How to Choose the Right Google Ads Agency for your business

Google Ads is the number in search advertising. It holds 73% in the industry. There is generally a bigger confusion that exists among small business owners about – whether to outsource the work of running Google Ads campaigns to an external agency or not. Business Owners are always in a dilemma between – “Hiring an in-house employee” or “outsource it to an external agency”.

Are you caught in such a situation unable to take the right decision? Do not worry. Let’s clear it off once for all in this article.

NOTE: Google has now officially renamed Google AdWords as Google Ads

According to my several years of experience, I strongly feel, hiring the right Google Ads agency for your marketing campaigns is a more workable approach than hiring an employee in-house. Yes! You read it right. Especially, if you are running a serious small-medium scale business that you plan to scale.

This article briefs you about why you should choose an agency to do your Google Ads campaigns and the 12 important questions you need to ask any agency before hiring them.

You will also get an idea about the payment model you need to adhere to (that encourages the agency to drive on quality instead of quantity) and the risks you need to avert during the hiring process.

As of matter of fact, businesses improve depending on how well your Adword campaigns are performing. So you need to take a tough call and think of the next step you need to take for handling your marketing campaigns.

Finding the right agency for Google Ads is more difficult than finding the right doctor for your ailments. But, wait! Before handing over the campaigns to another source there are few things that need to be taken care of.

  1. Unless you know how your business works with Google Ads, you should not be outsourcing it. Else it becomes difficult for you to predict and understand your campaigns. To keep it simple, understand how and what your business needs perfectly to make a mark online, before passing it to the other hand.
  2. It’s difficult to outsource Ads campaigns. Because it is considered as one of the tough marketing jobs that can be handled by outsiders.

The blog started with a statement that’s a little unacceptable to a few of you. As most of them feel it’s better to hire a person in-house instead of hiring an outside agency. Here are our thought process and a reality check on it.

When you hire a person in-house with good expertise in PPC/Google Ads, he/she or a group of employees understands your business, goals, policies and the campaigns to be executed swiftly. So many of the business owners are impressed with this factor and in order to save money, they hire employees in-house.

But what they fail to understand is – the amount of leads that can be churned by well-qualified agencies compared to in-house employees is humungous. These qualified agencies also come with few extra benefits like below:

  1. Managing Multiple Accounts: Handling different accounts of various clients gives them the advantage of observing many variations and plan effective strategies compared to a single account holder.
  2. Well Qualified Agencies: These elite agencies will have direct access to Google’s representatives and also get access to their beta network.
  3. Up-To-Date: The only goal of Google Ads based agency is to keep themselves updated. To be on top of the business they should be aware of the tweaks and changes that can impact the campaigns.

If you feel it’s time to switch the gear and give the responsibility to capable hands then a qualified Google Ads agency is the best choice.

But hold on folks, there is a huge difference between a normal Ads agency and a well-qualified one with respect to the performance. So let us discuss the questions you need to be asking to hire the right agency.

12 questions you need to ask before hiring a Google Ads agency for your business

  1. Did the person learn Google Ads account with self-investment?

This question might sound silly but when you run an Ads campaign with your own money, you plan strategically and smartly because every time you do a mistake and lose money it becomes painful and you don’t forget your mistakes nor repeat them rather you plan better campaigns.

So, there is a lot of difference between the person who invests his own money and who runs the campaign with other money in terms of smartness, applying strategy, and learning from their mistakes.  Also, ask your agency guy who is going to handle your account to show one campaign that has been profitable using his own money to check his skills. This also shows how accountable will he or they be with their job.

  1. What is the manpower of the agency?

It is important to know how many people work in the agency in order to make sure you get support from the team anytime you are in need of it.

You cannot give a nod to a one-man army with not much experience to handle your campaigns Any day he is down or handling multiple clients at the same time. He/she is going to neglect your campaign though there are some exceptions.

