7 Content Optimization Mistakes That Every Bloggers Must Know

Content Optimization Mistakes

We, bloggers, write a lot of great contents or articles every day. Also, we wait to get a decent web traffic from that contents too. But unfortunately, it never happens after a long wait. Why? It is nothing but Search Engines are not Indexed our web page since we didn’t do content optimization properly. More clearly if I say, it happens only when we commit certain Content Optimization Mistakes. If we didn’t optimize our contents, we cannot assume that Search Engines will Index our web page automatically. Henceforth you will not get organic web traffic.

I suggest you read these articles if you are not familiar with what is the content optimization in OnPage Optimization.

content optimization mistakes

In this article, I will show you what all are the common Content Optimization Mistakes we use to commit and how to come out from that. And also I will help you to increase your web traffic than earlier.

Let’s start from the scratches.

Most Common Content Optimization Mistakes

1.Know the ‘Keyword Competition’

It is very crucial. Before choosing your focused Keyword we must know that whether our blog is capable of competing for this keyword in SERP. How can we distinguish the competition level of our keywords?

Generally, we all go to Google Keyword Planner and choose Medium or Low competition keywords. This is a right practice. But with this, we should know the real competition on these keywords in the industry. In this case, Long Tail Pro is the best software you can take help from. Below 40 score keywords in Long Tail Pro are capable of competing in SERP. It has a desktop version which helps you to identify more than 100 ‘Related Keywords’ and its competition level in SERP at a time.

2.Poor Link Building

Link building is so crucial in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). Fewer Links (external or internal) is equal to less Page Rank and Web Page Relevancy in SERP.

There are two kinds of Link Building;

First is Internal-Link-Building and the second is External-Link-Building. Internal Link Building is nothing but linking our new content with our existing web pages (within our website). External-Link-Building is linking our content to other websites which are relevant to our content.

Most of us think that if I link my content to an outside website, my traffic will get reduce. It is totally a wrong assumption.

Example :- In this article ‘Link Building’ is my Internal Link Building (see in red color) and “YouTube’ is External Link Building.

Also, try to remove irrelevant links to your website by requesting to the third parties.

3.Image and Video Optimization

I know that most of us add a Feature Image before publishing the articles. But how many of you add that image inside the post? If you are not adding, it is a Content Optimization Mistake. You must add that Feature-Image inside your article. Also, I recommend you to add the relevant YouTube video (at least one) inside your post.

Remember:- After adding the Image inside your post, Click on Edit button and make sure that ‘Image Alt’ is consisting your Focus Keyword.

Also, you should try to add a relevant video (either from YouTube or Vimeo) which has more positive reviews. Video must be related to your content.

4.Duplicate Content

I am not supposed to say this but you can always refer from other’s articles (only for reference) when you write a content. But never do a Copy-Paste from other’s blog. If you do so, you will get penalize shortly from Google or other Search Engines such as Yahoo, MSN, Yandex..etc. Always you can refer and write in our own sentences, but never practice ‘Copy and Paste’.

5.Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO is nothing but performing unprofessional SEO tactics on our content to get search engine ranking. An example is Keyword Stuffing.

Remember:- Black hat SEO never gives long term result. Google may block your website too. Always perform White Hat SEO.

6.Page Speed Acceleration

Page Load Time Acceleration or Page Speed is very important in SEO. If you your page speed is less, it will affect your ranking. So boost your Web Page Acceleration Speed always.

7.Poor Contents

Poor Content is always a bad impact. Take your own time and write great articles. Always try to maintain the standard. At least more than 600-800 words. Whenever you write a content, remember these points;

Is my article a problem-solver to my readers?

Is it content relevant to my readers?

Always write a content which is capable of producing real impacts. Also, you can write contents through professional content writers from HireWriters, ContentMart..etc These agencies provide professional writers in low cost. Also, you can take a help from Grammarly (Auto Grammar Correcting Software) to resolve our grammar mistakes.

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