An Advanced Guide to Blog Comment Marketing

Blog Comment Marketing

Blog Comment Marketing is one of the best ways to draw traffic to your blog. Nowadays, this technique is not conventional in use. Very few people use this technique but it is still a workable technique to rank your blog better in Google search engine. It increases popularity, trust, and respect. In this topic, I am going to cover all the aspects to increase awareness, trust issues, likeability, and traffic.

blog comment marketing


Blog Comment marketing is a marketing in which you can advertise your blog by commenting on other blogs. There are 3 techniques of commenting, namely, white hat, black hat, and gray hat technique.

WHITE HAT TECHNIQUE: This technique is used if the blogger wants to trust, respect and authority from its readers. They do not think much about the links but white hat technique involves commenting and discussing on the comment section of the blog. In this technique, the right niche is targeted and manual comments are placed on the blog.

BLACK HAT TECHNIQUE: It targets only on drawing traffic and link building. That is why this technique is considered as a spamming technique. It can be done with automated tools that do not require physical presence. For your information, Google demotivates such activities and it might lead to penalty and blog ban instantly.

GREY HAT TECHNIQUE: If a blogger is unable to add any value to the comment, then this technique is used. The ultimate aim of gray hat technique is to get a backlink to your blog. “Nice post”, “wow” and other similar compliments are done under gray hat technique.

blog comment marketing - White Hat


White Hat Technique is very useful in long run. It never lets you down and you will get benefit after some time. You have to patient with it. People start to look at your comment when you add some value in your comment. It does not matter whether you have posted a one-liner or a paragraph, but do not misguide the comment readers by posting an invaluable comment.


Comment works when you add some value to your comment. People who have values in their comments are called high influencers. They usually have a large number of Facebook, Twitter followers. These people have the potential to influence readers. So, the comment works mostly when you add some value to your comments.


Following are the main goals of comment marketing:

blog comment marketing goals


Many people are doing many things wrong. Commenters should abstain from such activities.

  • Never brand your product in the comment section.
  • Do not comment to build backlinks
  • Avoid building your profile in the comments.
  • If you cannot add any value to the post, do not post your comment.


Read on to know which rule will always work out in your favor in comment marketing niche.

Say No to Trending Words

If you use buzz words, then this might create a negative image in the blogging world. So, use words that are simple and meaningful in the context. In this way, you can be considered as a high influencer blogger. It is not advisable to use the name of your website in the comment section. Keywords should be forgotten as well while commenting. Keywords inhibits the addition of value in the comment. In addition to this, do not use words such as Albert@BloggingTips as it degrades your influence in the blogging world.

Say No to Promoting your brand

The comment section is not the right place to promote your brand. The comment section should be utilized to comment honesty to add some values to the blog. There are many people who comment in similar ways: “hey check out some similar in my websites,” and “check my website for enhancing your knowledge”. These comments should be avoided. By adding such comments, you are not adding the value to the blog. Instead of adding the value, you are promoting your website, which should be not be done if you want to be a high influencer. Try to share some knowledge in the comment section and you would see the effect of blog comment marketing showing colors after some time.

Know the website

If you do not know the motto of the website, you cannot add value to the comment on the blog. So, before you add the comment or read on of the blog post, go through the About Us or Introduction page that will enable you to know the blog motto. Try reading their previous blog posts roughly to get an overall idea. It is advisable to read at least 4 previous blog posts to get the full and crystal clear idea. You can try reading the comments to get into the discussion part. The discussion is always better than commenting and leaving the conversation as discussion always pulls the attention towards the blog commenter.

comment marketing - know your website

Targeting blogs of your niche

Do not leave a comment on the blogs that is not relevant to you.  Google wants you to backlink to the blogs of your niche. If you follow this, you will create strong links with the site owners as well as blog readers.

Keep word count in mind

You should not post words that are below 150 words. Commenting with more than 150 words creates your influence in the blogging world. This creates a positive aura for you and this will work for you eventually.

Using same avatars

It is a common sense that you should use same avatars. If you are using same avatars, then you get recognition and trust from the bloggers. They know that you are quite active in blogging the world. Using different avatars might lead to confusion. Even if it is not your personal blog, use the same avatar as it will give you recognition.

Replying other comments

Replying positively to some comments will lead you to have a strong profile and huge online authority.

If you are using above tips, I am sure that you will be successful in comment marketing. You should know that PageRank and comments are not co-related. Page ranking cannot be improved by leaving comments on the blogs.

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