no contracts. Once registered, you will be part of the most innovative ad marketplace online. BidCrux is a good option to go ahead.


AdSella is also a wonderful network and the best advantage of AdSella is we can withdraw our ad space at any time. We get paid as long as we had shown the ads. Their commission is 20% which they will deduct from our earnings.


BlogAds is one of the oldest networks and the main differences between other networks are they are specially designed for bloggers, we can select advertisers based on our traffic, and they allow Text-Ads. It has the potential to compete with BuySellAds.


IOIPublisher is another alternative to BuySellAds. In terms of approval, they may take up to 3 working days to approve our blog. It has a WordPress plugin which we can download and easily manage our ad space. Also, whenever those spaces are free, we can use it for our own affiliate banners or promotional links. We can also track the impressions as well as clicks through their analytics.


Selling the Ad space is a wonderful method to generate income. But choosing the right network is always a tough task. If you are rejected by BuySellAds, try these networks and generate more income. We are happy to get feedback from you.

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