Digital Marketing Trends on 2016 from Experts

Digital Marketing Trends: Intro

Why are the latest Digital Marketing Trends important? There are a lot of quick developments being taking place in internet marketing such as new hardware, software…etc. Companies need to stay up to date on the latest digital marketing trends in order to develop a successful marketing tactics. Without adopting these latest trends and furnishing strategies accordingly, will not help companies to reach the new market as well as establishing a reputation.

Let’s discuss the latest trends which can trigger your online market in 2016. Also, It will help you to plan the strategies accordingly.

Digital Marketing Trends

The Latest Digital Marketing Trends for 2016 are;

1.Mobile Dominance over Desktop

Among people, Mobile usage has been boosted over the desktop from the last year. According to Forbes survey, the mobile usage will continue its dominance in 2016. That means more people will use mobile search than the web search. Experts say that Google introduced their ‘Mobile Friendliness’ for the sites might have been their forecast on the mobile dominance for the coming years. But it doesn’t mean that the desktop usage will vanish.

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2.Prefer Video Ads

Video Ads will rule this year. There are certain developments from Google, Facebook, and Bing highlight the importance of video ads. Google’s search engine has already included video contents in its algorithm. Bing and Facebook started giving video options for their advertisers. Also, advertisers still believe that video ads are the most effective way to communicate with their customers in the aspect of not only building their brand name but also establishing their market.

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3.More Investments on Ads

We all know that the competitions between companies are increasing day by day in digital marketing. This trend will continue in 2016 also. And also, experts predicted that altogether there are more than 10 billion dollars, companies will spend only on digital ads in this year than the previous years.

4.More Explosion in Mobile Apps

Again the latest Digital Marketing Trends show that more business owners are turning to the mobile apps because they realized that the apps are more convenient as well as user-friendly. Also, according to Google’s new algorithm, it is indexing apps’ information in order to rank the web pages. It shows that apps may dominate over the web and mobile friendly sites.

*Note: – It may not be applicable in every digital marketing strategies since apps have its own limitations.

5.Invention of more Strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-per-Click (PPC) had been the most reliable digital marketing strategies in the past. But the latest trends are focusing on many strategies other than SEO and PPC to get a prior place in the market. And these strategies are not only just listing company information on the web but also trying to be found their details of the business via virtual assistances.

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6.Acquisition of Wearable Technology

Thanks to Apple that they introduced the first smart watch but there are challenging smartwatches which are scheduled to institute in this year. According to international consumer uptake happening, it is to be predicted that the growth of wearable technology will reach up to 35% per annum in between 2015 – 2019 which will have a great effect on digital marketing strategies.

As the screens are smaller in wearable devices, web and app content should be in a concise manner favoring ‘Listicle’ configuration over the traditional one. Online marketers must try to give their best ‘on-the-go’ information and evoke contents which are easily accessible through voice commands.

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7.Evolution of Virtual Reality

A number of virtual reality devices are programmed to launch in the upcoming years in which some are programmed for specific applications like video games. While few others are programmed for more general use, such as Oculus Rift, highly predictable VR head mounted display headset, which is likely expected to be launched within this year. These new form of devices may pilot the latest digital marketing trends since it will be connected through all social media platforms, direct messages as well as video channels.

8.Facebook and Twitter beyond Googling

According to experts, the ‘Business on Messenger’ may rule the upcoming years beyond Googling. Facebook is already on their way to burst the highly systematic search engine than Google. A messaging app may conquer the world of Googling. The ‘Business on Messenger’ is coming with a lot of exciting options such as companies can interact with their customers instantly, buyers can buy the products through the Messenger, receive the notifications instantly, the buyer can share the transaction details to their friends…etc.

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