How to Create an Effective Blog Strategy: Start – Finish

Blog Strategy: Today’s Relevancy

Is Blog Strategy so crucial? In this digital era, people are totally independent to take the decisions before buying any products or services. It is because of the world’s knowledge is at their fingertips. It made people easier before taking any step. Also, this technology made them more comfortable to perform a research by themselves and make the conclusions in their own terms.

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In this scenario, content marketing is very important to hold back our consumer. A content, a piece of information, must be able to provide sufficient information about the product or service – which a consumer is actually looking for. Literally, a rich content can bring the consumer back from all the distracting things. But how the content will communicate with our consumer? Here blog is very important for every marketer. Advantages of having a blog are;

  • A powerful Blog is one of the most effective ways to engage with our consumer.
  • A Blog will help to increase our web site’s PageRank (SEO).
  • A Blog can build Brand Awareness more effectively.
  • It will help to expand our reach and build more trust with consumers.
  • Through the blog, we can highlight our brand strength.

But, just by having a blog, our content will not reach the peak. We must have a solid strategy – Blog Strategy – as a backbone. So today let’s discuss certain effective Blog Strategy which will help us to engage with our consumer more effectively.

Tips for creating an effective Blog Strategy

1.Understand our Audience

If we are going to create a Blog Strategy, we must know that to whom our content is going to target. Similarly, if we already have a blog, we must evaluate that our current audience is the right target to whom we expected or whether our content is reaching to the right audience. Ultimately, in both scenarios, our content should be able to develop ‘Buyer Persona’.

‘Buyer Persona’ is nothing but the ideal customer of our company or blog. It is calculated on the basis of market research and the real data of our existing customers. Points to be considered while developing our buyer personas are;

  • Demographics,
  • Behavior Patterns,
  • Preferred content topics,
  • Specific products,
  • Role in decision-making,
  • Motivations and Goals

Also, a detailed Buyer persona will help us to create the right content, identify a list of objectives, attract valuable visitors and customers as well as generate more leads to our blog.

2.Who is our Contributor

It is not necessary that we must write fresh content every time since we manage the blog. Neither it is practical nor it is effective always. We must have more contributors. Who can be our contributors? We can choose any experts in our organization from different department such as customer support, legal, business development, marketing…etc. Because they are experts in their own platforms. Altogether our blog will provide different perspectives to our readers.

Also, we can go beyond our organization and find guest bloggers to contribute their expertise with our readers. It is one of the best ideas in blog strategy to expand our network and reach out to the maximum in a short span of time. It is equally important to show ‘Guest Blogging Guidelines’ in our blog to communicate with a serious guest blogger.

3.How to Choose our Topics

It is our responsibility to choose and publish the right content which is interested in our readers as well as gives value to our blog. Of course, our content must be able to support our business goal. It is crucial while creating an effective blog strategy.

Points to be remembered while choosing the contents;

  • Look for the topics which are on the base of customer’s interest.
  • Topics which are related our company.
  • Create sub-categories for our topics.
  • Topics which are supportive of our business goals.
  • Keywords which are capable of competing on Search Rankings
  • Content which are capable of solving the customer’s problem

Also, we can recycle some of our old topics which are relevant to the current scenario.

4.Maintain the consistency

It is very important while creating our blog strategy. We must update our blog consistently with the new topics. If we not, gradually our readers will let down. We must be able to hold our readers in our network. It is possible only by keep on updating. You can do it once-in-a-week or once-in-5-days, not more than that. Also, I would like to suggest you that never take a long-gap especially if you are a newbie.

Also, maintain an additional column where you can update your current events, conferences..etc. It will help us to engage with our readers more effectively.


“Having a blog never guarantee you success. But having a blog with an effective blog strategy will increase the probability of success.” Please give your valuable feedback if you like this article.