Content Writing: How to Stay Popular in Profession

Content Writing: The Unconventional Guide

Content writing refers to the creation of relevant information by a professional termed as a content writer to suit different websites online. Writing for the web is becoming a popular endeavor especially with the advancement in technology where right about anything can be carried out online.

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How to make money from Content Writing

The Internet has brought together the entire world and has created a link where everyone and every business can reach out as far as it wants. With the demand for content, the need for content writers is on the increase. Good news is that as a professional content writer, you will be able to make money from content writing. There are different approaches on how you can meet your financial objectives as a content writer. Several content writing jobs pay but you need the exposure.

1.Land paying jobs from your self-branded blog

Yes, a blog. A blog will help you to display your writing skills. Once you are out there, your content will market your skills and increase your negotiation capabilities on pay. However, it is important that you ensure that your blog remains active and with relevant and current content. Remember, an amateur will less likely get paying content and if he does, it will not pay, as it should.

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2.Land paying jobs from bidding using your profile

This involves the use of already existing websites that are created solely to link content writer to clients. Here, you will create your profile and use it to bid for jobs. While many may reconsider working for other websites, this comes with advantages such as increasing your income as well as finding suitable connections that may guarantee you specific and loyal clients. These loyal clients will provide work for years to come and will not allow anyone else write their content. Well, as long as you continue to provide them with the quality of work you have always provided.

N/B: Soon as you obtain your personal clients and projects, you will be able to hire other people to work with you and still make money from your employees, as you will be able to work on more work without spending endless nights.

In addition, keep in mind that charging your content is dependent on your experience so do not go for the highest paying if you have no prior experience.

Major Online Services who hire Content Writers

Whether you are getting started or looking to expand your coverage, the following are popular websites that hire content writers and have received the positive response from users.

How to excel in the field of Content Writing

Excelling in the field of content writing just like every other job is not easy. However, this should not push you away as the end results are supremely rewarding. The following tips will guide you through excelling in content writing.

1.Exercise persistence

Persistence is all about not giving up. This applies especially to beginners. It is only by staying in the field that you will learn and be able to make the desired changes. Remember, practice makes perfect. You may have one or two rejected content but this is not the end of the world.

2.Exercise patience

Patience is a key virtue for all content writers. Content writing pays well but not exactly for beginners. You must be ready to grow into the business. You need to prove that you and your work are trustworthy. Once you get to this point, you will no longer need to look for work, as clients will start looking for you to work on their desired content.

3.Deliver quality work within the required time requested

The quality of your content is very important. Many times, you will be provided with the guidelines and instructions on what is required of your content. It is important that you adhere to them. In addition, time is very important. You, therefore, need to be reliable and forthcoming with work to make it in this field.

4.Narrow down your capabilities and what you are good at writing about

It is easy to write on any topic when you are getting started. However, if you are looking to excel, it is important that you create a niche market that you are comfortable with in an effort to ensure that the right clients approach you. Avoid topics or projects that are difficult to comprehend.

What are the ethics as a Content Writer you should follow

Just like every other career field, content writers must uphold key ethical values if they are to make it big in the business. These will include:

  • NO Plagiarism at any cost

Plagiarism refers to the copying of another writer’s content with the assumption that it is your own. This is punishable and as a content writer, it may lead to a ban.

  • On time delivery of work

If you cannot work on a project within the time provided, it is best you do not accept the work. If he is a regular client, also notify him that the time limit is too tight. They will either adjust the time or reassign it but the bottom line is that you uphold your integrity.

  • Format, edit, and check on grammar

Content with errors and grammatical and punctuation mistakes are a turn-off. It is important that you provide work free from grammatical errors and a format that is not clear. Spell check will come in handy. If you are s serious about the profession, do not forget to download this Tools. Grammarly, a free tool, and World’s best Grammar Checker Tool.



Content writing is not only a self-employed job but also a full-time job for many. While it comes with benefits such as a great pay with the flexibility of managing yourself, this business is spreading wide and expanding. However, be keen to follow the golden rules that govern this field.



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