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Its all about How Online Ads Work

How Online Ads Work

This cycle of How Online Ads Work can be best explained with an example. Imagine Karen is a potential customer who comes to a brand website, say W, a women’s apparel brand. She browses through, clicks a few links, pages but doesn’t get anything that is up to her tastes and preferences. Karen then leaves the website and at that time she gets the Cookie.

how online ads work

How Online Ads Work: the first phase

Here Cookie is a technique rather than your Oat or Butter Biscuit. A Cookie is a small message sent to a web browser by a web server. A cookie identifies the internet user or visitor on the site and then creates personalized web content (content marketing) to be seen on other websites to woo back the user.

Hence, here in this example, as well, Karen gets Cookie and all her information is stored with the website to create content which more specific to her needs. On the basis of her navigation and behavior, her interest in the brand and its products is also noted by the Brand.

How Online Ads Work: the second phase

What happens thereafter is the more interesting thing to watch. After leaving ‘W’ website, Karen goes to NDTV’s website to get updated with the news and watch the latest videos. Eerie as it may sound, but as Karen visit’s NDTV’s homepage she starts seeing ads of ‘W’ in places. She wonders a but then ignores and continues with browsing the news. Every page Karen clicks, she finds an ad of ‘W’. But she thinks of it as some technical feature that’s storing a history of her web browsing. But she isn’t too bothered.

Then Karen closes the session with NDTV and moves on to her Facebook account. Interestingly now she sees ads for ‘W’ brand that are more in tune to her taste, an experience she was missing at the time of browsing the brand’s website. She smiles but ignores again and moves ahead with her Facebook activities.

How Online Ads Work: the repeat phase

Karen then goes and updates her Facebook Status as “Feeling Happy”. While doing that she sees yet another new set of ads from ‘W’, and this time it’s her favorite style kurta pajama that is being featured. Now she is damn interested as that’s the dress she wants to wear at a family function. This time, she clicks on the ad that takes her back to the ‘W’ website and showcases the dress she is interested in. She doesn’t take much time here, and quickly navigates and gets her fit “kurta pajama” purchased. Karen is thrilled, she couldn’t have imagined all of this!

Now a few days later, Karen comes back to ‘W’ website to find out new offers. She has then popped up a survey that she happily fills explaining her experience with ‘W’ product. Once she leaves the website, her information and feedback are stored again and the cookies get set to target her for yet another product that’s complementary to her previous choices.

The cycle restarts… This is how Online Ads Work…