How to do SEO for a New Website: Better Your Web Traffic

How to do SEO for a New Website – Complete Guide

We all know how important it has become to promote a website to bring the best amount of visitors. The process has been taking place from past several years as the website owners used to do their best to make sure that their website contains the best amount of visitors. These days, visitors can be increased when your website would be made visible to people and to increase the visibility of your website, SEO is done. SEO is the biggest and most known process in IT these days as due to SEO only a website can go to zero to hero. Most of the website owners don’t know how to do SEO for a new website. But there isn’t any other possible way with which you can generate organic visitors to your website. Google has strictly prohibited computerized visitors on your website, and if it finds out that you are buying computerized visitors, your website might face serious action may never get the chance to climb the search results in the future. Suppose if you are penalized by Google, read this content, How to remove Google Penalities.

For a new website, it is really necessary that everything should be done in a systematic manner so that no essential point should be left. Though SEO is the most important process for a website nowadays, yet even most of the so-called SEO experts don’t know how to do SEO for a new website and lead your website to top. Most of the so-called SEO experts don’t even know the actual rules for SEO and for the sake of money they just ruin the website rankings of their clients. So, without going to any of such SEO experts who don’t know how to do SEO for a new website, one should do his website’s SEO on his own. Doing SEO is not rocket science as there are just certain rules that need to be followed with a huge amount of sharing and after learning rules you would be able to answer the question how to do SEO for a new website. It is a little difficult to bring a new website up in the search results. However, it can be possible if followed certain points. Here are those points:

1.Remember Google SandBox

Most of the newbies who doesn’t know what is Google SandBox. Google SandBox is nothing an action by Google that it will not allow any new website to rank on the top position of result pages until the new website become mature. It is kind of a probation period for all new site. Generally, SandBox process will hold your new site from being ranked on the top position at least for 6 months though you have rich content, best-chosen keywords, fully optimized website…etc. This action is for discouraging spam sites those who try to get quick ranking with black hat SEO methods. But remember, Google SandBox is applicable for every new site, but webmasters who use non-competitive keywords will come out from SandBox filter so soon. Final thought; keep on posting new contents, but don’t expect immediate traffic within first 6 months.

2.Take care of Technical SEO

If you don’t know how to do SEO for a new website, you need to learn that technical SEO plays a huge part when it comes to your website’s ranking. If the technical part of your website is done correctly, you wouldn’t be able to achieve high rankings in the search results. Technicalities like inserting robot.text file, registering your website to Google search console, optimizing an XML sitemap and several other points should be taken care of before the start of your website’s SEO. If possible, you should migrate your domain to “HTTPS” as it is safer than “HTTP” and it also helps to achieve high rankings in SEO. Here are a few important points that you need to follow in technical SEO of a new website.

  • For high rankings and better SEO, make sure that you choose the right domain for your website as sometimes the domain names can harm the SEO of a website.
  • Creating XML sitemap of a website is critical as without it a search engine’s spider wouldn’t be able to find various web pages on your website and due to which you will lack behind in SEO.
  • It has also been seen that robot.text files of some website block the search engine spiders from indexing your website. The robot.text file is placed in the top level directory of your website, and it plays a huge role in SEO of your website. It actually tells search engine robots that how they need to crawl on your website for better SEO.
  • You need to maintain the standards of your domain and your website, and for that, you need to make sure that you don’t insert the links to your website at any unauthorized website. Otherwise, it can cause great harm to your website, and your website may suffer Panda hit, which will make kind of impossible for your website to rank high again.
  • The most important point in learning how to do SEO for a new website is that you need to follow the rules of the search engines from the first day of the SEO of your website as one small mistake can ruin all your website’s rankings.

3.Take care of On-Page SEO

For a new website, it is paramount that On-Page SEO of the website is taken care of. In this, suppose you are about to write a blog for your website, you need to make sure that you do a lot of keyword research and insert only those keywords to your blog that can actually help you attain good SEO marks in the future. Then you need to know that one should optimize the titles and descriptions of his websites as it is also very helpful in SEO. Also, you need to make sure that your content is readable and for that, you need to make sure that you make plenty of headings, Straight paragraphs are always boring, and users don’t like to read such content that is without any kind of headline. Overall, one just needs to learn a few On-Page SEO tricks and apply them on his website, and he would be able to answer anyone if someone asks him how to do SEO for a new website. Bullet points you must follow;

  • Title, Meta Description, Image Alt, H1 & H2 must have Focused Keyword though Focus Keyword is Short-Tail or Long-Tail
  • Use Google’s Keyword Planner and find out related keywords. Include the related keywords while writing the content.
  • Don’t forget to do Inbound Links. Inbound links are nothing but links to the web pages which are already there on your website. You can link to any relevant web pages within your website. It is an example; How to increase your traffic 10X with Long Tail keywords. It is a page from my blog itself.
  • Outbound links to any high ranked sites. It will increase the relevancy of your web page. I already linked to many high ranked sites above. Those are my examples.