  1. Is the agency certified?

The agency should be Google Ads certified and be part of the Google Partners Program which requires them to spend $10K monthly. In case they do not have certifications then you are dealing with newbies who are waiting to use your money to run campaigns.

  1. How are they going to choose the keywords for the campaign?

The person who wants to manage your account should ask you about the keywords you wish to target and come up with the recommendation. Take your consent before proceeding on with the ad building campaigns.

  1. What are the services offered by the agency?

It is very important to know the services provided by the agency. In case, they offer services for SEO, Social media, Email Marketing, Copywriting apart from PPC. Beware it is not a good sign. You need an agency with hardcore expertise on PPC to get measurable results.

  1. Have they worked with our competitors or any related to your niche?

It’s always an added advantage if your agency has previously worked with your competitors or have previous experience doing campaigns under your niche.

As it partially averts the need for understanding the buyer’s persona and gains the knowledge about the niche from scratch.

  1. How they plan to submit the report?

They should able to provide you reports weekly, monthly, quarterly, or whenever it is required in an understandable format. Most importantly connect your Google analytics with Google Ads account and submit the results with respect to the overall traffic.

  1. Do they have a system in place?

Agency should have a system in place and should not be randomly billing or starting a campaign. Always a system in place keeps us informed about the next steps well in advance.

  1. How soon they start the work after signing the agreement?

It is always good to ask questions rather assuming things. Ask the agency the time they usually take to do their homework in order to start or continue your campaign effectively.

  1. Who will be working on your campaigns?

It is good to know who exactly is working on the campaign to make sure you both are on the same page. Even better if you can meet them in person in order to understand the in and out of the campaigns.

  1. How they measure the performance of the campaigns?

The performance should be gauged based on profit and Cost per Action (CPA) instead of the impressions and position of ads in SERP by the agency that is how you can differentiate between the good and bad agencies respectively.

  1. What is your instinct telling you?

Are you happy with the answers given by your agency on the above questions? If yes, then many congratulations you have found the right agency.

If you are not satisfied with their answers then ask questions until you feel you are comfortable to give them the contract else move on. Beyond techniques and tweaks if your instinct doesn’t feel it right do not go ahead and definitely, there is a better agency that is up to your standard.

Understanding payment models used by agencies

  1. Spend percentage:

Normally 10 to 20 percent of the Ads spend will be taken as a fee but make sure you are aware of your Google Ads spending limit so that they don’t end up charging you more

  1. Fixed Fee:

This is the most reliable and straightforward payment model according to my personal opinion.

  1. Based on performance:

This payment model may sound exciting as it is depending on the CPAs but you should be aware that the agency doesn’t end up tweaking your campaigns to get their payment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: One risk you should never be taking is giving complete ownership of your Google Ads account to any external agency no matter how genuine or excellent you find them.

An Important Note About Account Ownership

Giving full ownership of your account is equal to giving your net banking customer id and password to others. It is always a risk. We are never aware of the situations that can arise in the future. For instance:

  1. You might want to sell the business to another person. In this case, it’s very essential to give him the Ads account as you can’t force him to use the same agency as you do.
  2. You are not on good terms with the agency. If you have the owners you can disable all the permissions right away else you have to create a new Ads account which is like going through complete turmoil again.

The bottom line is –  It is highly suggested not to share the complete ownership.


On the whole, hiring a Google Ads agency is the next course of action you eventually have to do once your business reaches the next level. So before you hire the right agency, go to their websites, understand about them. Call them and get answers to all the above questions. End of the day hires any agency, only if your instinct believes about it firmly.

All the best! Hope this blog helped you in understanding the do’s and don’ts you should know before you hire the right agency.

How to Choose the Right  Google Ads Agency  for your business
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How to Choose the Right Google Ads Agency for your business
How to Choose the Right Google Ads Agency for your business? Here are the top 10 tips you can follow to choose the right Google Ads Agency.
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