Content Marketing Goal And Tips for 2017

Why have a Content Marketing Goal for 2017

You must have a Content Marketing Goal for 2017 since Content Marketing became a kind of like hacking: if you can figure out how to tap into the right market, you can control that market from any place where you have access to a computer. This is a concept that became very vivid after reviewing the B2C content marketers survey recently conducted. When they were asked about the organizational goals that were on their radar for next year, the answers were scattered.

While nobody seemed to be on the same page, it does make sense seeing how each marketer is at a different place in their journey. Some marketers have a substantial consumer base and therefore want to focus on a brand awareness campaign. But then others who are working on expanding their reach in their market expressed the need to monetizing their email leads and launch a promotional campaign.

Content Marketing Goal And Tips for 2017

But even aside from your overall purpose of use of content marketing in 2017, the top dogs of content marketing collectively identified at a B2C roundtable meeting that the single most important thing that every single marketing piece should be centered around is the “audience”.

Regardless of whether your goal is to attract new customers or get your current customers to spend more money, all of your marketing efforts needs to strive towards giving the audience “what they want, not satisfy any of your needs.”

Content Marketing Goal for 2017 from 3 Experts

First up all I would like to thank CMI for conducting this discussion. After hearing Hyland, Monster, and the Cleveland Clinic share their stories about the successful results produced by their content, there was one common link between all of the stories: the audience dictated the results.

The topics that they covered were all over the place, so it’s safe to say that an idea can be found in just about any category or industry. The B2C discussion was led by Deborah Holstein who is the president of marketing for Hightail. Attending the meeting was VP of marketing for Creative Circle – Michael Weiss, Author – Andrew Davis, VP of marketing for Hyland – Thao Le, Senior Director of Marketing for Monster – Margaret Magnarelli, and Director of Content Marketing at the Cleveland Clinic – Amanda Todorovich.

Monster’s Content Marketing Goal 2017 Focuses on Format and Function

Margaret shares with us that there content marketing strategy is made of three pillars and one of them is to deliver impactful content, using video very heavily to accomplish this goal. These type of marketing pieces are called “WOW Strategy” because that’s exactly what they want the reaction to be from the viewers. The whole purpose of the video, for instance, would be to not only attract the attention of job seekers in a particular market but to entertain them and use the call to action as an opportunity to encourage them to share the content through social media, which is Monster’s ultimate goal.

This wow strategy arrived from a direct focus on their demographic audience and understanding what information they’re looking for. They found that job seekers want to know how to properly format their resume. Once they get the interview they want to know how to conduct themselves and succeed. Monster decided to use unconventional methods to deliver the information. Margaret and her subordinates have invested a significant amount of time into improving the engagements components of their contents. For instance, BuzzFeed’s Tasty recipe video got some props when Monster made a funny and entertaining parody of the video by turning it into a tutorial on the key ingredients of a successful resume.

Compared to advertising in magazines and newspapers, videos are much more effective at encouraging engagements with the customers. As shown in this example, Monster was able to gather 160,000 organic views and since July, 43,000 paid views have been recorded for the parody video. But Monster did not accomplish that by just being funny. They made sure that the content gave the people what they wanted- substantial information that would help them write effective resumes and aced their interviews to secure the job, but they did it in a way that was enticing and exciting.

When describing the concept, Patrick Gillooly, Monster’s director of social media, explained that the strategy was simple: combine a powerful message with a targeted audience. From the start, their focus is on the location of which their video could be placed in front of the most people possible and how to make that contents work the most effectively when put in front of that audience. When offering an example, Gillooly discusses one of Monster’s recent videos that was targeted towards women between the ages of 20 and 40 years old who both enjoy and relate to cold offices and would be most likely to repost the video and their social media account with their like-minded associates.

Hyland’s Content Marketing Goal 2017: Tap Into Surprisingly Relatable Topics

Now, you would expect to see information about resumes in interviews when you’re looking at a job post on Monster. What you wouldn’t expect to see is a topic about pickleball on a website dedicated to homeopathic medicine. Contrary to what you might believe, Hyland has benefited handsomely from consistently engaging with his audience using this method.

While pickleball turned out to be an effective relationship building topic between the niche audience of seniors and the companies leg cramp product, Hyland took the subject seriously. Not only did they make sure all the employees learned how to play pickleball, but they even took the time to go to a pickleball event and engage with the players- and this was all done before one single video was made.

In March 2014, Hyland launched the Pickleball Channel. In order to make data-driven decisions about which content ideas were appealing to the audience and which ones were not, Thao and the senior brand manager of Hyland use open email rates and click-through rates to determine the level of viewer engagement the content attracted.

Since that launch, HylandsHyland has built a subscriber base of 30,000 loyal and followers and their videos have been viewed 1.2 million times.

And now, just about two years after the launch, the content team continues to remain engaged with the audience, but their efforts have been increased by physically going out into the community and talking with the players. It was the data that help them find their way to a hidden niche audience that was valuable, but it’s the connections that came after the launch that drives the engagement between the audience and the pickleball content. Thao credits the human to human, person-to-person immersion for Hyland’scontent marketing strategy effective.

The Cleveland Clinic’s Content Marketing Goal 2017: Draw Unexpected Connections With Captivating Current Events

Amanda agrees with Thao’s comments wholeheartedly, stating that relationships are the heart of content marketing. The Cleveland Clinic has spent countless years cultivating and lead nurturing their relationships through engaging with their audience of their blog. That’s why when the marketing team saw the crazy red marks on the swimmer’s backs during the Olympics, they knew immediately that the health-conscious side of their audience would be enticed. So once the Cleveland Clinic realized that the marks were derived from a cupping technique, they jumped all over it, riding the wave of the then trending topic.

At that time, a letter creative videos popped up all over the Internet which created the need for research-driven perspectives that would add clarity to the science behind the frenzy. The Cleveland Clinic new the refreshing perspective would be of interest to their audience, So even though they were in a sea of ”cupping” videos, their videos stood out because they offered valuable and sought after information.

It also now saying that the education of factual perspective was not the sole approach. The Cleveland Clinic ‘s marketing team consistently produces engaging contents that aim to increase their audiences health, even though they sell healthcare services. For the audience, this is a refreshing difference as hospitals normally focuses their marketing efforts on highly profitable procedures like open-heart surgery.

The audience focused approach is what is responsible for bringing 4 million visitors to the page each month, allowing it to rank as one of the most popular health-related sites online.


No matter which market you trying to hack into with your content marketing goal 2017, as long as you find a way to gain exclusive access to your market, then you can gravitate large numbers of your audience to you because you will have effectively found a way to penetrate their wants and needs. Regardless of whether you’re using videos, highly focused niche on your platform or the tried-and-true blog articles, and outward focus always produce a successful marketing campaign.

As we have learned by learning from Margaret, Thao, and Amanda’s lessons successfully learned, will the audience is irrelevant to your campaign. As you see, active seniors, job seekers and even health-conscious readers all look for contents that contain information important to them.

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