6 Vital Tips to Boost Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy: – The one thing that readers and search engines attest to is that content is king. Regardless of the numerous updates that Google develops for its search algorithm, online users will always search for useful information that educates, inspires and motivates them.

content marketing strategy

As a website or blog owner, you need to come up with an effective content marketing strategy that will ensure you are able to maintain your readers as well as attract more. The one thing every marketer knows is that to tap into the power of content marketing, one cannot risk taking a shotgun approach.

This means that one will have to spend time in order to come up with a sound strategy, therefore, being able to develop rich and informative content.

Content Marketing Strategy Tips you need to know

1.Communication is everything

In order to execute a content marketing strategy successfully, you need to ensure that a great deal of communication is practiced. Today, there is virtually no way of achieving any goals without effective communication. Communication must be established between the marketer/copywriter and the client, between the client and the reader and between the client and the webmaster/content editor.

Even when every person has the required information, it is important to exercise reminders and refreshers. This is helpful when updates and various changes are made.

2.Measure key performance indicators

The one thing that leads to failure is the lack of vision. To be successful, you need to set up objectives and goals. To ensure that your strategy is effective, you need to monitor as well as measure all key performance indicators.

Since it is virtually impossible to know if your strategy is working just by looking at it, monitoring the performance indicators will provide insight, therefore, allowing you to make necessary adjustments as well as plotting changes for long term achievements.

3.Break into steps

Take this example, if you were given a whole cake, will you stuff it into your mouth as it is or will you take small bites until it is finished. For me, I would take the second option, what about you? The one thing you need to know is that content management requires skills and processes as well as considerable effort. In order to streamline the whole process, you need to break it into steps. By doing so, you can delegate different tasks/processes to different teams. This will not only save time but it will enable you to achieve your end goals.

4.Use a creative approach

No reader wants to browse a website and it offers all the information in a boring way. One way of retaining visitors on your website or blog is to inject humor. Every marketer asks these two important questions before developing a Content Marketing Strategy

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“Will a comic approach resonate well with your readers” and “What is the appropriate style that represents your website or blog?”

The one thing experts have come to agree is that humor helps to increase shareability online but it also depends on the message and the audience. There are times you will have to consider a more serious tone. With your content, it is important to be mindful of how far you can push especially due to the number of opportunities on the web which includes social channels.

5.Know your audience

Before you come up with any content, you need to know who your audience are and the purpose of your content. Who are you targeting? Business people, teenagers, mothers, fathers, teachers, doctors, single people or managers. Experts agree that content marketing should be able to solve the customer’s problem(s). This means that high-quality content should not be informative only but it should answer customers’ questions as well as help them to solve specific issues or challenges.

6.Have content for every stage of a customer’s journey

In order to acquire targeted traffic to your website, you need to provide high-quality content at the right place and time. This should be done through the whole journey a customer undergoes. The one aim that content marketers and creators need to focus on is to deliver relevant content at each stage of the purchase cycle also called the sales funnel.

The stages involved in a customer’s journey include:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Purchase
  • Support and Retention


Remember, to attract more visitors as well as increase your sales, you need to come up with an effective content marketing strategy that will not only ensure creation and delivery of relevant content but will extend other useful features like support and updates.


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