Digital Marketing: A Perfect Handbook

Digital Marketing: Intro

Digital Marketing is one of the easiest, cheapest and fastest ways for businesses to reach maximum customers today. Internet marketing, also known as Internet Marketing or Online Marketing. The Recent survey says that every business spending their one in four money for Digital Marketing instead of prints, television and radio advertisement.

The first step in Digital Marketing is having an online presence. It means you should have a well-established website and maintain an active social media pages in the name of your entity. With the first step, use the second step such as Online Marketing strategies and tactics. These strategies will help your website to get top rank in search engine results and obviously, more customers will visit and buy your product or services.

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Digital Marketing Vs Offline Marketing

The best advantage of Digital Marketing is that even a small business can do a better performance by coming into online. For small businesses, they get more benefits in terms of expense and exposure from online. Expenses such as rent, salary..etc are very high to maintain an offline store. But in online, maintenance cost is very less. Same way offline exposure is confined but in online, businesses get global reach, you can sell anything to anyone globally at any time. You will get a consistent flow of sales. Read more on  Online Marketing Vs Offline Marketing

Major Digital Marketing Strategies

To perform well in online, there are certain strategies you must follow. These are the best strategies;

1.Search Engine Optimization, known as SEO

2.Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertisements

3.Content Marketing

4.Social Media Marketing

5.Email Marketing.

These all strategies must work together to get a constant output. But it is not necessary that you should spend an equal amount of money on every strategy. Try one by one and select the appropriate one which is giving you more returns. But it should be in your budget. It doesn’t mean that you should avoid other strategies. Everything should be balanced. Generally, strategy’s performance depends on who your customer is.

Let’s enormous each tactic;

1.Search Engine Optimization

The definition of SEO given by Wikipedia is “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a Search Engine’s unpaid results – often referred to as “natural, organic or earned” results. The goal of SEO is to get a higher ranking to your website in search results. I mean to say that if someone search for a product/service in a search engine like Google if your site is related to that respective product, your web page also should appear on the front page or first page in the search results.

Why is the higher ranking important in search engines? It is nothing but 90% of the searchers never go to the second page or third if they find the solution from the first page itself. So just by having a website you may not get the consistent sales flow, you should do optimization and bring it into the first page of the search results. Then you will get free traffic and more visitors. Ultimately your business will grow.

Important points to remember while doing SEO;

  • Do optimization for the right Keyword (Content Optimization)
  • Website should be Content rich
  • Create backlinks as maximum as possible
  • Share on social medias

It is an ongoing process. Website optimization never completes in a month. it takes time. But once you build a beautiful exposure for your website, it will be the best profit generator forever. I suggest Rankpay for SEO works. They never charge in Advance. Also, they provide Social Media Management at free of cost.

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2.Pay-per-click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the method of advertising in online and we should pay only when a customer clicks on our ads.

The best PPC option is Google AdWords. In Google AdWords, businesses bid on keywords. If your bid is high on that particular keyword, your Ad will appear first on the Google if someone searches for that particular keyword. Your Ad will come on Google’s first page of the result. Some searchers will click on that and come to your website. It will increase your website traffic as well as sales. One more advantage of Google AdWord is their process is very fast, within hours your ads start appearing.

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3.Content Marketing

Content Marketing is nothing but creating a content and sharing or publishing that content to retain customers. It also helps to acquire new customers.

I will give an example to understand this concept;

Grammarly Writing Support

Suppose if you have a blog and you have written many articles on your blog about Personality Development. These articles are called Content. But my question is that how will these contents reach to maximum people? Here content marketing is needed. You can do marketing for your content through various channels such as social media, email marketing, slide share…etc and acquire more new readers. Meantime your existing readers will read your blog whenever you publish a new article. Same theory applicable for e-commerce also. You can publish your new offers and do content marketing as maximum as possible. it will bring new customers as well get more sales from existing one. I suggest Hire Writers. You get quality and unique content at a cheaper price of 2$/article.

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4.Social Media Marketing

It is nothing but to reach maximum customers, businesses do the marketing through social media platforms such as facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn…etc. Social Media became the pulse of this generation and businesses will get assured exposure through it.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing are;

  • It works on territory base. You can advertise on your targeted territory. It will help your business to reach the targeted audience effectively within your assigned geo limits.
  • It is easy to build a brand name within a short span of time through social medias.
  • Live two-way communication system. A customer gets the freedom of commenting, leave a message as well as follow or like your brand.
  • Cost wise it is very less.

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5.Email Marketing

Email marketing is nothing but businesses uses emails to communicate with their existing as well as potential customers. In a simple way if I say, using emails to communicate with the customers. Businesses use email marketing to do these all activities;

  • To inform their customers about the latest offers.
  • To give any promotional coupons.
  • To inform about new activities.
  • To inform about the latest news.

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6.Other Digital Marketing Tactics

The other major digital marketing strategies are;

Among these, Online reputation management is one of the most important strategies, small business owners should consider. It is nothing but keeping an eye on the reviews about your brand. Good reviews will help you to build a strong empire in the online platform. Business always depends on the reviews of your customers. Try to create a positive impact.

Digital Marketing: All Benefits

  • Small businesses get the maximum exposure globally.
  • There is no time limit to sell your products. It happens 24 hours in a day and 365 days in a year.
  • The cost of operation is very less.
  • It is the best passive Lead-Generation system.
  • Immediate reviews will get from customers about your product or service
  • Social media marketing is very effective to build the audience in a specific region.
  • Give you more accuracy than offline marketing strategies. Ads are easy to track. We get a detailed report on every day.
  • Good businesses will spread automatically through social medias within no time. It is one of the fastest advertising processes.


Small business owners will get a global exposure within no time. You get unlimited sales if your reviews are good. No time boundaries. Grab this opportunity. Coming into Online is not just selling the products, also building a beautiful brand name for your business.

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