4.Content Marketing Plan

You need to make sure that you make a perfect content marketing plan for your website. This is because it has been observed that if a website attains perfect content marketing strategy, its chance of getting more visitors is huge. This is because in content marketing, first, we need to create content that we know would be loved by everyone and once such kind of content is written, it is our duty that we should share such content to places where we feel that it would be seen by lots of people. These can be Facebook groups where thousands of people can read your posts, it can be through YouTube, where you can attain a number of views and once users get attracted to your posts, it is kind of normal that they will stick to your website for further updates. Here is how you can actually make loyal visitors of your website. If someone is not aware of what good content is, the Internet is full of information, and with just one click you can get the desired information. But if someone doesn’t know actually how to do SEO for a new website, the first step that he should learn is content marketing, which is the most important part of SEO.

5.Focus on Building a Community

It has been seen that new website owners especially the bloggers start working for money only, they don’t actually know how to do SEO for a new website and they start finding ways to make money from the very first day of the creation of the website. However, this is pretty wrong as if someone wants to stay in blogging or want his website to become a big hit; he firstly needs to make a community on his website, so that even when you are not having a good time with your writing, the community should never leave you. Every writer has a bad phase when his writings don’t find the right paths, and everything just goes in a wrong way. In this period, if you have built a community of readers, you wouldn’t feel bad, and instead, you will be more motivated that they are supporting you even when you are going through a bad phase. However, if you are doing it all for the money, mostly there wouldn’t be any loyal reader of your blogs, and as soon as you dive into your bad phase, you may never climb. So, it is really necessary that before thinking about making money from your website, you build a community that can help you in every tough situation. And when you build a community, even if you don’t know about SEO, you will get to know plenty of things with which you can answer the question how to do SEO for a new website.

6.The Structure of the Website

It is kind of obvious that a person who doesn’t know how to do SEO for a new website would know nothing about the structure of a new website too. The structure of a new website is imperative, and one should structure his website according to the keywords. For example, if someone is having a ship of shoes he should structure his website according to different keywords like leather shoes, sports shoes, etc. And further, these keywords can be divided into subcategories for example in the case of leather shoes it can be divided into brogues, oxfords, etc. In this way, every page of your website will have one separate keyword, and hence you need to focus on one keyword only.

7.Content is the King

In today’s world, you cannot rank high on Google or other search engines of your website is not having genuine and knowledgeable content. People nowadays are looking for creative and unique content, and if they are not given unique and creative content, instead given copied content, they will not visit your website again. And hence, copied content can eventually be a huge loss for you. Make sure that you write long as it has been noticed that longer articles or longer pages are more likely to get links, however, shorter pages are not loved by people as they feel that those articles are missing some essential information even if they don’t know but the size of the article matters here. It really doesn’t matter for a new website owner that whether he knows about how to do SEO for a new website or not, but he should have enough knowledge to write creative contents which will help him in future. For more details read on 7 Tips to Avoid Content Cannibalization

8.Creative Meta Descriptions

For a new website owner, Meta Description would be a new word, but Meta Description can lead his website to bring a lot of visitors for it. It is vital for a new website owner that he adds a great and a very eye catching Meta description to his various articles or blogs as due to this eye-catching Meta description only a new user can enter the website. So, make sure that you add a great Meta description to your blogs.

9.Try Your Best to Building Links

For SEO, it is paramount that you build links to your website and if your friends have a few high PA websites, you can request them for a backlink, and if they agree, it will be exquisite for the ranking of your website. After a first few links requested from your friends, it is the time to do the hard work and spread your work all around the world. You may get plenty of backlinks when you share your work on various websites around the world. But it will be only possible if the other websites may feel that your website is a genuine one and not looking for a backlink only. It has been seen that owners who don’t know how to do SEO for a new website, buy links from external sources which are completely wrong and should be avoided to keep the website safe. Tips on How to Gain Backlinks naturally through Your Content.

10.Make an SEO Strategy

While performing SEO, you need to be patient. You can’t get results within first few days or even weeks. For the best type of SEO, approximately a few months’ time is necessary, and one should never be impatient if he feels that results are not coming. Sometimes the amount of competition in the niche that you are dealing is huge, and thus it takes a good amount of time for a website to move up in search results.


You need to make sure that you wrote a brilliant content on your niche. While writing, you do enough keyword research and insert the best suitable keywords in your article. After insertion of best keywords and brilliant writing content, you need to make sure that you share your content on every platform where it is possible. Building backlinks from high PA & DA website increase the traffic slowly. Blog commenting, guest blogging, forum posting, social media bookmarking, social media sharing…etc. is good for link building. Content must be optimized such Title, Meta Descriptions, Image Alt, H1 & H2 with Focused Keyword. Build your community with email marketing and social media.

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