Best way To Sell Ad Space On the Blog

Sell Ad Space on the Blog

What are the best way to Sell Ad Space on the blog? What are the Pros and Cons of sell ad space? Which are the best networks who give ads in given spaces? We are going to discuss all these topics. Read carefully and take a good step.

Sell Ad Space on the blog

Sell Ad Space: Intro

Sell Ad Space is also known as Selling Banner Advertising Space, where you selling the ad space of your blog to a third party and charging from them by displaying their Ads. This is one of the Affiliate Marketing Program and best ways to generate revenue from your blog’s traffic. There are two ways to do this method either take a direct advertiser or join in a Banner Ad Network. Initially getting a direct advertiser is not so silly task. You should have enough traffic to attract them. In this case, you can join in a “Benner Ad Network” and take ads from that networks. This network is a mediator between publishers and advertisers and has a huge data of advertisers.

Pros and Cons of Sell Ad Space on the Blog

When it come to selling ad space(directly or through networks), there are certain advantages as well as disadvantages in this program.

You can generate a nice income if you have direct advertisers. Advertisers pay 100% for displaying Digital Ads. Also, you can bargain for a higher rate if your traffic is high. You get a chance to build a direct relationship with each advertiser. But disadvantages in this scenario are Advertisers always expect a high volume of traffic. Sometimes to build a higher volume of traffic, you should spend money on your blog’s publicity. Also, you should higher a technical professional to track all your leads. Quite expensive know?

To avoid all these messes, you can join in Banner Ad Networks. But these networks will part up to 50% of the revenue. On the positive side, these networks give you a huge number of advertisers and track all the leads behalf of you. You can manage your blog by yourself.

Again when it come to disadvantages, Visitors may irritate when the blog is mess up with a lot of Ads. It will decrease your blog traffic and Bouncing Rate may increase. Moreover, these networks may not approve your website if you don’t have enough traffic.

The Best Banner Ad Networks in Market

Also, I am adding some of the best free WordPress plugins to manage your ad space on your blog

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