How Marketing Automation Helps You Build Winning Micro-Moments

Thanks to mobile, consumer behavior is unlike ever before — and marketers are in foolish denial if they are not evolving with it. In fact, not only are consumers now mobile-first but very soon they will be mobile-only.

This means the battle for potential customers hearts, minds and dollars are won (or lost) on mobiles.

Mobile has become a necessary element of our daily lives, and our expectations, behaviors, and preferences have changed as a result. Instead of one or two predictable regular sessions online, we now have many interactions that transpire promptly and frequently — hundreds of moments every day that passes while we stare at our phones.

Many of these moments come as a result of a thought that prompts a mobile search.

These moments are referred to as micro-moments — intent-driven interactions when consumers act on a need to know, to do, or to buy something.

And, most importantly, micro-moments are revolutionizing the marketing game, and you need to be paying attention.

Why are micro-moments important?

The intent-rich micro-moments happen when people automatically pick up a device — usually a smartphone — as a result of needing to discover something, produce something, learn something, see something, or purchase something.

Micro-moments are essential to winning because it is during these moments that consumers’ expectations are higher than ever. They expect their phones to give them answers instantly and for brands to deliver products they are looking for, right when they are looking for them.

In other words, the modern consumer wants things right, and they want things right away.

You have seen the facts. Consumers check their phones 150 times a day; it is the first thing they look at in the morning and the last thing they see before sleeping, and throughout those times, they see thousands of brand messages.

Therefore, you have to be in a position to capture these micro-moments and turn them into a profit for you — otherwise, you can bet your bottom dollar that your competition will.

However, for marketers, the rise of micro-moments means the purchase funnel is more fiercely complex than it was just a few years ago. This is why an increasing number of businesses are recognizing how using the best marketing automation software pays off as it can help them win as many micro-moments as possible.

How does marketing automation helps you build winning micro-moments?

  1. It helps your presence spread everywhere

To be clear, all micro-moments matter. So, if you want to win more of them, then you have to be there for more of them. However, unless you have a massive budget, this can be problematic.

By automating your content, you are guaranteeing the distribution of your content in a smart and coordinated fashion. You can ensure that your presence is everywhere, while also knowing that you don’t have repetitions in your systems.

By automating your content, your firm can remain hyper-relevant. You can combine audience data with sound contextual signs like location, time of day, and other factors to produce highly customized content that people will actually enjoy engaging with.

How can you do this?

Well, first and foremost, ensure that you are recording and following the common questions and queries potential consumers are asking, and then use these experiences to create content that can serve as useful answers.

Additionally, never overlook asking buyers what they are thinking, doing, purchasing and why. With the appropriate questions, online surveys remain helpful and can help your firm reveal valuable micro-moment shrewdness.

As long as your marketing team is committed to producing quality content that attracts various segments of your audience, a scheduled system will help to reward your efforts.

  1. It enables quick, consistent communication

If you have mobile engagement automated, then you are putting yourself in a position to be able to respond to micro-moments at scale.

From here, you can identify causes of customer frustration and then work to solve them before they happen with predictive, personalized mobile experiences.

Marketing automation systems are the best way to create and maintain personalized messages and hyper-segmented lists as your business can utilize data from prospects and leads to design personalized strategies.

The system administers carefully targeted messages that are based on the specific behaviors of each customer. When implemented accurately, these automated messages can serve in advancing prospects further down the buying process and in producing more significant leads.

  1. It guides you in measuring results

There is no point starting any new marketing initiative if you aren’t able to measure the effectiveness of particular messages across devices. You need to be able to recognize the actual effect of each channel and initiative and the role they play in driving conversions.

Only with this information can you make smarter and more efficient decisions by identifying how much mobile is contributing to micro-moment campaign success.

With the right measurement tools, you can get answers to these questions more quickly. Luckily, a marketing automation system can assist with this.

By utilizing marketing automation systems, you will also be setting your firm up to receive reports that can measure all the relevant micro-moment data and track your progress. Equipped with this precise information, your team can then analyze the data to modify your approach whenever necessary.

Marketing automation will help you measure results in a way that can educate you on even better future results.

Last Thoughts

Conclusively, it’s essential to recognize that your brand or product or service isn’t the focus of your consumer’s world. So, to successfully market in the micro-moment, you have to affirm and welcome the fact that you only have a few seconds to seize your potential consumer’s attention. (It sounds high pressure because it kind of is!)

In these few seconds, it’s essential to communicate a sharp, distinct message that applies to your consumer. You can speak with a business consulting service if you are still struggling with this aspect.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can fulfill individual audience requirements across projects and scenarios with the faith that the communication you are providing has the greatest chance of making the impact you strive for.