Engagement Marketing: How to move beyond the Competition

Engagement Marketing

If you are really working hard to promote your brand and generate more sales, Engagement Marketing is one of the best methods to do so. Engagement Marketing is nothing but a type of marketing which is really about starting a conversation with your customer. Engagement Marketing gives more value to the customers rather than products or branding. Henceforth it is considered as a quite marketing method than the other traditional methods such as advertising on social medias, search engines…etc (Of course it can work hand in hand).

Engagement Marketing really focuses on;

  • Understanding customer as an individual, what he do, and his habits and interests,
  • Starting a conversation with him,
  • Making him talk back (he should respond to your communication),
  • Make them talk to others about your brand behalf of you,
  • And finally, repeating the same process again and again.

Gradually it will become a secret sales force to you. EM is altogether building a strong bond between you and your customer wherever they are – that means engaging with them through any of their personalized offline channels or digital medias.

engagement marketing

Importance of Engagement Marketing

There is a lot of digital content compete every day to get the attention of the consumer. But the reality is that consumer’s attention is very limited since these all are one-way communication. So imagine, How much you are spending every day to pull out this ‘Limited Attention’? Instead of competing with everyone and every day, turn back to Engagement Marketing, a real two-way communication. It has the following advantages;

  • Increases the Brand Value
  • Able to build the Loyalty
  • Get the third-party promotion, a free promotion:- It is nothing but word-of-mouth promotion. Consumers give more value to their friend’s or colleague’s feedback about a brand than our self-promotion.
  • Cost you less compare to other methods

5 Elements of Engagement Marketing

As Marketo said in one of their e-books,

EM is nothing but connecting or engaging with people;

  • As an Individual

  • Based on what he do

  • Consistently over time

  • Directed towards an outcome

  • Everywhere he is

Lets’s discuss one by one in detail;

1.Engaging consumer As an Individual

Today’s consumer prefers more on hyper-relevant communications. It is nothing but speaking to the consumer as an individual. Companies should consider his personal interests, habits as well as the relationship with your company and be marketing to him in his own terms. It is nothing but a 1-1 persona marketing and it will be more effective too. Example: – Sending an email (email marketing)to a consumer by addressing his first name.

2.Engaging consumer Based on what he do

It is nothing but understanding the behavior of the consumer. On the base of his behavior or what he do, we can fit him into a certain category. The people we choose for this category should have similar taste and also, we can assume that their needs might be similar. It is a tough task and we should use technologies to create this data. Finally, do marketing based on these data.

3.Engaging customer Consistently over time

According to Bain & Company, Repeat customers spend as much as 67% more than new customers, and 49% of companies say they achieve a higher return-on-investment by focusing on engagement rather than acquisition.

It is nothing but making your customer ‘Loyal’ to your brand. You should maintain a long-term relationship with your customer. do not just leave him after the first or right purchase. Try to do a follow-up. Follow-up doesn’t mean that you should force him to buy more and more. Take the feedback in a constant interval. It will increase the loyalty and you will get more ideas about the customer by spending more time with him.

4.Engaging customer to Directed towards an outcome

When we have a long-term relationship with our customer, try to take him into the next steps always. You can always inform (call-to-action) him about your new content or products. There are certain conversions you may get with this action. This process will continue again.

5.Engaging customer Everywhere he is

Today’s customer jump from one channel to another within a short span of seconds. He jumps from email to social media, from there to blog or website and again he will come back to social media. It is your responsibilty that you must follow him wherever he is. You should be able to deliver an integrated customer experience across every single platform.


If you want to success in this digital era, you should give more importance to your customer. As I said earlier, ‘Your customer is the most valuable asset’. And also, you should be knowing that how to engage with them throughout their life cycle. It is nothing but you must master on the Engagement Marketing strategies.