How to grow a Adult Website Traffic to over 100K Organically

What does it take to get the best Adult Website Traffic? It takes more than run-of-the-mill promotions and routine advertising to get adult traffic. It takes great content and a strong SEO strategy to drive adult website traffic.

Audiences make a beeline to adult websites for more reasons than you think. They look at the structure of your website content and how your videos, presentation, and content connect with them. If your adult tube sites really vibe them, you can create a community and achieve more than 100,000 organic visits every month.

The purpose of this article is to explain how to get adult website traffic every month without spending much on advertising.

Read on;

5 Tips to Grow a New Adult Website Traffic to Over 100,000 Organic Visits/Month

#1. Keyword Database

SEO strategy is incomplete and unwanted without keywords. The adult industry is competitive. It’s highly dynamic. To leave no stone unturned, build a database of at least 50000 keywords that are contextually relevant to your tube site niche and sub-niches.

Adult webmasters are keen on scaling up their websites. Keep this in mind. So get creative and focus on identifying long-tail and short-tail keywords. Get creative while using combinations of various keywords.

The next step is to identify the top 100 keywords with great search volume. Evaluate the scope and opportunity for each of the top 100 keywords. You will get a big picture of sub-niches and categories that are worth targeting.

Remember that all your sub-niches should complement your adult tube site niche. Keyword analysis and exhaustive evaluation should be done accordingly.

#2: Build vs Buy Decision

There are too many slick content platforms. However, not many platforms are adult-content friendly.

Tumblr is Adult content friendly. WordPress and Blogger have certain restrictions. Monetizing adult content on platforms such as WordPress and Blogger is easier said than done. So, it’s recommended to use Tumblr to promote your content and engage with your audience. Similarly, Twitter should be used to promote your tube site and drive adult website traffic

Buy an adult turnkey script that’s loaded with themed templates, adult payment gateways, and other payment options, video player, and video grabber modules.

When you customize your adult tube site, focus on conversion funnels, scalable site architecture, and design templates.  Without question, scalable site architecture will work wonders.

Information structuring is a core concept that’s often ignored by many adult webmasters.

New to the concept of information structuring? Don’t worry. Let me explain.

Let’s say you want to build authority around a particular adult niche concept. You then have to focus your tube site domain on that particular adult niche concept. The next step is to build relevance around specific locations for your adult niche concept. So, you should structure your URL in such a way that all the content for your locations should be fed upwards to a particular directory.

Parent directories should be receiving authority from sub-directories.

Let me conclude – Buy an adult turnkey script and build your tube site. The focus should be on information structuring, customization, and sales conversion funnel optimization.

#3: Hosting Infrastructure

Hosting infrastructure is yet another important factor that adult webmasters often ignore.

Let me share my experience.

I first thought that a VPS hosting option with decent memory would suffice for my adult website. I was wrong. By the end of the third month, I was noticing higher load times for my content pages. More importantly, content pages with many videos were frequently timing out. It was important for me to remedy the situation.

So, I immediately beefed up the memory. This solved the problems to some extent. However, by the end of the fourth month, my adult tube site was receiving 50000 visits. The problems started to resurface. There were warning signals. And soon, our VPS crashed.

I immediately moved to a dedicated hosting plan of M3 Server. There has never been any hosting issue since then.

#4: Content Strategy

This is the hardest part.

An Adult audience is tired of generic content. They are looking for niche content.

Your objective should be to upload at least 2 new videos every week. Partner with adult model management studios. If required, recruit a few models, shoot porn and upload it to your tube site. Add variety to your content. Use a combination of videos and pictures. Explore all your adult tube niche-oriented categories.

Optimize your content videos for SEO. Make them keyword rich. Include relevant tags.

Pay attention to the video comments of your audience. Understand their likes and dislikes. Reach out to them for feedback. Appreciate their feedback.

Keep A/B testing your video-posting and blog-posting schedules.

Organize contests. Lead generation is possible by organizing contests.

Focus on user engagement metrics such as average time on site, the number of pages per visit frequently visited pages and videos, etc.

Audiences will surely have a love affair with your content!

#5: Traffic Potential

To understand the complete traffic potential of your tube site niche’s organic traffic, use the web traffic tool of SimilarWeb.

You may use other advanced web intelligence tools such as Adobe Analytics, Angelfish Actual Metrics, etc.

Identify the top 10 sites that are dominant in the niche you’re targeting. Learn more about their traffic and sources of traffic. Learn from them.

Do not build any Private Blog Networks (PBNs). Distance yourself away from black hat SEO techniques. When it comes to uploading new videos and fresh content, be consistent. More importantly, be patient.


It’s possible to get 100,000 organic visitors every month. It’s not an easy job though. It all boils down to SEO, content strategy, and promotion.

Having a qualified and learned team will ease the burden. Keep adjusting your SEO strategy without ignoring information structuring. Your website should be a piece of art. Cheers!

How to grow Adult Website Traffic organically
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How to grow Adult Website Traffic organically
Here are the best-proven strategies to grow a new Adult Website Traffic to Over 100,000 organic visits a month without spending a single penny.
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