Best Paying CPC Ad Placement Services

Best Paying CPC Ad Placement Services

Here we would like to introduce some of the best paying CPC Ad Placement Services based on our experience as well as users review. Try all and continue with the best, which helps you to generate more income. It may take the time to understand that which will work better for you.

If anyone who is NOT so familiar with these terms, CPC CPM & CPA, please read on Meaning of CPC CPM and CPA

Best Paying CPC Ad Placement Services

Top 5 Best Paying CPC Ad Placement Services

Google AdSense

No one cannot complete top five list without mentioning about Google AdSense. This is one of the best PPC/CPC Ad Network among all. They pay you higher rates on CPC, CPM, and CPA models. In my personal experience also, Google AdSense is the best CPC program in present models.

Benefits of Google AdSense;

  • Works with millions of Advertisers
  • Their network provides you relevant and high-quality ads based on your blog’s subjects.
  • You have control on which type of ads should show on your blog/website.
  • You can access all reports of Ad performance and make changes according to that.
  • With the help of AdSense Plugin, you can decide where your ads should display.
  • Helps you to create a Custom Search Engine Bar on your blog. If you have approved AdSense account, you can monetize this Search Engine Bar too.
  • If your content is adult free, articles are in English, have basic Blog Traffic, at least, one month+ old website, writing articles on a regular basis and if you meet with other Google’s terms and conditions, then you can apply for Google Adsense Program. But be loyal with Google always.

Media Net

MediaNet is powered by Yahoo-Bing ad network. This is actually an alternative to AdSense but not beyond them.

They also provide;

  • Relevant Ads based on your blog
  • Real time tracking tools
  • Tools to filter Ads based on your blog and customize your Ads look.

∗Note – Most of the tools are similar to AdSense but getting approval is a bit difficult from MediaNet. They need high-quality traffic, great contents, the primary language should be English and more over your blog visitors should be more from the US, UK or Canada.


RevContent is popular for their biggest content-recommendation. They currently serve more than 100 billion+ content recommendations around the world.

∗Note – They are totally focused on quality content, not quantity. So it might be difficult to get approval from them.


Bidvertiser is one of the best PPC program, which has a quick approval process. It is more useful for beginners. Copy and paste their HTML ad code to your blog and they will pay you per clicks.

∗Note – Their payouts may be less compare to Adsense or MediaNet. But if the click converts to a sale, you may get the decent amount. Also, Ads may not be based on your site’s content.

Other PPC programs

You can try with these PPC programs also. But should not expect high payouts.

  • Chitika
  • Infolinks
  • Clicksor
  • Vibrant Media