Facebook Adverts dominating over Google Adwords? A Success Story of a Startup

Facebook Adverts dominating over Google Adwords

Google and Facebook, the first and third internet dominators respectively! Both have billions of visitors in a day! But when it comes to conversion/sales, who is the best? Are Facebook Adverts dominating over Google Adwords nowadays? Yes, I feel and I think this trend may increase in coming days.

As you all know, no one never ignores Google AdWords when it comes to PPC and it has been trending (still also) for more than a decade. It born in 2000, 18 years back. But nowadays, when it comes to conversion/sales, Facebook Adverts is more recommended than Google AdWords (It’s my personal opinion). Today I came with some proofs to say that if you are a start-up or a small scale online company (eCommerce or Service industry), you must try Adverts. Let me tell you why?

Adverts Success Story of a Start-up

Since there is a policy violation issue, let me call this start-up as xyz.com. The story starts at the beginning of July 2017. This month XYZ started their e-commerce platform and as usual, like every start-up, they set their budget for online marketing. As a common trend, they also kept 50% of their monthly budget for AdWords which cover Display Ads, Remarketing, Text ads & Shopping ads and 10% was there for AdVerts which they were using for only branding purpose.

Four months, they continued the same strategy but nothing major development happened. Average orders in a day were 4-5 or peak it was 6-7. And the total number of orders came through AdWords was only 78 (4 months data).

But November, everything turned around. For a pilot test, they tried Facebook Adverts and it was a turning point of XYZ. From 4-5 orders in a day, it went to 50 orders per day at peak time and they were able to maintain an average of 30-35 orders in a day. Out of this, 40-45% orders they got from Facebook Adverts (facebook & Instagram).

*Note: As you all know, there is a buffer in GA vs actual. The actual number of orders is always greater than the numbers shown in Google Analytics report.

In Terms of Budget also Facebook Adverts dominated over Google Adwords

In terms of the budget also Facebook Adverts dominating over Google AdWords. You might have already got a doubt that how much budget allocated to Adverts to create this much results? The answer is 60% of the Google AdWords’ monthly budget.

Here is an example just for a calculation: imagine if the previous monthly budgets for AdWords and Facebook were USD 10,000 and USD 2000 respectively. November month, instead of spending on AdWords USD 10,000, their marketing team used USD 4000 for AdWords and USD 6000 for Adverts.

ROI from Facebook Adverts

One more funny data was Return on Investment. Since the sales went up (8 times) with less investment, the ROI was quite pretty. By spending 50% of the marketing budget on AdWords, XYZ was able to get only 150 (average) orders in a month where with Adverts they start reaching 1000-1200 orders per month. Also, 10% investment saved in the overall monthly budget.

Coming months, they gonna use more budget on Adverts. I will update you later with new data.

Disclaimer & Conclusion

It may change industry to industry or product to product. But it’s our responsibility to try one more platform. End of the day, we must succeed in our business or make sure that we must give the best service or advice to our clients.

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