Facebook Marketing: 1 Billion Site Visitors per Day

Facebook Marketing by the Numbers

Do you know the power of Facebook Marketing today? The recent survey, March 2016, shows that Facebook has 1.1 billion daily active users. Is it not the best platform to expose your business or website or blog? Is it not a good number to generate thousands of sales/impressions for your business/blog? Yes, of course, it is one of the best platforms we can generate maximum revenue than any other source without spending a single dollar. It is absolutely free, absolutely organic. You might have been doing all these strategies and got success too. but a little more can bring more success, more Web Traffic. Isn’t it? So today let’s discuss those tricks, it will help you to do a better performance than earlier.

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Facebook Marketing: Intro

What is Facebook Marketing? Well, let’s start off with what Facebook is. Facebook is a social media site that allows people from around the world to build relationships, stay in touch, and meet new people. This website is widely known around the globe with all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and personalities. Facebook really is a social media site that connects the world together.

Now Facebook Marketing is a program that allows you to spread information about your company to many of the Facebook users. You know your company while Facebook knows the people. It is the ultimate way to promote while working with a company that knows who exactly would benefit from your business. Facebook is the ultimate way for you to connect with people you know as well as the people you do not know.

Through Facebook Marketing, you will find out that the sky is the limit! You can start by creating a company page which you have full control over and then purchase ads to further promote your page. Friends, as well as strangers, can share or like your products and services. When they like or share a product with their friends then it becomes a chain effect. Their friends then share and like with more people. The possibilities are endless!

The Advantages of Facebook Marketing are Phenomenal

  • You are able to create a page that truly speaks about your company through the color scheme, pictures, and reviews. Try to make sure that your page engages and attracts your customers.
  • Your page is able to have multiple tabs that relate directly to your business. For instance, a bakery is able to share their pictures, stories, and testimonials through different tabbed categories such as weddings, birthdays, retirements, etc.
  • It makes for an organized and appealing page for the customers.
  • You can also set up multiple Facebook business pages that relate to the services or products that you provide.
  • A landscaping company that does lawn maintenance but also restores and builds fences would be able to have the same name yet have two different websites.
  • Facebook also makes it easy for you to update your clients through a few simple clicks.
  • You can add a new offer which will be shared in the news feed as well as in notifications for the customers that liked you.
  • Customers are able to set their notifications to be better informed about your company’s changes.
  • You can also create new product or services campaigns online easily.
  • The likes are unlimited; you can create a fan page, and create lasting relationships all at the same time.
  • Facebook Business pages are indexed by search engines. Yes, this means that customers can find you by using Google, Yahoo, or any other web search. Anyone can find your page now even if they do not have a Facebook Page.
  • Not only are you able to reach everyone on Facebook but now you can reach everyone on the internet.
  • One of the biggest advantages of putting your company on Facebook is because it is free. Free marketing, what could be better?

Facebook Marketing Tools

There are many Facebook Marketing Tools apart from Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Ads Manager App (for mobile users only) for companies trying to go above and beyond for their customers and productivity ratings. These tools allow you to better serve your customers and keep organized statics for yourself. Since Facebook Ads Manager is the most basic version, today, let me introduce other best Tools available in the market;

Agora Pulse

Let’s start with Agora Pulse which is a dashboard that shows you an overview of the activity on your page. It allows you to create campaigns from the dashboard and schedule your posts. Some of the campaigns you can create are sweepstakes, voting, or contests. You can get this for free which has a cap limit on the participants but no worries, you can always upgrade to a paid plan. Start today with a free trial and then purchase a plan starting at $29 per month.


The best advantage of RankPay is their postpaid system. They never charge before ranking. I am using RankPay, one of the best service in the industry. All features are available.


Looking for a tool that not only tells you the good but the bad as well?You may also want to try the EdgeRank Checker which is owned by Social Bakers. This is a favorite for many marketers. EdgeRank Checker offers an analysis of your Facebook page which includes graphs for free scores and neat charts. For extra features, like key metric and page recommendations, you will want a paid plan.

*Note: – EdgeRank website may look awkward, but they are one of the wonderful service providers.

Fan Page Karma

If you are worried about Fans you may want to try FanPage Karma. It gives you a detailed full overview of likes, fan engagements, tagging, and more. You need to stay in touch with your outreach and see how successfully your page has been. This tool is also free to use so why not give it a try.

Facebook Page Barometer

Here is a free tool is known as the Facebook Page Barometer. This allows you to keep up with the health of your Facebook page! It compares you to similar pages on customer engagement, feedback, reach, plus more. It tallies the amount of fans that you have and compares them to competing companies. The best part is that it is free.


Try Likealyzer which is a tool that reviews pages and creates an overall score. With the score, it also gives you recommendations on where to improve for free just by entering your Facebook URL. This is positive and helpful criticism for free.


What about ShortStack which is another Facebook campaign tool? ShortStack makes it simple to add campaigns through multiple options. You can take on one of the premade templates or create you own. To remove branding as well as receive additional options you will need to upgrade.


Last but not least, you can use Pagemodo which allows you to create custom Facebook tabs, design a cover image, run contests, design a visual post, and even schedule posts and find content. This tool gives you the options to choose your template, fill in with content, and then directly post to Facebook. Pagemodo is free but also offers plans starting at $3 per month.

Using these tools can create a great business strategy and can help you promote your business in an effective way by bringing data and research to your fingertips.

There are others ways you can promote your business without using tools. Just by putting in some extra effort as well as the time you are able to create valuable, everlasting gestures to your customers.

FaceBook Marketing Strategies

  • Schedule your posts during a specific time to ensure that it reaches more people. Set the time according to your region and audience. Make sure that your posts empower, educate, or entertain your potential customers as well as your current customers.
  • Be creative. Always do not post articles which are related to your site/business. You should post other stuff such as current affairs, popular images, inspirational or viral Youtube videos..etc. It will help you to get more engagement (traffic) and the Likes. For reference, please visit FB pages of some branded companies.
  • You can always create contests as well which grabs the attention of your customers. Include adding a prize or even throwing in free service seeing that everyone loves to win!
  • Use Facebook Plugins and consider purchasing a Facebook ad for more exposure. It may be difficult to make that decision but it is one of the good ways to get more engagement and to boost your business.
  • You will need to stay dedicated to making sure the page is up to date and appealing to your customers. Don’t forget to keep everyone updated on your services, provide as much information as possible, add in some amazing pictures, and reward you, loyal customers. We can only imagine how many people your company will reach after joining Facebook Marketing.


As the small businesses and companies grow in our economy so does the need for an effective, wide-range marketing technique. Businesses must find the ideal market where they can reach their customers and spread the news of the company such as promotions, grand openings, deals, and changes. What better place is there to promote than Facebook? By promoting on Facebook you have the opportunity to reach more than a million customers in an easy to use format. You can share your company news with over 1 billion people! It is simple, resourceful, and in high demand. What are you waiting for?


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