How To Choose The Best Affiliate Marketing Program

Best Affiliate Marketing Program: Intro

Before we explain about how to choose the best Affiliate Marketing Program, you should know what is Affiliate Marketing and its different programs(methods).

Affiliate Marketing is nothing but you(blogger) promote/sell others(merchants) products/services through your blog. In returns to that action(sale/lead), publisher(blogger) will get paid a percentage of the product’s cost. Simply if we say, you can promote any merchant’s products/service on your blog and you will get paid whenever any sales/leads happened. This is one of the best ways to make money from blog.

Best Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate Marketing has different methods to advertise other’s products/service on your blog. These are the best methods;

Best Affiliate Marketing Program in the Industry

  • Affiliate Advertising Programs

These are the companies who give affiliate account to bloggers and you can advertise their products on your blog. If any lead/sale happen, you will get paid commissions/percentages of the product’s cost. You can earn by referring people also. Examples are – Amazon Associates, eBay…etc Read More on Affiliate Advertising Program

  • Affiliate Advertising Networks

These networks are the intermediates in between affiliates(advertisers) and bloggers/publishers. Affiliates and publishers register with these networks. The networks provide ads to publisher behalf of affiliates/advertisers. You get paid if any action takes place. You will get instant approval from these affiliate networks. Example are: – Commission Junction, LinkShare, ClickBank, ShareAsale…etc In my experience, you can go for Linkshare and ShareAsale. Their dashboard is excellent and you can categorize Cost per Action/CPL and Cost per Sales programs easily. Read more on Affiliate Advertising Network

Best Affiliate Networks in Market. Sign Up now…↓

Rakuten Affiliate Network Welcome Program

  • Sell Ad Space to Advertisers (Directly/Through Networks)

It is also known as Cost-per-Acquisition (CPA) program. Sell an ad space from your blog to CPA companies and they will advertise behalf of advertisers in your blog on given space. But beginners do not get approval quickly since these networks are so particular about your traffic/visitors. Examples are – BuySellAds, OIOpublishers, Adsella…etc Read more on Sell Ad Space on the Blog

  • In-Text Affiliate Programs

It is one of the easiest ways to monetize your blog. In-Text affiliate building networks, build an affiliate link on your posts/articles. If any of your visitors click on that link and if that clicks lead to any action(purchase/lead), these Affiliate Networks track those links and pay you commissions. Examples are – Viglink, Skimlinks…etc. Skimlinks do not approve your blog immediately. They need traffic. But Viglink has instant approval system. They have analytic tools which help you to analysis the Clicks on your affiliate links. Good payouts too. No need to become an affiliate with everyone. This program will take care about all. Read more details on In-Text Affiliate Program

How To Choose The Best Affiliate Marketing Program – 6 Tips

This is very important that you should know how to choose the best programs. Here we have given some better ideas to choose the right one.

  • Reputable Products and Sponsors

Always select reputable advertisers and their products/services to advertise in blogs. It will build a strong trust between your blog and your visitors. Don’t try to cheat your followers to gain more profits.

  • Affordable Price

You should be very particular about the product price. Most of your visitors can afford somewhere in between 10-500$. Be creative while selecting price range and sponsors.

  • Commission

Look for adequate commission offers. If advertisers are offering more than 15% means, you are getting good deals. Do not try to select below that.

  • Payout Methods & Schedule

Do not select any advertiser whose payment methods are not available in your country. See all possible payout of advertiser before starting your campaign. Also, look their minimum payout in a month. If minimum payout standard is 100$ or below that, blindly you can choose those advertisers. But do not forget to check the credibility of advertisers. Open an account with PayPal from Anywhere in the world. It is absolutely free!!!

  • Tracking Tools

Do not select an advertiser who does not have enough payment tracking system.

  • Customer Support

Do not select any of your advertiser who is not capable of assisting you in real time. So advertiser’s customer assistance is so important. They should be easy accessible to assist you.


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