How to Do Keyword Research – A Guide for Beginners

How to Do Keyword Research

Keywords are the actual search terms which potential customers use to search for products or services on the internet. If you have a website which you want to be readily visible, you will have to use the right keywords to get the most traffic. You have to do prudent research before you can determine the best keywords. These will be the exact terms that your potential customers are using. Good keyword research will greatly increase your search engine optimization and the amount of traffic that your site receives.

how to do keyword research- A-Z Guide for beginners

Keyword Research

Keyword Research for SEO is the first and most important step that you can make when optimizing your website to make it search engine friendly. The extra work which you put in will result in a better return and more and better quality traffic. You will be attempting to draw specific customers to your website. This is called targeted web traffic. These are the people who are more interested in what you have to offer. The keywords which you use to draw out the best customers will sometimes be more complicated than others. This can ensure that the people who actually want exactly what you have can reach you. You should go back often and research for new keywords to use because the situation sometimes changes. Customers interests may change over time along with fads and products.

Determining the Right Keyword for Your Site

The keywords that you use should be very specific. A slight change can make a lot of difference when it comes to getting traffic. If the product that you offer is dog collars you may want to use a keyword like “buy dog collars,” or “purchase dog collars” to ensure that you get a customer who actually needs this product. The keyword “dog collars,” is general at best and may draw many customers who are just interested in getting information.

There will be a vast number of available keywords that you can use for your website. Use those which are more specific to what you have to offer in order to get the best results. Traffic is good to have, but smaller amounts of higher quality traffic are much better.

Checking out the competition is always good to do. You will want to check out your top two or three competitors because the fact that they are on top indicates that they are doing something right. Type in your keywords on various search engines and see which sites PageRank at the top. Study them and study the number of competitors who have purchased those keywords to rank at the top of the search engine. Those are the most productive keywords so you need to pay special attention to ranking with them to beat out the competition.

Your competitors are purchasing these keywords on a Pay-per-Click (Search Engine Marketing) purchase plan. They pay the search engine a certain amount of money for each click that they receive from this placement. You may want to consider such a campaign, but keep in mind that once you get the traffic you will need to have a high conversion rate in order to properly capitalize on it. You will have to know how many visitors will have to go to your site before you make a sale. Balance this against the cost of a winning bid for each click. The amount of product that you sell has to offset the cost of clicks that it takes to make the sale.

You should conduct a trial pay per click campaign to get a realistic assessment of the type of profit that it will bring.

keyword research- how to do

Let’s take a situation where you determined in your keyword research that a certain keyword will work best for your website. The keyword got you a hundred visitors of which three actually made a purchase. You know from this information not to bid more than three dollars per click if you are to turn a profit on that particular keyword.

Keep in mind that information which comes from the search engines about the use of certain keywords is often screwed. You will want to download or purchase a keyword analyzing tool which is not affiliated with any particular search engine in order to get the most accurate reading.

Also remember that the keywords used by customers may change with the times and seasons. You will want to constantly analyze your selection of keywords to ensure that you are making the most profitable choices.

Importance of the ‘Long Tail Keywords’ in Keyword Research

The use of long tail keywords may be the best way to go for most businesses. Your keyword search for SEO will often reveal them to you. They are very specific keywords which don’t get as many searches as the most popular keywords. The fact that they are very specific means that they will bring you the most highly targeted traffic possible. This translates to less competition and a higher rate of return for your sales. You will have exactly what the customer who visits you wants.

Keyword Research – Tools to Identify the Competition Level of a Keyword

  • Long Tail Pro is the best tool where you can find all the Related-Keywords and its competition level in SERP which are similar to your Targeted Keywords and also they are providing 10 days free subscription. After 10 days also, they charge below 25$ per month. Worth use it. For me, this is the best tool for the last two years, for my personal task as well as for my client’s SEO projects.
  • Wordtracker’s Free Basic Keyword Demand is another one. But their subsciption charges are higher than Long Tail Pro. They charge $30/month.
  • The keyword explorer tool is an excellent resource for keyword research for SEO from Moz. This tool gives you an unbiased look at the terms which customers actually use to search the internet. It is free to download and will give you the latest monthly data along with suggestions peculiar to your website. They charges $100 per month.
  • The Google AdWords Keyword Planner may be the most popular keyword research tool. This tool will work best when used to research information on Google. It will also give you all of the information pertinent to running an AdWords campaign. Absolutely free but there is no tool to find the competition level of our targeted keywords.

keyword research- keyword demand curve


I never suggest you go for Pay-per-Click programs. Just do a research about your competitor’s keywords which you are planning to optimize for your site. Choose all those keywords, check with Long Tail Pro, and find the competition level of those keywords in SERP. Finally, choose the best keywords, which can compete in SERP (according to your level to give competition), create SEO Contents, and optimize your site with those keywords. For any assistance please feel free to write me. Alos, read this article which will help you to learn each and everything about OnPage Optimization.

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