Googlebot – Google Crawler Software

Googlebot – Intro

Googlebot is the main crawler-software of the Google Search Engine. You might be confused with my simple definition. I will explain you in detail. Before that, you should know How to Search Engines Works. This will give you a clear picture to understand the above term.


How to Search Engine Works

There are five activities involved in this process.




4.Calculating Relevancy

5.Retrieving Results

What is Googlebot

Among the above five process, we discuss Crawling;

Crawling is nothing but Searching all the web pages linked to a website. A software called Crawler/Spider is taking care of this task. Every search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Yandex..etc have its own software to perform this task. In the case of Google, Googlebot is the crawler/spider software.

I think you are cleared about the term, Googlebot. Let’s go for an extra mile;

How to Googlebot Works

Google reads our website as how we read, from left to right and from top to bottom. There are three steps involved in this process;

1.Crawling: – A crawler software (Googlebot), scan our website. It automatically scans all our web pages linked our website. I mean to say that, this software must find all our content first.

2.Indexing: – After crawling, all the contents (data) will transfer to Google’s database. It can be able to retrieve at the later stage also. This is called Indexing.

3.Ranking: – Last step is to rank all web pages depends on upon their relevancy. If someone search for a particular keyword, search engine display web pages in order to its Webpage Relevancy. It will be in descending order.

This is how Google works.


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